New Newspaper!

The Newspaper Issue 110 is out and here it is the main news:

-In the special section, the yellow puffles were officially discovered. And they find out that the puffles are talented creatures, with a great interest in art.

-Also, they are talking about the success of the Theater and the good costumes.

-The featured game is Catchin’ Waves.

-There is an advertisement about the upcoming party of this friday.

-Aunt Arctic answers questions about the creative penguins that makes restaurants, desert island, stadiums and colleges and also about the seats and tables that were removed at the end of the theater construction.

-In the tips and secrets, they talk about the cheats of Bean Counters: You can hold a maximum of five bags; the anvil, the fish and flower fall in the same place and you can win extra coins if you have bags when the truck leaves.

-Some jokes (to see the answers, highlight the joke):
>>>What did the eye say to the other? Between you and me something smells!
>>>Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it’s poultry in motion.

-Some riddles (to see the answer, highlight the text):
>>>Can a mosquito fly faster than a car? Yes, a car cannot fly.
>>>What has 10 letters and starts with gas? An automobile.

-A poem:
Yes this is a poem,
because it can rhyme.
I would make it go longer,
but I don’t have the time.

-There is two comics in the fan comics.

Upcoming events:

November 23:
Surprise Party Begins
New Pin Hidden

November 30:
New Pet Furniture Catalog

December 7:
New Clothing Catalog
New Pin Hidden

December 14:
New Furniture Catalog

If you want to see the newspaper without logging on Club Penguin, click this link:

<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

This is everything…by now!


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