Advertising * Squads * We Won * E-mail Addresses


We haven’t been gaining many new soldiers lately for some reason. So, I am having Advertising Week. Everyday, I want each ACP soldier to advertise for the ACP on at leastone different website. But that’s not all. At the end of the week I am going to go through as many CP websites and blogs as I can find. Whoever has done the most advertising at the end of the week wins a grand total of 20,000 coins! Then, to celebrate everyone’s great work, we will have a lottery to win another 20,000 coins!

But that’s only if everyone tries their hardest and does their best. So lets get to it!!!

How to Advertise: There are two different ways to advertise. The informative way, and the flooding way.

  • Informative:In this style, you make a comment explaining everything about the ACP. be specific, and (Never do this on my website) use bold, so people notice it. (I’m not telling how to do bold, so don’t ask). Be sure to add the link to our Homepage (�) and maybe a few more links to our other pages. Use this method on any website you want to.
  • Flooding: This is more simple. Write “” (Make it “www.”, because “http://” won’t work for this style). Then copy and paste it from 20 times to several hundred times. If the website specifically says “No advertising/spamming”, use the informative method instead.

Remember not to do this on any website that already know about us (This site, RPF site, etc.) Also: I don’t allow advertising on this site, so don’t let this make you think you can advertise anything here.

How to Win the Coins (Contest/Lottery):

  • Contest:Just advertise on as many different sites as possible, and whoever does it the most wins.
  • Lottery:Guess a number from between 1 and 500. ACP soldiers can guess two numbers, and everyone else guesses one. Whoever gets their number picked/whoever’s number is closest to the number picked wins.

If you win one of these, I will need you to put your e-mail address. Then I will e-mail you asking for your penguin’s password, then I will log onto your account and earn you the number of coins you won. You may NOT use two accounts to guess more numbers than allowed. If you do, you will be disqualified.



Should we make squads? Because recently it doesn’t seem like many people are very excited. Vote HERE.


We Won

Many people said we lost the battle,  and many said we won. So I am just going to say we won, even though there will be a ton of dispute over this. Congratulations soldiers, and good battle Watex Warriors, that was AWSOME!


E-mail Addresses

The plan we used at the battle seemed to work. So my idea is to get all of the ACP soldiers’ e-mail addresses as possible, so we can make more plans like that, and so I can easily e-mail you guys important announcements. All ACP soldiers, I would like you guys to write down your CP name and e-mail address. Thanks!



Until later,

Marhch on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

142 Responses

  1. I’m guessing

    57 and 329
    Oagalthorp: The lottery starts on Saturday, next week.

  2. You lost dumy, watex had 6 times as many soldiers, ACP people say they one cause they with they did, number: 300

  3. oagal, i have a suggestion, if the battle the day before, you were having troubles with yourcomputer, i would suggest yu too postpone the battle so wewould know what had happened and we will understand, without your expertise, we lost, not very many people knew the real plan, next time i suggest that you do the email thing a week before so most, if not all, of our soldiers would know!!!!!!!!!
    -Anigha, hope these ideas work for you
    Oagalthorp: I would have, but it just shut down, and I couldn’t do anything.

  4. If I find a single add on my site, your gona see spam comments so many you cant dellete them all.

  5. Oh wait heres what im gona do, for every line, im gona put three lines of links to my site on wherever the add goes to and dellete the comment.
    Oagalthorp: Then I will ban you. And if you ban any of my soldiers, I can just un-ban them.
    P.S. No one will advertise on your site, because it is small and no one will find it. So there is nothing to worry about.

  6. sweet i see oyu in commandos igloo

  7. ^YOU

  8. By the way you are gonna get done for being a hippocrite it is not very nice to do something to someone else if you wouldn like it….what comes around goes arund..
    Oagalthorp: If they don’t say “No advertising”, it’s fine. 🙄

  9. This is Newscaster Bob. This just in…

    THEREALDDD somehow is writing in bold!!!

    Orange is multiplying!!!!

    ACP is growing more and more

  10. Wow, I just read this and you said you wanted to advertise on other sites, yet you don’t allow it on your site. That’s being a hypocrite. No offense.
    Oagalthorp: 🙄 Read my previous edit. As long as they don’t say “No advertising” it’s fine.

  11. Oagalthorp, we lost. I know it’s hard to accept but we did. I mean Corvette, Headofpolice, Tiger, Ace, and Tom Yellow were busting our behinds against Watex Warriors but it wasn’t enough. That plan u had, it didn’t fool anybody. Somebody told the plan, that’s why ACP got smothered. I’m still ACP, I’m just saying we lost to the WW.
    Oagalthorp: I said in the post “Many people said we lost the battle, and many said we won. So I am just going to say we won, even though there will be a ton of dispute over this.” It was a 50-50 situation, and as a loyal ACP soldier I leaned toward the 50% that says we won.

  12. I meant Ctar(me),Corvette, Headofpolice, Tiger, Ace, and Tom Yellow were busting our behinds but to no avail.


  14. Oagalthorp, how do you get a certain person to be marked spammed?

  15. Oagal there are like a million cp websites out there! I dont know how you will do that job.
    Oagalthorp: Trust me, I can handle it.

  16. I cant advertise whenever i put a link in it says the page cannot be displayed so i wont be able to advertise!! T_T

  17. 345!!!!!MY GUESS!!

  18. My guess is 367

  19. marshmello0o and my email is

  20. lotto number: 46

  21. ogalthorp i dont have an email

  22. Mazachster and my email is

    my guesses are 7 and 499

    I would also like to congratulate you on your victory. I also think that the following people deserve promotions and medals, because they fought amazingly well with me: headofpolice, tiger413, corvette 360. Thx guys!! OAGAL– READ!! I AM ONE OF YOUR SOLDIERS, AND I WANT YOU TO READ THIS MESSAGE AND RESPOND TO ME!!


  23. since i am in acp
    guess is
    435 and 785
    Oagalthorp: GUYS! I already said the lottery happens this Saturday.

  24. ajf77, its between 1 and 500!!

  25. o sorry the guesses are
    435 and 222
    DELETE comemnt 26 i made a mistake i went higheer than 500

  26. 1. You cant actualy ban people from sites exept yours.
    2. If you click my name you go to my site.

  27. 316-467
    if i win that wounld be SWEET! i never win anything.

  28. typing in bold is easy here is how——-NOT!

    Oagal would get mad at me and Oagal why were you in Commando717 and not doing or saying anyhting??

    Oagalthorp: I warned you. I said no typing in bold, and you obviously wont listen. So you are hereby IP banned.
    P.S. Bold part has been removed.

  29. lol in commando’s igloo not in him 🙂


  31. PS: if there banned, and it affected sites other than yours, then they could not ask you to unban them exept on club penguin witch you never go to.

  32. Orbvab- are you ACP or not?

  33. then y r u here? (–los– er—)

  34. y wont my writing show up??

  35. o, there we go

  36. hey Oagalthorp! could u plz respond to my other post, number 24. o ya, and y arent we allowed to do bold??

    Mazachster (Commander)

  37. um, if you get ip banned, how long does it last for?

  38. It doesnot even exist, its a blank threat, anyone ever been IP banned?

  39. Ill go to ask dot com

  40. not me…

  41. hey ogal! whens the next war? r the nachos still invading canada? u better get more recruits before then

  42. Ogal, ban me for a day, so i will know that its posible.

  43. Mazachester your not a commander

  44. hi.

  45. Ogal, ban me for a day, so i will know that its posible.

  46. And you can’t ban us, you can mark comments as spam, witch spams similar comments.


    We all propablly know about Ice warriors. They are ruled by Iceyfeet. They are sorta strong.
    But, what about there fights? They are currently fightiing the Orange Army and are losing. They are not the only WARRIORS army either. There is an army called Dark Warriors which was strong at the beggining and then started to erode away. Orange is fighting everyone know. Are they the new ACP? PROPABLY NOT!


  48. Yeah Hey everybody!! I just want to say goodbye. I was given a VERY generous offer by the RPF and am now a colonel. I’d like to thank everybody for accepting me into the ACP. Oagalthorp you were a very good leader, and will definetly continue to do well in the future. I will not remove any of you guys off my buddy list. You can still use my flag in the flag contest. Thank You everybody!! I hope to see you in the future! 😦

  49. is the number 347?

  50. if its obvious you lost why do you say you won?

  51. wait. ogal said he was gonna ban me but he didnt.hmmm.

  52. hey thearledd comment on here within the next two days.

  53. My penguin name is Uno148 and my E-mail is . Only e-mail me when its important.

  54. my numbers are 113 and 479



  57. if i email you it would be better cause i dont want people to know my mine and when you get the mail you can see the address

  58. IDK MY NAME, actually, i am a commander, which u obviously arent, and ur probly just jealus becuz ur a nonmember and the highest rank u will ever get is infantry.


  59. CP Name: Noil Man
    Email Adress:

  60. my penguin is bellahdewmah and my email is

  61. oops my email is–

  62. Hey, Oagal is it ok to be part of more than one army and ACP?

  63. Im a trooper my email is

    My penguin is Rapid867 I went to help acp win WW

  64. heres my e-mail address,

    my penguin name is Trunkes789

    my guess is 248

  65. You scammer don’t do it people he’ll change your password he’ll tipe your email then your password the he’ll change your password
    Oagalthorp: Oh, I forgot to mention: If anything wrong happens to your penguin in the short time I earn you coins, you can hold me responsible, and I will take the blame.

  66. for all the lastest ARMY goossip and news go to and share your views and comments

  67. Hi im you ‘re fan so whats up how long have you been on this site for
    Ogalthorp: to long lol i might quit soon

  68. that aint the real ogalthorp speaking
    Ogalthorp: its sorry i didnt clikc on bold
    Oagalthorp: *Bold Removed* Do you honestly want to be IP banned? No bold, and no impersonatiing people.
    P.S. No one fell for it, I have better grammar than that, and I know how to spell my own (CP) name. : P

  69. 1.Brbocko

  70. Even if I told him my password and email, he could not change it cause I used my moms email to create my penguins.

  71. Comment 74 was not edited by Ogalthorp, Oglathorp corectly punctuates the first letter of a sentince, look at his other comments.
    He uses the right word, its sorry?
    And he uses correct ‘ use, it’s not its.
    Ogal punctuates his Is, correcly, I not i.
    No period in comment and fake edit.
    Spells right: Clikc? It’s Click.

    Ogalthorp would not quit either,
    he’s obsesed with club penguin.

    Don’t use bold or fake to be Ogalthorp, some of us can see through it.
    Oagalthorp: Don’t worry, I set him straight. 😉

  72. PS: Ogal rarely edits comments, not instantly, 5 comments would be posted befor he edited it, not instantly, he barely even edits them.

    74 is a fake.

  73. i am part of ACP
    my lotto guesses r 45 and 657

  74. dakdude22
    uhh..i guess 550 and 45

  75. I’m trying to advertise but on any of the wordpress sites nothing seams to be showing up. And Orbvab, I have no clue why i’m one of your buddies.

  76. and dakdude22, the numbers are between 1 and 500, so you can’t do 550. But Oagalthorp, the lottery thing is unclear to me, on the ACP Nation page it says that only soldiers can choose 2 numbers, so wouldn’t that mean that the Generals and Commanders can only choose 1?
    Oagalthorp: Soldiers means any ACP person, Trooper/Troop is what we call non-commanders.

  77. This is a pretty sugestive way to advertise:

    Join the Peopels Republic Army (PRA) we are a military force based in America and Australia, Join today and fight for a free republic or just check out our site that has great admins.


    Leader and Autocrat of P.R.A.

    President of Federative Republic of Greater Eastern Australia

    ^^^ Check out the site

    But ya, if ogalthorp says no advertising and then he TELLS people how to advertise that in any means that he is hipacritical, no offense to be taken from this statement.
    Oagalthorp: I don’t have a problem with advertising, we have freedom of speech. I just don’t like a bunch of links/people trying to take my soldiers. And, as I said, If they don’t clearly state “No spamming/advertising”, then either they don’t care or they didn’t specify themself.

  78. Nevermind Orbvab I deleted you when you were temporarely Orange.

  79. Oagalthorp, we need to seriously consider the Watex Warriors as allies. Because they are HUGE!!! And on the Join page you don’t have anything on non-members, you should look into that.

  80. i agree with Rapidy they are exhausting

  81. im non member the uniform should be something everyone has.
    red western bandana
    black puffle or red bandana
    green color because there are no clothes that are green
    green glasses which you can where anytime or take them off anytime
    an appropriate millitary related background such as the tent or the camoflauge
    well im already acp. If you kick me out i will join rpf like ace did

  82. Thanks Googulp, Oagal, I just saw a bold-typer on ‘join’ Comment 378.

    Oagalthorp: How did I lie? I can take people off my buddy list if I want to, and chances are if you aren’t in ACP unfiorm you will be removed. 🙄

  84. Corvette, settle down

  85. I am guessing for the lottery and I guess:

  86. Im guessing for the lottery I guess:


  87. 🙂

  88. Guys! Lotterys not till Saturday!!

  89. I hope I win
    please give me a break. I never win anything!


  90. Oagal I still picked the number 46 for the lottery this Saturday, and I couldnt help but notice that your IP banning one of my RPF soldiers. Ive been looking and non of his comments had any bold in them(unless you removed it).
    Oagalthorp: The only person I have IP banned is Tidle Fin, and that is for repeatetive defiance of authority, and breaking rules. Otherwise, you must be mistaken.

  91. Rapidy are u like the 4th in command or somthing??????

  92. 98!!

  93. 99!!!!!!!!! im so excited

  94. 100!!!

  95. Ok TomY wheres the newspaper? I can’t wait!

  96. And maybe we should have a ACP of the month like UMA of the month.

  97. i only have 40 members but its a start ive only made it 3 weeks ago

  98. I know the lottery’s on Saturday but my numbers are 148 and 418.



    C.P. has never been through this much trouble. Here are the problems.


    2. FAN SITES: You may be wondering why I wrote this. Well have you noticed that people are typing in bold and impersonating Oagl?

    3. HACKERS: Do I even need to talk about THIS?! We all know hackers are EVERYWHERE!!!!!! They cheat, get free gifts, go on members’ files, goes on generals’ files and even more!!! And they are half of C.P.’s players!!!

    4. STALKERS: This one isn’t that bad but it is creepy. I hate being followed. But not a lot of people do this.

    It’s a good thing were being dictated – I mean kindly ruled- (LOL JUST KIDDING) by Oagl.

    Newscaster Bob- signing off

  100. I approve of that message.

  101. Ok, What was the point of that comment? Are you bored or something?

  102. Newscaster Bob stop commenting on this site. Nobody likes it when you comment. SO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s really annoying and nobody likes it.



  105. I’ll be there. 😦


  107. hey oagal you had just signed off so if you can tell me if im on a list or not here that will be ok.

  108. Oagalthorp, your add soldiers, spamed on my “Do Not Spam” post, you lame can you get? If you go to my web, do not spam.
    PS: I did not ban your soldier.

  109. Wow, i wasnt even at theat war, but wow so you dont know who won so your just gonna decide that you win. That prooves ACP doesn’t care about other armies they always just say they win even if they didnt both teams will alway say they win, that is why this army things is getting kind of cheesy, I mean wow, you both threw snowballs.

  110. What are you even doing here? Do you know how boring Club Penguin would be without armies? It was a 50-50 win. It was just a fun war anyway.

  111. 😐

  112. Watex won, they have many times more people, and they one, but Oagalthorp said they won cause he wished they did, come on, you could easyly guess who won, watex had 6 times as many soldiers.

  113. You know Orbvab, if I were Oagalthorp I would Ban you for being annoying.

  114. ogal it wasnt you it was ACE16161 who removed me

  115. Ace diddn’t remove me.

  116. Ok dont get too full of yourslef ACP. Im rpf and respect you, but dont get to full of yourselfs. You as good as a new person on CP

  117. Hey oagal why i being so weird all day?If u didnt make the battle how do u know u won?what u believe all ur soldiers right and what if they got their a** kicked and lied to you? and what is it with u I even used to work for uand then ur where cool but u have suddenly changed because ur army is getting weaker no offense man i just wanna tell u

  118. hello? its one of your commanders headofpolice

  119. Oagolthorp, I am general of the nachos my number is 345 at

  120. my email is

  121. everyone miroos is a hacker markypizz told me that on his site

  122. holy pie ogal is newscaster BOB

  123. and i said that we lost

  124. Ogal that is so rude you just say we win when we totally lost. If I were you I would just say it was a tye
    PS my email is

  125. if ur british go to and join

  126. Hmmm My number Guess Will Be 365

  127. i dont need 20000 coins i have like 60000 coins hahaha

  128. hmmm lets see 368

  129. im not in acp but im gonna guess the number 42

  130. ACP is not the best i’ve seen infact it’s the WORST ARMY i’ve ever seen

  131. ROFL

  132. the army of club penguin won many battles

  133. […] Remember to advertise! You can win 20,000 coins easily. View HERE. […]

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