July 2013 Promotions

Owners: Please add new recruits to this post!


Hello ACP,

These are the official July 2013 promotions, I hope everyone who got a promotion continues to serve ACP in the way that they have been doing. 

I apologise for the extreme lateness of this post. I had been under the impression that our Supreme Commanders were going to make the promotions. After logging on at 5PM BST and realising that nothing was out still, I decided to take the initiative as 2ic and make this post – our troops have been patiently waiting all day. I figured that as Capncook is on holiday, perhaps this is why he never posted. If I have in any way overstepped the boundaries of my rank by making a promotion post, then I will bear the full and unequivocal consequences.

As a note of interest, this promotion day, unlike many others – there have been demotions as well as promotions. This is necessary so that we can free up space for soldiers who are performing well, compared to those who are not.

- Cassius, ACP Second in Command

PS – Congratulations to all newly promoted persons

Bold = Promoted

Red = Demoted

Green = Handpicked Mods

Purple: Earned the rank by graduating ACPTR

Supreme CommanderCapncook (USA), Pinkgirl3919 (USA)

 Grand General (2ic):  Cassius Brutus (UK) , Flipmoo (AUSIA), Purple Slime (UK)

 Commander General (3ic):  Fluffyboy3 (CAN) , Lighton155 (RUS), Monsoon (USA)

——————–——Owner Line————————–

 General: Bluesockwa, Change, Epicorange, Japan, Lorenzo Bean, Mrgpv,  Nnpingwin, Pengy38088, Sercan, Splashy56, Superjay99

 Colonel General:  Agent233, Cpwarriorful ,Guile4 (Hurricanex1), LucarioMike Stand12, Rawkinman,  Smartuin,

 Field General: Grillchz200Splasher99, SonicTes17Trumpyjosh

 Lieutenant General: Bjkb1, Chief Paco24, Maelatron, Mcw3, Ocean

 Major GeneralDj Pingy8Harry JoeJames30072, Minifotty, Pengo1693, Rock71, Smsm 3, Twitchy543

 Brigadier General: Beatlesfan13,  Domsamillion, Dpd2000, Gangsta,  Pie51/Kingwhale, Darkside, Xhuntercorey, Zach 11, Carcal,

 Colonel: Alyassa1, Attackster142, Badboy00923, CP Spaulding, Crob30, Karateg0874, LordAlbaro, Sidie9

 Lieutenant Colonel: Anna McgDw2608 Icebell, Slippykicky, ZacFoxx27,  NicWin100, Da Main Cat,

  Major: Andy21441, Alex Mcg,  Empoleon7667, Nintendo342, Penguin52374, Korra546, Goh Laser 1


You are the rank of Captain or under? Do you feel like you’re progressing the ranks rather slowly? Well, you can now join the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment. No, it’s not school, it’s pure fun. You have fun in tactics sessions and get to know more about the ACP. It really does help with getting promotions faster. What are you waiting for?, join today!

:!: Click HERE to join between the 1st-15th of each month :!:


 Captain: A L E X ACP, DawnedLeg,  Kenz112Lionzluver, Vissie987

 1st Lieutenant: 

  2nd Lieutenant: Bkrb Boss, Mel77114, Inzult54312, Raven 10, Rocky24568, Smelly7709, Vchgfdytubdy

Warrant Officer: Blueink, Frodogon, Mrgrinch6PjayoRocketman22, Turborobo999,

 Staff Sergeant: Keynikki2, Test55235, Antwerp001, 

  Sergeant: Abe106ApplebiterBonwe, Day6606, Hank 101, Pikachu624, Playmaster99, Snaketeja, Tuner777, Vo Yo,

 Corporal: Abe106, Anessa2,  Batuhanduras, Boad Storm, Bobrules 107, CP Spaulding, CrazyCat1802, Cwack face43, Dilan1234, Duncan543, Emkiby101, Farkey28905, Hammersong3, Homiemate, ldrago125, Kung fu wah, Lilolien, Lil Pigpig, Lol30000, Mario1792, Marvel 7345, Milalila3, Nellie63, Ninja85456, Pet0123, Piggyfly45, Pinguu32, Pop 1023, Pup2yr10, Raybombs, Red10oscar, ScoobertsACP, Serban2006, Sooni7, Sourodita, Spidermmann, Spongebob123, Tylers Pal, Vader2929, Worm41, YukoYube, Zagham, Iceboy8974

 ACP Bunny Duck: 

 Creator: Oagalthorp


Here at ACP, we endeavour to give everyone a fair chance at a promotion if they have deserved it, however we do occasionally miss out on people. If you think this has happened to you, please fill out the following form in a comment a member of the ACP Team will get back to you.

1. Name:

2. Rank:

3. Rank you think you should be promoted to:

4. Why you should be promoted:

45 Responses

  1. finallyy

  2. 1. Name: Rock71
    2. Rank: Brigadier General
    3. Rank you think you should be promoted to: Major General
    4. Why you should be promoted: well i just rejoined acp this month and i already have taken part in many events. ive gone to something like 15 events probably more. i go on chat every single day. i am also currently about to be voted by our soldiers into acp senate because they think im deserving of it. also i now am a teacher at acptr and i help all the new recruits to become successful soldiers one day. I would rate myself an 8/10 as far as activeness. ive sacrificed alot of time into acp and i feel i need recognition. All of that on top of the fact that i retired at 4ic and rejoined like 7 or 8 ranks lower…. please consider these facts, thank you.

  3. I got promoted! :mrgreen:

  4. Woah where is Fold? She already left?

  5. I have a message to the leadership of ACP, I know we’ve already talked about this, however it’s best to leave a comment.
    I am going on vacation tomorrow (August 3rd) and I will be online everyday late except for a week between 13th august and 20th august.
    I will be able to make US events most of the time and still probably be more active than most of our mods, however I won’t have the same performance I’ve had in July. My activity will come back to normal around the end of August. (and in schooltime I’ll be active, no worries, thanks to my timezone, my time is free when we have events)

  6. finally im sergeant im now saying to slime, “your now my friend we are having soft tacos later” :)

  7. also im saying that to the other owners too

  8. I have been inactive for 2 weeks due to going to a soccer/football camp. Before that I was very active, so idk if I deserve one or not.

  9. 1. Name: Pengo1693
    2. Rank: Brigadier General
    3. Rank you think you should be promoted to: Lieutenant General
    4. Why you should be promoted: I’ve been very active, and I think I deserve a double promotion. I haven’t been commenting on many posts though, and hopefully if you promote me, I will improve on that.

    • Sorry, but you’ll only be promoted to Major General. Unless you can prove that you are very active, and deserve a double promo, come see me.

  10. 1. Name: Sonic
    2. Rank: Lieutenant General
    3. Rank you think you should be promoted to: Field General
    4. Why you should be promoted: I am VERY, VERY, active and I came to chat a lot of times, plus I came to about 5-9 events.

  11. I’m going on holiday for two weeks tommorrow, so I won’t be at any events. Sorry.

  12. Thanks for the promo :D

  13. 1. Name: Abe106
    2. Rank: Corporal
    3. Rank you think you should be promoted to: Sergeant
    4. Why you should be promoted: i have tried so hard this month and i was in acp before and i have got friends on chat now so yeah.

  14. yeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. Yay, I’m a Warrent Officer! When do our ranks get changed on the rank page?

  16. Ouch, I was demoted. That hurts right in the heart man (wary)

  17. Name:Pikachu624
    Rank you should be promoted to:Field general
    Why should you be promoted? I worked very hard came on chat all the time came to 9-10 events.

  18. What’s my robo doing there?

  19. Name: Beatlesfan13
    Rank: Brigadier General
    Rank you should be promoted to: Major General
    Why should you be promoted? I come to every event, and I am always there for un-scheduelled events, and whenever ACP needs help.

    • I think I already talked to you. If not, I don’t think I’ve seen you at any events before. Unless you can somehow prove to me that you have went to events, I’m going to have to say no. Sorry.

  20. Tori read my promo comment plz

  21. Not sure I deserve a promotion, but it seems I’ve been removed from the ranks. Believe I was Lt. General. I think I commented on the active post.

  22. Congratsies everyone who got promoted, y’all deserved it!

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