ACP: The Revolutionaries

Over the next five days, while we get a bunch of new soldiers to join, I will be talking about what the ACP has done for the CP society, and how we changed nearly everything. Each day I will tell a particular “story”. Here they are:

  • Monday: The Revolutionaries
  • Tuesday: Uniting Club Penguin
  • Wednesday: The War
  • Thursday: Peace
  • Friday: Conclusion

Today is the day I will tell “The Revolutionaries”. Sit back, relax, and indulge your mind.


The Revolutionaries

The Army of Club Penguin was founded on September 29, 2006. The ACP was originally designed to fight off robbers and Romans. Little did we know we would topple tyrants, win World Wars, unite the armies, win World Wars, and nearly achieve (CP)world peace.

The ACP was started on the old Miniclip forums, and would be the first army of it’s kind. Beforehand, the only armies were the Romans and the Vikings, which we now classify as “Gangs”, because they lack a uniform and have no leader. And of course there were Color Armies, that were just based off of a specific color, and (Like the other early “armies”) had no leaders or ranks. After the ACP was started, all of that would change. Armies would have specific uniform rules to follow. Armies would have leaders and ranks. Armies would have websites, forums and blogs. Armies would have set rules. Armies would organise battles and wars, sometimes ending in the complete destruction of the opposing side. But all of that is contributed to the one thing the ACP changed most: organisation.

If the ACP hadn’t been formed, we would still be dressing up as Romans and calling ourselves an army. The ACP revolutionised the concept of an army, and the concept of war.


Join us tomorrow, while I tell about how the ACP united Club Penguin.


Tundra Reconstruction

After the massive war last weekend, the once great and noble town of tundra lies in ruins. Some penguins believe the Watex Warriors were so big. The RPF leader says “Why was the Watex Warriors so big? Its because their that type of “color” army that if some random penguin sees it winning, they will join right away”. As much as we would like to believe that, it is simple not true. Yes, many Tundra citizens joined the ranks of the Watex Warriors due to it’s easy-to-get uniform, but more of them were just Watex’s soldiers. At an after-the-war press conference, President Oagalthorp was asked why there were so many of them. He replied “We may want to think it is because of the Watex Warriors being a “color army”, but that is not the case. Watex gets well over 10 to 20 thousand views a day. It would not be hard for him to muster up a force that large”. None the less, we are working on rebuilding the city of Tundra, in attempt to lower the tension between the ACP (and it’s allies) and the Watex Warriors. We believe the Watex Warriors are capable of protecting this city, so we will leave it to them.

(A special thanks to the RPF for coming up with this style of news report)



Yes, we are still having squads. I need to talk to Fort57 about the creation of his squad before I can open up the forums though. So, I would like Fort to put down his e-mail address so i can contact him.


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Until later,

March on!

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