WHO WON?!?!?

I am SO sorry! My computer crashed yesterday and I couldn’t make the battle! So who won?


Here was our plan I sent in my e-mail:

  1. The post I made about going to the Snowforts was all fake, it was made to throw off the Watex Warriors. 
  2. ACP goes to the Dojo, RPF goes to the Iceburg, and Nachos go to the HQ, where they all gain soldiers.
  3. At exactly 4:20pm PST we all move underground and wait for the enemy.
  4. By the time they find us, we should have an equal amount of soldiers.


If we lost, I’m sorry. I did everything I could to try and get on, but nothing worked.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

39 Responses

  1. I thought we won. I made a post all about on the last post but now it’s GONE!!! I’ll try and find it. 2nd!

  2. Watex Warroiors did I’m sorry to say but ACP had lik 10 soldierds the entire battle. Check my site for details http://titans3.wordpress.com

  3. Its ok and I don’t really know who one because I had to go and the wars still happening right now I think.

  4. i will send my troops in at 4:15

  5. RPF won all of their wars yesterday

  6. sorry i dont know because i was with the rpf the whole time.

  7. My internet got disconected between 4 and seven and my parents instaled norton anti virus 2008 and then my mom went on khols.com so i pretty much missed the BIG PART of the battle

  8. we need help in tundra!

  9. acp needs backup at the dojo now

  10. im done for now see ya at the next event

  11. Hey Oagal. I”m considering quitting the ACP. I’m sorry, I’m just not sure the ACP is the army for me. But, I’ll probably be joining the RPF, so I’ll still be fighting with you. It’s not official, but I’m highly considering it. I’m sorry to everyone in the ACP, and hope to be able to talk to you still. Don’t say your goodbyes yet, once again it’s not official.

  12. I think you lost but im not sure; when I left the battle watex had the most rooms, so I guess they one.
    They also have 6 times as many soldiers, so, yeah, I think they one. (In all the rooms combined)
    They may have lost the dojo, but since they have almost every other room, yea.

  13. yeah RPF beat them check out the site we were killing those orange losers it was awesome at least you have a reason…I guess

    Oagalthorp: NO BOLD! You know that. Next time I see you do it, you are banned.
    P.S. I edited out the bold part of his comment.

  14. Did I use the word yea to much?

  15. You beat them in one room, all RPF was in snow forts(So obviously they won there), RPF had 1 room, watex had every other room, exept the cave, that ACP had.

  16. Ogal, you would have more soldiers if new people could buy the uniform, roman helmates are no longer for sale you know, only long time users have them, and most people quit when they turn 13 and start playing more violent games, not everyone has those items.

  17. I mean, come on, this games kinda imature.

  18. Man i hope you stick with us ace and dont take me off your buddie list besides i hope that acp will start to grow larger than watex. if not i well ughh might quit too but not yet


  20. For all the lastest news and gossip on the ARMYs of Club penguin go to http://cparmygossip.wordpress.com/ and share your views and comments..

  21. Im not sure who won between ACP and Watex Warriors, all I know is that RPF didnt follow the plans you decided. RPF started in the cove and marched its way to the dock, winning every battle in every room.

    If RPF would have followed the plans we wouldnt have gotten to the dock. RPFs plan also provided time for the others to win their battle since fever was in the dock trying to win. I told him the RPF’s plan and he left right away allowing us to win and their army to lose control of each battle. Thats how it went down.

    The only reports I heard was that ACP needed help in the Dojo and Pool. Im not sure what the deal was with that though.

    – Commando717

    Fight the Good Fight

  22. aww ace is quiting will you still be on my buddy list

  23. well maybe quiting

  24. GUYS CHECK THIS OUT,whil in the battle there was ninja PROOFS : http://clubpenguinsecuritybase.wordpress.com
    and check out the “cool stuffs and gilche “page!

  25. hey oagal your plan was good….but i have a question why dont you allow bold in comments?

  26. Oagal, we lost. There was nothing anyone could do about it. I lead the troops because there wasn’t anyone higher than me there.They took over the dojo before we could do anything. But the RPF took over the dock. But every room had at least 10 or more WW’s.

  27. Yeah Hey everybody!! I just want to say goodbye. I was given a VERY generous offer by the RPF and am now a colonel. I’d like to thank everybody for accepting me into the ACP. Oagalthorp you were a very good leader, and will definetly continue to do well in the future. I will not remove any of you guys off my buddy list. You can still use my flag in the flag contest. Thank You everybody!! I hope to see you in the future! 😦

  28. We won and heres how, when we left the dojo the waxte warriors got conufed while rpf lunched there plan and won from the cove to town, then when they figured out we were in the cave they moved in and the dock became weak and rpf moved in and won the battle!

  29. This is what happened. Watex swarmed every room except underground where the ACP army was. Then the allies like RPF and others that I wont bother to list fought like dogs up on land. (I was with the RPF when we took the snowforts) But eventually they took all above ground. Meanwhile belowground, the ACP army waited for the enemy to come, like in Oagal’s plan. Eventually they did come, and a brutal battle followed. But, yet again, we were defeated there, and the last of the ACP were spread out. Me and a few ACP units were left in the cave to protect it. I then called for reinforcements on the Get Ready blog. A few units came to help me, including my brave friend and Commander, Corvette 360. But then I had to log off. What happened after that in the caves, Corvette? Sorry I couldn’t stay to help.

    Mazachster (Commander)

  30. ace good bye MAYBE i might join rpf but not until i see acp weaken lets hope acp doesnt

  31. oagal, i have a suggestion, if the battle the day before, you were having troubles with yourcomputer, i would suggest yu too postpone the battle so wewould know what had happened and we will understand, without your expertise, we lost, not very many people knew the real plan, next time i suggest that you do the email thing a week before so most, if not all, of our soldiers would know!!!!!!!!!
    -Anigha, hope these ideas work for you

  32. Join the Peopels Republic Army (PRA we are a military force based in America and Australia, Join today and fight for a free republic or just check out our site that has great admins.


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    President of Federative Republic of Greater Eastern Australia


    IM NOT SURE THOUGH. So tell me if I’m wrong.
    AND Tidle Fin (THE HACKER!) hates me!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!!!
    I feel so special.

    P.S. If you read what I said on the comments about the Western party, you heard that I would ALWAYS comment.

    Newscaster Bob- SIGNING OFF.

  34. i know the best hacker in cp and he knows BillyBob ill tell him not to unban Pinkmafis

  35. when is the next war anyways i go on and nothings there not evan any soilders of teams


  37. SORRY I MENT COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Im on the Nachos.

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