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After WWIII something enormous was accomplished; something that hadn’t been seen in Club Penguin since the Color Wars or the first time the Roman helmet appeared in the clothing catalog. Peace. All major wars had been halted. The Roman helmet had left the catalogs. Penguins seemed to have forgotten about the “ancient” Color Wars or the previous World Wars. Hacking and robbery rates dropped to levels most modern CP citizens had never witnessed. Penguins got back to earning coins, chatting, and just having fun. It was incredible.

The ACP had nearly accomplished total peace. We decided to take advantage of the moment. We rebuilt our website and it’s pages, we reformed our older policies, and we quietly took out evil armies, like the GPR, without most non-army members realizing it. We are currently in this state of peace, and we aim to keep this way.



The ACP has reformed armies and the way they fight. We redefined wars. We defeated an army that was probably the strongest ever to enter Club Penguin, and helped them turn good. We allied all of the major armies, and united most of Club Penguin. We and our allies formed nations to ensure peace and prosperity. We have accomplished a peace that seems as if it will last forever.

All in all, the ACP has seen more action, fought and won more wars, and changed Club Penguin more than any group ever to step into CP. In my opinion, we are without a doubt the greatest army that Club Penguin has ever seen or will see. We . . .  Are . . . The Army of Club Penguin.



Many of you may have noticed a rebellion going on. I can assure you, it is nothing to worry about. Here is how it happened.

  1. The ACP made posts about the ACP, and a lot of allies got offended because we didn’t include them. But you see, if this were a story about the history of armies, not just the ACP, we would have included them. But it isn’t, it is just for the ACP.
  2. We made a completely true post about the ACP UMA war. Some UMA people got offended because we told about how we won that war. First of all, it was more of a tie, but our mission was accomplished. So we consider it a win. Second, we told about how the UMA used to be bad, with hacking and everything. Some people said the either they didn’t hack, or “hacked for the good of CP”.
  3. I said that Pink Mafias did hack and spread hacking, and that hacking is wrong, no matter how it is used. Some people still were mad and disagreed with me, probably because either they hack, they didn’t read the full post, or they are super-UMA nationalists.
  4. Those few people spread untrue rumors, such as the ACP being Communists. There is no way in which we act like Communists. We vote, we elect more of our leaders, and we try to be fair. We are just as good of an army as the next army.
  5. For some reason, people believed them. Now it seems like there is a big rebellion, even though it is quite small.

So you rebels can give it a rest. There is pretty much no reason to rebel.


Squads or ANTA?

Should we set up the Squads first, or the ANTA?

Vote HERE.


Advertising Contest

I am right now finding out who advertised the msot. I will probably find it by tomorrow.


Flag Contest

This will be held shortly, so don’t worry.



Time to hold the lottery! here is how it will work.

  1. Make a comment stating a number between 1 and 500. ACP soldiers get to pick two different numbers. If the number has already been picked, don’t choose it.
  2. I already have a number in mind, and whoever guesses it (Or guesses the number closest to it) wins.
  3. If you win, give me your e-mail address, with your CP name and password. I will earn 20,000 coins for you. I WILL NOT HACK! No choosing a penguin other than yourself.
  4. If your penguin gets banned or anything while I am on your account, you may hold me personally responsible, and I will take the blame with the CP staff. I swear.
  5. The lottery ends at 2:00pm PST tomorrow. You may start . . . NOW!



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

93 Responses

  1. this is reallyred53 signed on as princesse!
    first comment!

  2. 5

  3. my accont is Blacksundae2


    And I pick:


    I aman ACP soldier so I picked 2
    Oagalthorp: *Bold removed* What did I tell you? No typing in bold!

  5. I loved how you told the story of that war. Sometimes its hard to just sit down and think about a battle without any confusion. So thanks.

    P.S. I have been commenting all over the site for a while now, reporting news. But I still havent been commented by Oagl.


    Oagalthorp: What do you mean you want me to “comment” you?

  6. sorry sir
    Oagalthorp: No problem.

  7. Ummmmmmmmmm…you guys might be launching WWIIII by saying UMA is lying
    Oagalthorp: *Name shortened* please don’s post iwth a name that long. Anyway, there will be no World War.
    P.S. It’s WWIV, not WWIIII

  8. oops sorry about the numeral thing and i was just stating my opinion.Also no one has ever complained about my name so im not changing it

  9. my guesses are…. 7 and 499….

    “We are just as good of an army as the next army?” Are you kidding me?? You are being too general. Yeah, we are a great army, but we aren’t the best, yet we are far from the worst. Be careful what you say there, ‘cuz ya might get someone mad!

    ( By the way, did you purposely do that to start another war?? Just a question, so don’t get mad.)

    Oagalthorp: No, I’m not kidding you. Name one major army that is better than us, and explain why.
    P.S. There will be no war, so obviously no, I didn’t.

  10. wow, jimmyjoecrew, dont freak out, its not that big of a deal, gosh

  11. TO OAGL: All I wanted was just to have you write in bold under my comment. Don’t ask me why though. Im a weird penguin.

    Due to bad words and mean-ness its now safe chat. Thats what happens when your bad

  12. Hey Oagalthorp, I think we hardly have peace. There are still desputes everywhere about loyalties and sides and stuff. Now UMA hate us and wanna go to war, RPF wanna back off, what are you gonna do man??

  13. my guess is 157 and 328

  14. hey, oagal, i know this is unlikely, but what happens if there is a tie in the lottery??

  15. short pingu meet me at the next war

  16. when is the next war, anyway?

  17. If the UMA declare war on us, then we better quickly get at the very least the RPF to join us. They are very powerful and will be useful in any kind of war.

  18. I guess 10 and 380

  19. I choose 365

  20. I pick 53 and 213
    I picked two numbers because I am an ACP soldier.

  21. acp come to the dock at tundra to help the rpf fight the watex warriors

  22. ok

  23. -Rapidy
    250 and 350 are my numbers. Oagalthorp, how are you exactly going to earn 20,000 coins for the winning penguin?
    Oagalthorp: My friend likes playing Cart Surfer for two hours. 😕

  24. oagal it sounds like we are bragging and boasting beyond the limit

  25. i choose 479 and 127, p.s. my cp name is Anigha1 just so you know

  26. comment 9 did you know that acp is allies with uma

  27. Alright my lottery numbers are 148 and 418. And if the treaty breaks I’m not fighting.

  28. 62 and 164

  29. I’m not going to fight in any crazy wars like ACP vs. UMA. And I’m not going against the WW either

  30. Watex won the war.

  31. Oh my gosh, its smart.

  32. Oagal if you are democratic why cant they vote on the leader? Because your scared, you know, you will lose your position and your a scared little____. That is my opinion, and Uma will have alot of Backup if you guys go to war.
    Oagalthorp: Name one other major army that votes for their main leader, if the previous main leader hasn’t quit.

  33. Therealddd, Oagalthorp can’t lose his position, he is the permanent leader!! Y would he be scared, anyway? UMA would have what backup?/ No one else wants to get involved!!


  34. oagl on uma’s website i was seeing the comments
    and they are gonna hack your penguin

  35. same her uno if the treaty breaks im not going

  36. 358 and 142

  37. jimmyjoecrew just said in comment 9 one of the truest things I’ve ever heard! That was a perfect way to describe the way most UMA think of Pink! A GOD! Also Oagal what the H*** do you mean by a “small” amount of”rebels”? It isn’t small and there not rebels. There all of the troops in one really pissed off army!And if you ban MP for just telling you how many coins he has in CP I will somehow find a way to f***ing destroy the ACP! And I bet that EVERY UMA will do everything he or she can to help me! DOWN WITH OAGAL!!! DOWN WITH OAGAL!!! DOWN WITH OAGAL!!!
    UMA 4 EVER!!!!! ACP 4 NEVER!!!!!

    UMA Comander Ice King 21

  38. hey venom man

  39. 346

  40. I am an ACP solider so I pick……..



  42. HEH?


  44. Hey herres my # 78 and 92

  45. My numbers are 64 and 70

  46. 64 and 32

  47. ogals scared to vote on him theres all ready a bill going around to over throw ogal

    ogal i even had a pool agnest my self to see if i should resine my posision only 1 person said no so if u think im a bad leader at least uma is loyal

    and when ur own trops start to hate u its time to chang
    u acp going agenst ogal u made the right desision

  48. Join the Trojans of Club Penguin at and fight for Troy! We are a new army and need some hits on our new website so lets go! Visit !

  49. i guess:


  50. Oagalthorp, The UMA are planning to hack, and they are also cursing freaks! Somehow we need to stop that cursing, there are children that join the UMA and see that cursing. I am having a fit here!

  51. 327-52

  52. the only reason i cursed was because im so flippin angry at you jerks

  53. ice king is right

  54. Well, I’m not an ACP Soldier anymore so: 406

  55. Oagolthorp I am general of the nachos and my number is 345

  56. hi


  58. hmmm, 101 and 12

  59. Acp since at a point I thought we were friends, I am inviting you!

    Guys I am throwing a party!

    I am holding one final party. It will be December 21, 2007. It will celebrate Christmas, Puffles, and the one year anniversary of me starting cp. Everyone is invited, I will record it for youtube. Then, I will be at peace. I will reveal what I plan to do after it, the day after the party. The party will be in my igloo (on the map) and it will start at 4:30 cp time (7:30 eastern time.) I am not sure what server I will choose, but I will post it when I do!

    Keep it cool!

  60. I am on acp and my two numbers are


  61. 236 and 345

  62. Oagal what if something bad happens to our account. for example: getting banned.

    If that happens and we email cp what if they dont answer back or they dont do anything. Then what do u do?

  63. 241

  64. i choose 128 and umm….. 329

  65. 234

  66. 29 and 438

  67. Oagalthorp, you may have the greatest army in Club Penguin size terms, but in terms of being good or bad, you are bad. What if armies made bases in the servers you say are “yours” before you busted their door down. Now they have to ask permission sto set up a base where they were first, and have to listen to acp in the server even though acp was not there first! Thats not being good. That’s taking over.

  68. Im an acp soilder, guessing number 272 and 467.

  69. 12 and 20

  70. its 2:00pm PST, what happens now?

  71. 50 and 450

  72. hey guys
    I can get you as many coins as you want without getting banned email me at with your penguin name and password and the amount of coins you want oh and oagal ill do it for you to:) by the way let me get the winner theyre coins I PROMISE THEY WILL NOT BE BANNED

  73. hey! it’s almost 4:30 PST time and the lottery isnt over?!! What’s happening??

  74. ogal i think your are a good leader.but you seem that when ACP wins like a scrimage battle you seem to suck in all the glory and add things that arent shouldnt do that.Ogal your a very good leader but good leaders dont just focus on their army.look at commando.he looks over RPF,ACP and UMA and so on.Thats what a true leader does.also you should try to talk a little more.on cp or ACP chat you only talk to certain should talk to helps gain social bond.also it gains friendships and possibly new allies.i think you should change.but thats my opinion.

  75. 82 comment! I like pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cp cold war I or cp world war IV?

  76. 264 and im part of the acp so 154

  77. wait no i take that back i want 264 and 462 he he

  78. p s if you ban me i will call the cops

  79. i pick 356 and 297

  80. 250+ and 500- there my numbers cause there close together if you know what i mean and i hate acp and i love uma they rock i love them cause my brother is in that army he is the best i love you big brother.

  81. I am Rex5556 . I am Head of the Red club penguin army.I declare a meeting with your men and you on monday 24th of december at 1:00am CP time at the dojo.

  82. on south pole Australia from Rex5556

  83. so is jackez the navy

  84. I’m gracegirl101,
    and i’m also head of the Red Army of Club Penguin.
    Rex5556 is my brother.
    and for the lottery I’d like to guess the number:
    I’d like to join the ACP.
    And I’d like to be allies with the ACP

  85. gracegirl is lying I go to his school and she is predenting she is from the nachos

  86. gracegirl is lying I go to his school and she is predenting.
    she is from the nachos

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