Change of Policy; A.N.T.A. *A “Must Read” for any of ACP’s Soldiers, Allies, and Enemies*

Prepare for a long (But informative) post.

Change of Policy

     A bunch of people have been talking about how “everyone hates the ACP”, and stuff like that. These people are wrong.

     The main reason it appears that way is because on most Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) the ACP site comes up first when searching “Club Penguin Army”. Therefor, almost everyone interested in CP armies knows about us, including random rebels. These rebels fight us because they are un-informed about us, and think we are evil. There is nothing I can do about this, other than continuing to say we aren’tevil.

     But another reason people think the ACP is hated is because the way I treat soldiers and allies. Many soldiers have suggestions (Which i read and take into consideration). But I usually don’t respond, so it looks like I don’t even care (Even though I do). Many armies don’t like it when I “boss them around”. In reality though, I just want it to be fair for everyone, but sometimes it comes out the wrong way, so people say I boss them around. But, as usual, I have a solution.

     I am changing my policy. I will try to respond to as many questions and ideas as possible, and I will be involved more with the soldiers of the ACP. For other armies, I will stop “bossing them around”, and try tp negotiate, and solve the problems in a way that is beneficial to everyone. Also, so it doesn’t look like I am the boss of everyone, I will be making the ANTA.



ANTA stands for the Army and Nation Treaty Alliance. Yes, I know I made the Army Council a while back. But that was unorganised, so therefore it was ineffective, and it collapsed. The ANTA should be full-proof, and will stop most big wars between allies. Here is how it will work:

  • We will all ally together.This means we will get as many “good” armies and nations to join as possible. No one will be allowed to make an army or Nation just to be in the ANTA.
  • The ANTA will have a website and a chat box. All of our information and meetings will be held there.
  • If any ANTA armies or nations are doing anything bad, they will be kicked out or dealt with. We will all have a meeting to decide what we should do.


And ANTA army is at war.If this happens, all of the ANTA will have a meeting to decide if we should help the ANTA army or not. If we do choose to help, all of the ANTA armies will fight the outside army. If any specific army in the ANTA doesn’t want to fight, they don’t have to. But the war will still be considered an “ANTA war”. If we choose not to help, no one has to fight the outside army, but anyone who wants to can. This will not be considered an “ANTA war”.

Two ANTA armies are at war.If this happens, all of the ANTA will have a meeting to decide what to do. We will decide who to help and who to remove from the ANTA. Most likely though, we will be able to solve the problem without any war.

This way, not ANTA armies or nations won’t get mad at eachother, and we won’t have any problems with out alliances.


  • Only ANTA armies/nations can own any land. This will ensure that the area is controlled well, and there will be minimum difficulty and maximum fairness.
  • Each army can only control a certain amount of land. This way no one will get greedy, no one will get jealous, and all of the land will be properly defended. The maximum amount of land will be one region and a colony in each foreign region (Only one colony for all of the U.S. regions). Any colonies will be mainly controlled by the army that owns that region though.
  • An army in the ANTA (That has territory) is removed from the ANTA.In this situation, the army’s land will be taken away and given to responsible ANTA armies.



Don’t worry, the forums are finished. But I will not be posting the link until tomorrow or the next day, so everyone will see it. So get ready!

Flag Contest

No, I haven’t forgotten. We will hold the polls soon, so get ready to vote!



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

236 Responses

  1. first post

  2. 2nd, and also, oagal im being as honest as I can- you treat your team a little mean. Also, can I ally with you for the 67th time!! (counted)
    Oagalthorp: Didn’t I just mention that imy post? Anyway, as I have said before, I will let anyone ally with us. All you have do do is ask, and unless we say no, you are our allies.

  3. You can join my squad
    It’s the Alpha Squad
    I think Oagal, approved
    I will make a wordpress, once its approved by Oagal
    Oagalthorp: Sure, you can make it. Just tell me the tactics and uniform, and I will set it up.

  4. well 4th and 5th post lol

  5. that was pretty long

  6. fort57 can i be in your squad?

  7. no news on the 2 wars?


    p.s. make sure all armies possible can come to both, especially ANTA the more the merrier

    keep up the great work
    Oagalthorp: Thanks for the support.
    P.S. The new post on the two battles will be made in a few days.

  8. Ajf Im going to wait to see everyone that asks to join, then I will pick who will be on the Alpha Squad

  9. im using the tactics from Omega39. And I’m going to let my troops vote for the uniform
    Oagalthorp: Well if you want it done quickly, I reccomend you do it now. Otherwise the chance of the squad being set up will decrease.
    P.S. I suggest you mke the tactics simple, so all of the squad members will be able to do it.

  10. yeah that was long! But you had longer posts, Oh and in The Green Thunders we have a secret code. When my squad is done i will tell oagalthorp so he can tell people who should know.

  11. JOIN THE GREEN THUNDERS OR ELSE 😈 lol jk just join.

  12. Ummmm Oagalthorp i have a war upcoming with you on December 1st on thermal at 4pst. And put it on the upcoming wars on ACP magazine and you might want to put my army in the army place here is the link
    Oagalthorp: I already told you, we are too busy to have a war with you at the moment.

  13. Wow Oagal is a lot nicer.But when u say “nicer” does that mean u wont be banning for a crazy amount of hours on ACP chat? (example: 100 hours)
    Oagalthorp: Yes, most bans will shorten. But only 100 hours is about 4 days, and that is not that much.

  14. Orgal I sent you somthing about my squade the first objective is over but the second will work.

  15. Hey orgal I just started an army/nation nov. 18 because i was inspired by your website but i didn’t know that you had to be in anta to own land =(. Can I join anta? I would very much like to own the mid-west (america, 2nd page left side) of club penguin. If you don’t respond I will asume that nothing is wrong and I am part of anta. bye bye! PS my penguin name is shades2you
    Oagalthorp: As long as your army is decent sized, there is no problem with joining the ANTA. But U.S.A. Central is currently protected by thr RPF. So far the only free lands are Canada and the U.K., but you are allowed to set up a country in occupied territory, as long as you don’t make up laws of your own.

  16. Hey Oagalthorp I have a question, what one of the ANTA armys decide not to go like will they be punished or will they just be left out and stuff?
    Oagalthorp: They won’t be punished or anything, but they are not allowed to be mad at or hold a grudge against anyone who decides to go to the ANTA war.

  17. Ok cause like if you were invited but you turned it down you would just stay like what you are but you wouldn’t but punished. Ok thnx

  18. yo
    this is watex not logged in
    i find it funny how UMA and Nachos don’t read they’re own comments. and thus, since thats the only way i can contact them, i dont think they know about the 2 wars.
    they expect us to read their comments when they comment but they dont do it themselves!

    anyhow, ive been trying for many many days to contact them via comments on their site which is not working

    really hope u got another way of communicating with them

    real tired (midnight right now, gotta go to school tommorow wake up at 5am) real cranky


  19. oagal can i have a squad made i just havent made tactics yet but made the uniform

    (i dont have the letterman jacket and the helmet so i wear the green hat and the sweater)

    Oagalthorp: Possibly, but fornow we need to fill the current squad(s).

  20. a nicer Oagal…wow

    I will have to give oyu a free meal at my new site check it out

    make you say Mmm Mmm Mmm!!

    also I would like CPRA to join ”ANTA” we have around 35-40 members our site is


  21. Can I be Mayor of Mammoth it is my favorite server.

    ACP owns it right?

    I would love to own it Please reply back a way for me to control it.
    Oagalthorp: I would, but there are three problems: We don’t have “Mayors” or “Governors” amoung our ranks, you aren’t in the ACP, and if we did do Governors and you were in the ACP, people would have to vote for you.

  22. OAGAL OAGAL! I just made an ACP base,is this OK with you? If so, ill send it to u

    Anyways i quit RPF and joined your army. And The ACP times is AWESOME! 😀 Oh crud i didint join yet but i will shortly!

  23. hey oagalthorp its me the american roman army leader dj

    i have something to ask

    1. can we join the anta thing our army has about 1700 troops if u do the sums

    2. can we have our servers back whick u invaded
    these servers are: slushy and iceburg

    these servers are some of the most important roman servers in our empire

    this is because slushy is our roman memorial and grave yard and ice burg is where the romans have been founded

    thank u and plz reply
    Oagalthorp: The Romans might be able to join the ANTA, if they stop attacking allies.
    P.S. We will give you a Land Grant for those two servers. To learn about Land Grants, seacrh for it under the “ACP Nation” page.

  24. I never thinked that your ,,bossy,, but you need to make more allies (like you said)and can PAFA be allies whit you im the leader.We arent big army but we are dedicated to keep Club Penguin safe as long as it possible.And Oagalthorp i always want to come to meetings but in my country is midnight so im sorry.Ok?(plz answer)

    Waddle on
    Oagalthorp: You can be our allies. Also, we will try to hold beetings on days where everyone can attend, but that is quite difficult, so I can’t guarentee anything.


  26. Oagal it was like you answered my prayers or something. Everything sounds PERFECT. And I’ve decided to offer the two names of my squads to anybody willing to own them. What about the “Friendly War” with Watex? Is it going to be canceled, delayed, or put into A.N.T.A. consideration?
    Oagalthorp: The practice war is still going to happen.

  27. P.S. Not that I actually prayed that, but still, I was almost waiting for a post exactly like that. My dearest thanks.

  28. Oh I forgot!! Anyone who wants to own any of these two squad names please apply at

    E.C.S Elite Combat Specialists

    S.P.I.E.S. Supreme Penguin International Encounter System

  29. Hey Fort I think I’m going to join Alpha Squad. Is that ok?

  30. So I guess the Robots can join the A.N.T.A right?

  31. I’m not going to join your little ANTA so I can just control 1 unpopulated server. My army controls Snowy River, and we will always control it. I’m not going to follow your rules, because they are unjust. You just trying to get more people to submit to the ACP so you can were your ego mask and THINK you can control CP.
    Well, you aren’t taking Snowy River, plain and simple.
    Oagalthorp: I don’t even think Snowy River is in an ACp territory. But yes, it will be controlled by an ANTA army. If you disagree with that, fine with me. But if you resist, there will be a war.You are obviously not worthy of protecting a server.

  32. With although respect Sir I think you treat ACP fairly you give them great respect and I will like to thank you for letting me join ACP again is an honer to be back in the squad and I will say that im sorry and hopefully you respond back to this so ya.Again thatnk you for letting me join and I promise I will make it to the November 24 war

    ACP soldier
    Green Maflas

  33. Im voting for rapidy!

  34. Bc, That was just a little thing we did.

  35. Oagalthorp, I have a problem I wish to address.

    Most of our battles that are unscheduled don’t usually have a commander present. So, I have a solution. At anytime a commander is not present at a battle, the soldiers will vote for their “Captain”. The Captain may give orders until a commander comes.
    Oagalthorp: Most battles don’t require a commander. Any good ACP soldier knows when and who to fight. But if the situtation turns wrong, you may elect a commander.

  36. I also sent you an E-Mail for a squad I wish to make. I don’t care if you cange the name.

  37. 38th through 4oth Comment

  38. I know an army that can be allies. It’s the CTA, their leader is Lil Rock Sta. They are always on mammoth but not all the time. They aren’t very big. I am 90% sure that your gong to say no espescially after I tell you this, They beleive in mystical creatures. I have no clue why I was in that army.


  39. umm i would like to allie nd to join the coucil and my own squad

    can i plz govenor arctic husky whitehouse and christmas


  41. but what happens to the smaller armies such as mine EAP that dont make the ANTA standards, it makes them look smaller and if they are against ANTA It also isnt quite fair if ANta joins in a war that might be personal and nothing to with ANta and only gives them an advantage. I mean what if it is a war for whose army is bigger or something like that ?
    Oagalthorp: As I said in the post, any army can join, no matter what their size is (As long as they don’t just make an army to be in the ANTA). Only large armies can control land though, to ensure it is propperly and entirely protected.

  42. Please i hoper my ARMY EAp can get in cause other wise it makes my army look as if it againsgt ANTA

  43. TEST


  45. hi sorry i have not ben around i am grounded for 9 weeks!!! and i snuck on the computer

  46. i have a suggestion well it is more of a questoin but still can we have a full list of alies, armys on the army councle, and when it comes armys in ANTA beacuse it gets prety convuseing

  47. Hey Oagalthrop sir, could I join the Green Berets?

  48. lol

  49. I have a question oagal. And heres some news. I play World of Warcraft…….. and do you know the GPR. Gugu pengu says on his Warcraft site i quiot
    Killer MC | November 20, 2007 at
    Hey stupid is it true you used to really pray clubpenguin. Cause that games dumb. Plus I heard you lost to an army named ASP or something. You reallly must be a dumb leader!!!!!!

    Comment: hey killer go hump a log for all i care. plus its PLAY not PRAY retard. Plus ACP sucks and one way or another something will be done anout them. I always get my ravenge retard. Now i think ur a retarded a** so idc. Ill hack u, ill hack ur site, and ill hack ur COMP. And its freaken ACP not ASP plus they uck. I’m gonna hack you AND there site!!!!

    Oagalthorp: No he won’t, he is just saying that to be intimidating.
    P.S. He knows the ACP is better than the GPR.

  51. oagal, im canceling my membership for two months cause i got webkinz. ill still be in acp though. just to let u know.

  52. ummmmmmm ogalthorp as i said on comment 14 about my war with you how are you to busy and plz for the next ACP magazine but my army in the Army collum

  53. ummm srry oagal i was logged in as my twin Alenwen that comment is mine

  54. Oagal can i join your squad? The green Berets?

  55. come on Oagalthorp i mean you say that you have gotten nicer and in some certain things i must say you have. But you have gotten WAY more strict. non ANTA armies can’t own land????? I mean you just forced a wwwwwwhhhhhhoooooollllllleeeee bunch of armies bankrupt with just one sentence!!! You should seriously take this into consideration and when you do try to see it from a few different points of view.
    Oagalthorp: Of course only ANTA armies can own land! The ANTA is composed entirely of good armies. If you aren’t in the ANTA, most likely you aren’t a good army, and aren’t worthy of owning land.

  56. Edd33,Pablo124 and Tmnus123 are a squad rite?

  57. omg that was sooooooo long, i hope there wont be another one like it. will there be oagal?

  58. Oagal, I jsut noticed this. “ANTA” is one letter away from “SANTA” lol Santa the big red guy.

  59. The post wasn’t that long. Try reading the comments too!

  60. Oagalthorp, i have to admit when I read the post i saw you said only A.N.T.A armies can have land. Well, you aren’t the boss of everyone but They aren’t boss of you attacking the area to get it in A.N.T.A terrortory so that the A.N.T.A armies can moniter it
    Oagalthorp: Read my edit a few comments ago.

  61. this should be interesting :mrgreen:

  62. hey fort can i join your alpha squad after you do all that stuff?

  63. ummm….i just noticed that I’ve been banned for 3 days!I really dont know why and so everyone won’t see me for a couple of days.

  64. Hey Rapidy when ur squad opens ill join it! 😀 So Oagalthorp i made an ACP base its cool. Come check it out sometime.

  65. Ajf77 you can join Alpha Squad

  66. the site is

    It won’t be ready for a little while, but here’s a heads up.

  67. Everyone is Welcome, to join.

  68. If you didn’t see anything please tell me

  69. Bc, You are welcome to join.
    I gave Oagal the name The Rapid Squad.

    Our uniform difference is that the penguins are Dark Blue.

    Our Tactics are to always use Rapid fire (pressing T)
    and to protect the leaders and commanders during battle if they want the protection. This also helps the large amounts of buddy requests because you will be standing right in front of them.

    If anyone’s interested let me know.

  70. Be sure to check out Alpha Squad.

  71. (BOLD)

  72. wingy do u even knw how to hack beacuz if u dnt ill do i hacked my friends comp nd messed it up anyway ogal or anyboday else me nd hattrick just made MRF as a recarnation of psa psm cpra cpmc nd we didnt just make this army to get into teh ANTA so just to let u know this is a like a 4 month old army

  73. Spencer, every place where you ment to put and you put nd. People don’t use spell check anymore.

  74. hey its shades2you again. I am really disappointed that i can have tuxedo but the left side of canada is cool. PS if you do not respond i will asume everything is good and can you help me advertise my army it is called penguin right protectors (prp) =)

  75. and hi. for bold letters you need to put (but without the spaces. See?

  76. (thisisatest)

  77. nope does not work for me

  78. ahh
    I diddn’t type that comment

    Forget about Comment 83.

  79. it’s the HTML at the bottom with strong in it.

  80. Lets hope this works.


  81. To ogal
    1: You can’t tell other armys they can’t own land, thats bossing them around, and they can do it anyway.
    2: My army is the APMA, I’ve had it for a lond time and there is about 20 people in it, about 4 online at one time. Will you ally us?

  82. Yay! it worked!

  83. Comments 86-88 (because 83 doesn’t exist)
    and 90 and 91!!!

  84. I got news that Tuxedo Mac is quitting Club Penguin. But he is staying with ACP. Ps. 92 comment I’m gonna go to 100

  85. ACP!!!

  86. ACP!!!ACP!!!

  87. ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!

  88. 95 is my favorite #

  89. ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!

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  92. ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!ACP!!!

  93. YAY!!!!!!! 90th to 101st comment!! 11 Staraight comments made by Rapidy!!!

  94. well actually it’s 89th to 100th comment because coment 83 doesn’t exist.

  95. How do u type in bold

  96. i like cpra

  97. ballin!!!!!

  98. Hey Oagalthorp. I asked about the army uniforms, here’s what Club Penguin said.Dear Penguin,

    While we will certainly consider your suggestion for an army uniform, I am
    unable to promise anything beyond this. That said, Club Penguin is played around
    the world, as such, any military references on Club Penguin may not be received
    well in other areas of the world. Club Penguin is to be a place for children to
    escape from reality and have fun. It is not a place for children to be reminded
    of the sometimes harsh realities of life.

    If you have any other suggestions or ideas, please feel free to email back at
    any time.


    Jared P
    Club Penguin Support

  99. =(

  100. RAPID FIRES MY MIDDLE NAME!!!!!!! WOO! Can’t wait dude!! 😀 Ill be extra sure i join.

  101. personally i think only the six main armies should be in the anta

    the acp rpf romans vikings golds and nachos

    but its just an opinion due to their being only 6 regions and it sorta makes sence that the biggest armies should be in those regions

  102. Ctar that’s pretty much what I got.

  103. (b) Test Hi

  104. You guys gotta use these things.

  105. (anger flares) They dont show up when you submit. JUST LOOK AT THE BOTTOM!!!

  106. And don’t fake to be Oagalthorp.

    Oagalthorp: Please don’t fake to be me.

  107. Tee hee

  108. 14-19th Comment!

  109. Watch this!! AACP!!

  110. 120th and 121st comment!

  111. weird everybody is typing in bold. Is it working?

  112. cool now im gonna annoy paintboy100 😈

  113. how do u type in bold?

  114. (b)testing testing

  115. didnt work how do u do it?

  116. testingtesting(b)

  117. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!doesnt work! how do u do it?

  118. hihihihihihihihihihi ummmmmmmm just seeing if the bold works =)

  119. o and zehroy its not ( its <

  120. hey oagalthorp its me the american roman army leader dj

    i have something to ask

    1. can we join the anta thing our army has about 1700 troops if u do the sums

    2. can we have our servers back whick u invaded
    these servers are: slushy and iceburg

    these servers are some of the most important roman servers in our empire

    this is because slushy is our roman memorial and grave yard and ice burg is where the romans have been founded

    thank u and plz reply this time

  121. Is ANY acp trooper online?

  122. AS you all know, the Ice Warriors site has been deleted and the army is falling apart. As of right now, Motomike37 and I (Kg 007) are going to start the Ice Warriors Devolpment Plan. This will include all armies participating by getting members for the Ice Warriors, and trying to get every Ice Warrior to go back to the army. Some of the plans include helping out with recruiting and making sure the site is safe, etc. Please make the effort to help it the Ice Warriors. the new Ice warriors site is

    ~ Kg 007

  123. oagle i was shocked that you said that because you seem like a nice guy and is rpf still allies because they are traitors ( they fired snowballs at us (us is acp))

  124. As Some of you know are Allies The Ice Warriors Had There Site Attacked and deleted So if you are an Ice Warrior Reading This The New Site is

  125. guys his club penguin account is banned to! check the clubpenguinhq ban checker.

  126. I like pie.

  127. i like poop.

  128. Tidle your scaring me.

  129. Oagal’s gone mising again.

  130. what do you mean by that?

  131. He hasn’t made a post in what the calender says 1 day, but it’s been more than that. And he’s ot responding to the comments. Maybe monkeys took him!

    Oagalthorp: Rapidy, I’m still here, and no, monkeysdid not take me.

  132. Who’s here right now? I would use the chat but I’m not allowed to after my mom found out. And unlike some crazy people I don’t go when I’m not allowed.

  133. Who’s the other person on this site?

  134. Bc is it an outraged ex-girlfreind?

  135. Bc u there?

  136. hello?

  137. I’m here Rapidy.

  138. lol Rapidy and Oagalthorp

  139. Hi major Ace

  140. hey oagal are u even there can u respond to my comment

    hey oagalthorp its me the american roman army leader dj

    i have something to ask

    1. can we join the anta thing our army has about 1700 troops if u do the sums

    2. can we have our servers back whick u invaded
    these servers are: slushy and iceburg

    these servers are some of the most important roman servers in our empire

    this is because slushy is our roman memorial and grave yard and ice burg is where the romans have been founded

    thank u and plz reply this time

  141. what about smaller armies that cant get in

    Oagalthorp: LOOK, i dont care about other armies so stop asking me about them.

  142. Lemmy, that’s just wrong.

  143. Olgoalthorp I;d really like to know if the TWW(the water warriors) are considered your allies. They are a great army trying to protect CP like the DRACP.

  144. The who?

  145. Good news! I got my support E-Mail back from Club Penguin about the new uniforms! here’s what the person said.


    Thank you for taking the time to email in.

    A soldier uniform and set sounds like a fun idea for the stage. I also agree
    about guns not being safe for children. I will be sure to see that your idea is
    taken into consideration for the site. Keep in mind that we do consider all
    ideas for the site, but we cannot guarantee that all ideas will be used.

    Feel free to send in your ideas when you are inspired, as we are always in need
    of new creativity for the site.

    Waddle On!

    Club Penguin Support

  146. Hey guys, here’s what this guy said about the uniforms:

    Dear Penguin,

    Thank you for your creative suggestion. As the theater has just opened, there are many different things that could be released in the future. That said, I will be sure to mentioned your idea at our meeting later this week. While it will certainly be considered, I am unable to promise anything beyond this.

    If you ever have any other fun theatrical ideas for us, please feel free to email back anytime.


    Jared P
    Club Penguin Support

  147. I’ve decided not to call myself Major Ace16161 anymore, I’m just gonna go with Ace16161, beacause that’s my real penguin name.

  148. Nice Major Ace! This new uniform is coming soon!!!

  149. djghzjm the romans do not have any where near 1700 troops if you ”do the sums” so oyu probably have around 10 maybe so shut up and get more soldiers

    Therealddd~Leader, CPRA

  150. Theralddd, that was kind of harsh. Though I do Highly dought the romans have 1700 soldiers.

  151. ummmm oagal no offense but its not so good having an army as big as urs



  154. well said buba and uess what! oagle got his wish: ANTI ACP SURRENDERD but UACP ain’t gonna surrender. no sirry not till’ oagle will talk to me so we can plan a battle.

  155. Don’t forget, Spartans are not going to surrender either

  156. Oagal CPMA are trying to do the same job as you. Obviously we will not do as well as you do, as we only have me and 12 others. You could join us as allies, it would be a +12 to your team. We do not want to fight you, we want to join you.

    – Mazemaker

    ———————————————————————– and

  157. can UACP be in the ANTA my leader is drew ( i think you or texas vs a nos about us)

  158. Thank you sir for appreciating us more.)NOT SAYING U WERE BAD BEFORE 🙂

  159. Ogalthorp please respond:
    1: You cant say other non ANTA or whatever it is cant own land.
    2: Will you ally the APMA or not?

  160. Hi this is how to use bold:
    {B} The text you want bold {/B} The text not to be bold.
    Only use not { and }.

  161. ???
    Ok use > And < instead or } and {. thats weird.


  163. Naruto500: I have something to say! I Na…ahh nevermind im too cool to say this. lol im jokin.

  164. Anythind inside of > < but reversed, dissapears.
    Thats cause its code, b starts bold, but you have to put in in code not text, less than and greater than make it in code, /b in code ends bold. (i) makes it italic. and (/i) ends italic,
    (strike) and (/strike) do this STRIKE . Theres more to.

  165. Ogalthorp said this:

    Only ANTA armies/nations can own any land. This will ensure that the area is controlled well, and there will be minimum difficulty and maximum fairness.

  166. This is not true, we can own snow cone or whatever if we want, if no armys walk around in it they dont own it no matter what they say, if you dont use land, you dont own it.

    Maximum fairness?
    Why should we obey your stupid rules?
    You dont own CP, we can do whatever we want as long as it doesnt breack the CP rules.

    There is no rule that says we cant own land if we are not in the dumb ANTA.

  167. You dont freakinn own CP, UMA walks around in mammoth.
    So they are breaking thu law.

  168. Stop trying to BOSS penguins around.
    What if you say we cant join ANTA?
    Then we can’t own land, NOT.
    Stop telling people what they can and cant do.
    They can do what they want.

  169. Guys i thing Ogal quit, hes not responding to the insults.

  170. Maybe he got permanantly banned?

  171. hey everyone join AACP, im not in it but I’m thinking we need to bring down ACP. I might even join if you can be in two armys in the AACP.

  172. The New AACP leader Videogamer57 just surrendered a battle between ACP, UMA, Spartains, and another army vs. The very small AACP.


  174. EPIC?, I saw it, not epic.

  175. yeah but it was big! we sure tought them a lesson!

  176. I see Vital Viper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  179. VV TRACKER:

  180. VV tracker:
    I lost him

  181. VV tracker:


  183. VV:
    Mountian top!

  184. I GET 195th Comment Too!!

  185. I raced Vital VIPER!

  186. I have lots of pictures to prove it!

  187. VV keeps coming and going. His Igloo is awesome!

  188. 199

  189. Fort why did you remove me?

  190. 200!!

  191. Orbvab I don’t see you.

  192. I don’t want/need to join your ANTA/whatever the heck your doing to own land. My armies are keeping Snowy River, and we aren’t going to join ANTA/whatever.

  193. Ok listen, no way Oagal’s gonna read over 200 comments!!!!!! SO STOP ALL THIS MESS!!!!!!!

  194. Vitals In his IGLO ON THE MAP!!




  198. Vitals Iglo Is AWSOME!!!!!!

  199. oagal are we allies with the nachos

  200. This comment has been edited cause Naruto500 is too cool to be heard XD

  201. testing bold letters

  202. ok Oagalthorp you gotta do something about this bold letters because people can pretend to be you

  203. Yea like this:
    Im ogalthor, I think that AACP will over power us all, so join the AACP.

  204. Can we allie?We are Fort Ghost Reacon. We are a hole nation and have a army, Marines,navy,and Airforce the main two are army and Navy at

    The others are..

  205. yea i have fooled like ten people impersonating ogal it was funny.

  206. I don’t do it for anything bad.

    Oagalthorp: Rapidy you can use bold letters.

  207. Yay!

    Oagaldork: Join AACP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. Lol Oagalthorp I am not calling you Oagaldork.

  209. I am the king of the comments in this post because I have the most comments!

  210. but Oagalthorp hasn’t responded to a single one.

  211. yea i no!!!!!!!!

  212. Ogal must be pemanently banned.

  213. Oagal hi sir

  214. What rank im I?


  216. Well Here us a suggestion:

    Small armies[1-400 troops] in the A.N.T.A are given one server by the A.N.T.A

    armies that are medium and worthy of protecteing a server[401-1300 troops] get 4 servers granted by the A.N.T.A

    Big armies in the A.N.T.A worthy of having a large amount of land[ 1301+] get a whole region granted by A.N.T.A

    Other armies the A.NT.A can do nothing about excerpt go to war or argue no giving orders unless auhtorized

  217. Try the next post for this to get read by Oagal.

  218. Hmmph.
    2 wars?
    I wish I could be there to see them.

  219. Oagal, Zippy500 spelled follow wrong. He spelled follow like this:Fallow. That’s how he spelled follow! Lol! 😆

  220. ACP IS EVIL

  221. Darksideuser is evil

  222. Lol…that was such a long time ago. It’s just like Star Wars too.

  223. he is darksiderueser sounds pretty evil the name sounds pretty gay too

  224. 236th comment

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