So, What are Your Demands?

I’ve had enough of this pitiful rebellion people are talking no much about. So, here’s the deal. I will give your leader (if you have a leader) one chance to state exactly what the ACP is doing that is so “horrible”, and what you want us to do about it. If you make a good offer, speak only the truth, and are polite, I may consider giving in to a few demands. But if you yell, cuss speak inappropriately, lie, or type in bold/italics/etc., then you are less likely to get your demands fulfilled. So be cordial, and remember; you have one shot at this, and you better not mess it up.

P.S. I’d prefer a nice, orderly list. Just another tip if you want things to go your way. 😉

From now one I am IP banning anyone (especially rebels) who excessively cuss, yell, or talk about anything inappropriate. An IP ban is permanent, and makes it so you can’t make comments on this site at all. You really don’t want to be IP banned.


Second Reconstruction Era?

I just had an idea yesterday. What if we were to go into a second Reconstruction Era? No, not like the previous one. Well, yes, sort of like the previous one. Let me explain. If we go through with this, here is what will happen. We will narrow down the “ACP” parts of the website to a page or two, and a few other pages for “Fun Stuff”, like the “Cool Stuff” page or the “Chat” page. In our posts, we will even it our between: cheats, secrets, tips, and updates, and: the regular ACP stuff. We would most likely have way more views than ever before, plus a lot more fun things. So for now, we will have a vote on whether or not we should do this. This is just a suggestion vote. VOTE HERE.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-