U-Lead: Results

BREEZE – Today we had a training session that was dedicated to letting member and/or moderator ranks order out three tactics.  Sizes were pretty good, considering it there was less than a twenty-four hour time notice, and we got some good pictures here and there.


Best picture of the event, done by Change who ordered a chant of “Hello” in a circle.

However, the event was not the best it could have been.  Please, please, please EVERYONE read the event post and make sure you absolutely know which ones you can make.  I feel awfully bad that this event was not as successful.  We maxed twenty-three and averaged seventeen throughout the event.  Many different people were able to lead, and I thank them for doing such a good job at it.

  • Size [8.5/10]: Our size was the best thing about this event.  Even though they weren’t the best, or as good as our first American event, getting close to twenty-five is still decent for armies these days.
  • Tactics [7/10]: Don’t get too down on yourselves for this grade, it was a “u-lead” after all.  It was expected that tactics were not going to be great, and unfortunately that held true.  I am proud of everyone who lead because you all exceeded my expectations.
  • Chat [8/10]: Even though I didn’t pay too much attention to chat, I remember I had to bump a lot of people throughout the event.  Try to stay awake on chat during events for all are important.
  • Overall [78.3333333%]: There is a lot of room for improvements over the week; I am not worried though because I know that we can do better than this.  I take full responsibility for this event not going perfectly due to the timing of when the post came out, etc.  Sorry!

All pictures taken by me.  There are more but I only included the best ones.




If you want to see more pictures, click on the ones above.  I believe by clicking them, it’ll link you to the rest of them.  I gave everyone less than twenty-four hours to prepare for this event.  In that case, we did really good and I’m proud of that.  Getting sizes not too far away from thirty in that short amount of time is a great feeling.  Definitely shows that we are one of the top armies to be feared right now.

Did you make the event?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Leader, Mchappy

Fear us. Rawr.

12 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. Good event guys! :D

  3. Came for ten minutes until the storm in my area came. Was it just me or was chat all screwy?

  4. I Came!

  5. Awesome! My Pizza tactic got in the post >:D

  6. I think I was a little late but EST 7pm was my time I have. so I got there when we all started saying hello in the circle.

  7. Nice event dere.

  8. Niceeee, and I was there. :D

  9. Came :D

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