[AUSIA] Invasions of L.T. Successful!

Greetings, ACP!

Now for some reason, the Light Troops decided to log on 1 hour after the event took place because their times were posted wrong on the L.T. website. On their site the event was written down to be at 8:00 pm JST (proof: http://prntscr.com/2eblf6), but they decided to show up one hour later and claimed victory after they claimed to of have averaged 10. :lol: What an unpredictable and arrogant move from Waterkid. We were able to average 19 troops and maxed a total of 21 troops in total. It was an outstanding Ausia event.

Please welcome Half Pipe, Bobsled, and Tea to the DRACP Nation!







The link Waterkid gave me.

ACP Leader

~Generalissimo Flipmoo

14 Responses

  1. Made it! :mrgreen: Good job guys!

  2. I came to all the 3 :)

  3. I came and took some piccies

  4. Were these all for AUSI troops?

  5. I couldn’t come to them, but well done ACP!

  6. Couldn’t come great job ACP!!! They didnt come at all or just too small that I cant see them?

  7. Made it!

  8. Reblogged this on ACP AUS/Asia Division.

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