Meet The ACP!

Hello ACP troops! I have a few special people who we look up to every day, so lets take a look at a behind the scenes view from the ACP Ownership!

Four Leaf Clover2

Well, let’s start from the top of the ACP Political Ladder!



Mch plays an important role within the politics of ACP. He is the Commander of the army and is the brains behind the major decisions ACP makes.



When Mchappy is in doubt, Foldez is the main person to go to next. Her political insights and wisdom reflect on the battlefield with her great decisions.



Tori is a well respected an fun member of the ACP. She is funny and gets on well with all ranks of the ACP, except with the ACP Janitor.



Capn is a great leader within the ACP. He shows his knowledge of politics whenever he is on chat, he is also quite a character!



Purple is a great leader and a great person to know. She shows her wisdom of ACP, but posses a great aspect needed in the ownership: loyalty.



Fluffyboy is a fantastic person to know! He uses logic on the battlefield, and his speaking skills are great!



Superoo is a controversial political figure! he never avoids speaking his mind, and will argue with everyone until he has made his point!



Flipmoo is a new member of the ACP Ownership. He has proven that he has the leadership skills required to join the ACP Ownership, so I wish him a good time there!

3 Shets: (from left) Ollie, Flipper, Twingy

3 Shets: (from left) Ollie, Flipper, Twingy

These three walk around the ACP chat arguing with everybody, but they are actually great guys to know! They are the three smartest members of the ACP.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, so comment your opinions below!

~Superoo13, ACP 3ic, BMA Holder

23 Responses

  1. Beat you Mch!


  3. 5

  4. Why isn’t Fold’s pic a picture of the First Lady? And Mch’s pic looks a little weird with the bump on his forehead, but otherwise they’re pretty good.

  5. PUT ME IN!

  6. LOL Icey Cold (McHappy) is Barrack Obama with, um… a fly on his face.

  7. Now thats funny

  8. Wow…. lol this is like the funniest post ever. Fluffy, Mchappy, Foldez, and Purple are my favorite owners. No offense Capn, Flipmoo, Superoo, and Tori. :p

  9. LOL surprised im on here

  10. You forgot this handsome devil. Be back in 2 weeks I know you’ll all be counting the days until then. :lol:

  11. LMAO the three shets.

  12. ermagherd im the queen

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