Pink Mafias?

Lately there has been talk of Pink Mafias coming back, and WWIV starting. Some people even said someone hacked Club Penguin to unban the former UMA leader. But the chances of him actually returning are slim, and the chances of him staying on CP are second to none. And here is why.

I e-mail the CP staff about this concern, and they basically said anyone who is banned forever is banned forever (obviously), and will not be unbanned. So it is unlikely that Pink will be unbanned. Also, they said it is nearly impossible for anyone, no matter how skilled at hacking, to hack into the Club Penguin mainframe to unban people. They said that if hacking like that is done, an alarm in their system will notify the staff, and the hacker could be arrested, and the penguin will remain banned.

But some other people say another staff member will unban Pink. So for now, we really don’t know if he will be unbanned. But it is not likely, so don’t get your hopes up.

Even if Pink Mafias gets unbanned and returns, it would most likely be in 1 – 2 weeks. But that this whole UMA vs. ACP problem will be settled, and a World War is not likely to occur.

P.S.S. I think I found another reason people are “rebelling”. On this site I tell the ACP what to do, but some people who aren’t in the ACP either want me to talk about their army, or stop telling people what to do, because they think I’m ordering around non-ACP soldiers. If you think this way, stop complaining. This is the ACP’s site, not the “ACP’s allies” site.


Second Reconstruction Era

First of all, vote here for the name of the ACP website: VOTE.

We have everything planned for the Rec. Era II. Here are the things that will be changing.

  • Website Theme: A new theme for this site will enlarge our size, and the new theme will work much more nicely.
  • Pages: Unfortunately, we will have to narrow all of the ACP stuff down to one page, to make room for the pages “Secrets”, “Guides”, “Fun Stuff”, and more. This may seem bad now, but it will make joining a whole lot simpler for new recruits, and ultimately we will get many more soldiers.
  • Uniforms: We will give people more choices for their uniform, and most of our stuff will be green. Therefor it will be easier for people walking around CP to dress like us and join the fighting.
  • Fun Wars: We will have more “fun wars”, to make everything less serious and more fun. Also, this should decrease a lot of tensions between the ACP and other armies.
  • Header: We will have a bigger, better header, describing this site.
  • Posts: All of our posts will contain something new in CP, and something about the ACP.
  • Title: We will change our title to either “The Club Penguin Fort” or “The Club Penguin Bunker”. Don’t worry, that is just the title of our website. We will still be the ACP.

Everything should be finished by this weekend.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-