I Can Breathe! Sort of.

Wow, I feel like I was just dunked under water, and can finally come up for air. Anyway, I must apologize for my absence. I have some computer problems, so I can’t get on that much. It will take a week or two to fix. So, I will be gone for a while.

Don’t worry, I am leaving you in good hands. I will expect Tom Yellow to updates you guys daily with a new post, and I will also expect him to edit any inappropriate comments and answer questions.

New Stuff:

 I don’t have anything for you guys now, but I will once I get back. here are a few things that will be arriving at my return:

  • Squads in the ACP:You will be able to make your own sections in the ACP, with your own squad-names, tactics, and soldiers.
  • Beta Testers:I have been doing some research trying to figure out our “ancestry”. It’s not real ancestry, but it will tell you which beta tester/moderator/famous penguin you are most like. I am matched with Rockhopper.
  • Battles: When I get back, I will have a full-scale invasion to get us back on track. Be ready!


I have heard a few people talking about some anti-ACP rebellion. Nothing to worry about, they have got nothing on us. Just don’t let them convince you we are evil or anything, because that is a flat-out lie.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-