New Pin, New Theater and Yellow Puffle!

There is a new pin in the dance lounge. It is an UFO!. The weird thing of this pin is that it moves from left to right. I believe that there is aliens coming to Club Penguin. o

>>>>>>>>>>>>The construction of the new theater is almost ended. Here it is the new theater. It looks really cool.

The new theater will open this friday.


The yellow puffle appears again, but now in the theater. It appears every 15 minutes. Here is a pic of the puffle:

I believe that the yellow puffle will come in December. o


This is everything…by now!

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is celebrated November 11. It originally started as the day the armistice that ended WWI was signed, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month (November 11, 11:00am). But today it celebrates and honors all veterans who have served our country and the globe for the betterment of man-kind. So just remember; if it weren’t for those brave men and women, this world may have been as corrupted today as it was during WWII.



When I get back in about a week, I will be making squads withing the ACP. This is how it will work. I will make a forum for these squads, and a different category for each group. people can make their own squads, as long as they are in the ACP and have my permission. Each squad will have its own name, tactics, uniform, and 5 – 10 soldiers.

Name:Each squad will have a name (An example: Mine will be the Green Berets – Pronounced “Green Ber-Ays”). I will not let you choose an unoriginal name, suck as “Marines” or “Special Forces”.

Tactics: Each squad will have their own tactics, or ways of fighting. For example, the Green Berets tactics will be charging and covering the enemy and shouting “ACP” until the enemy if confused and unorganized, then head back and continue fighting. Each squad will have different tactics. If one squad wants the same tactics as another they must be similar in name (An example: Second Green Berets).

Soldiers: Each squad will have 5 – 10 soldiers and no one can make another squad until each earlier squad has at least five people in it. Each squad will have a leader, who is the one who will make the squad.

Uniform: Each squad will have the same uniform as regular ACP, only with a selected type of background, pin, and color. For example, the Green Berets will have black skin, and a green pin and background. if there is another squad based off of the original (Such as Second Green Berets), they should have a different uniform, but still somewhat similar.


The squads will be coming our next week, so be ready!


Flag Contest:

I haven’t forgotten about this. We will have this next week, keep sending in ideas!


Remember to advertise. Since I have left, the number of views has dropped. So advertise on other websites (No ally sites), and tell people to join the ACP.

Also, keep fighting in the Mammoth Dojo, we want as many new recruits as possible.


Chat Box:

Unfortunately, the Bribble chats are all shutting down in a month. So the origional chat is now the main chat. Enjoy!



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

-Be Back Soon!

Rockhopper is back!

Later of 2 months, Rockhopper is back in action with his items! 😮

Rockhopper’s Rare Items

-Winged Helmet: FREE!

-Red Pirate Dress: 450 coins

-Snapshots Background: 60 coins

-Waves: 75 coins


Also, I saw RH!. He was in Brumby, Australia, on the cove!.


This is everything…by now!