(Don’t click, it may give you a virus) 

Thanks to the RPF site and Club Penguin HQ, I got this awsome Rockhopper Tracker that REALLY WORKS! Try it out! It will be added to our Rockhopper Tracker page and Cool Stuff page. Enjoy!


We just got a “Cool Stuff” page. It (As the title states) Has some pretty cool stuff.



War Against Nachos


-August 24-August 26

-4:00pm PST

-Every Day

-Mammoth, USA

-In the Dojo



Until later,

March on!

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  1. cool

  2. visit my nacho blog! im just a regular nacho who decide to start a blog for our bretheren nachos!

  3. type my name on a SEARCH TOOL BAR AND CLICK ON MY SITE

  4. does it really give you a virus?
    Oagalthorp: If you click it it might.

  5. well wouldnt you have gotten a virus?


  7. oh i hope it does not give a virus does anyone have an idea wait IF U PUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG AND IF IT GIVES A VIRUS WHEN CLICKED ON oh no please dont tell me you put this on your blog to get everyones computer broke?

  8. whats the link to copy it to my site?

  9. wow! this really helped me out. thanks oagalthorp for getting this!!!!

  10. awesome thanks i liked the tracker i found rockhopper thanks oagalthorp!

  11. and i got the background yay ok i dont wanna brag but he left the ship hold

  12. oagal can u answer me for once where did u get the rockhopper tracker

  13. How do you get that on a post?

  14. how do u get a nija mask

  15. im angry ive never met rh and this tracker does not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i got it

  17. Im not aloud to join the rockhopper trackers because im not old enough

  18. where can you get the rockhopper tracker

  19. Your Comment Here.

  20. tom yellow sucks!

  21. Oh no…we’ll be in trouble if he does…

  22. I was wondering if i could join the legendary ACP army? im a girl… if it matters! ive been playing cp since Christmas ’06

  23. hey how do you get the rock hopper thinga magig

  24. yer how do they get the rock hooper thing how

  25. hey matties!!!aye ill be here arrr tomorrow for arr specail suprise!!

  26. ui hope u guys gige me the rite server and rie place plz plz plz plz!!!!

  27. Ahh… the good old days with the Rockhopper tracker page and war with the Nachos. xD

  28. i cant even find rockhopper with rockhopper tracker ,i think its fake.

  29. coollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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