Computer Difficulties

I am sorry I haven’t been on lately, I am experiencing MAJOR computer difficulties. Infact, this is the third time I’ve tried to make this post, but my computer has shut down and stopped the first to tries. So I need to make this brief.



The ACP is going to be organized more like the Romans. No, not the CP Gang, I’m talking about the ancient empire that dominated nearly the entire western world. They conquered so much land because of their invisible army and it’s battle tactics. And we are adopting some of these methods. Allow me to explain what we will be changing:

Legions: On the battlefield, there will be three legions, and if our army expands, we might have four in the future. A legion is a group of soldiers in the same color that fight in a group. The legions will be Dark Legion, Central Legion, and Light Legion. The Dark will wear Dark Green color, the Central will wear regular Green, and the Light will wear Lime Green. Each Legion will fight separately, to enhance our army’s flexibility and maneuverability.

Sentries:Each Legion will be lead by a Sentry, who is a General specially chosen. Each Sentry will wear specific colors to stand out. The Dark Legion’s Sentry will wear all black, the Central’s Sentry will wear all red, and the Light’s will wear all Yellow. There will be only once Sentry at each battle, and I (Oagalthorp) will personally give the Sentries orders on when to move their troops.

More may be added later, if this plan works.


Site Changes

Unfortunately, my computer decided to malfunction right before the new site’s grand opening. Only a few of the changes are complete. Once my computer is fixed, I will change the entire website, and we can get back to the regular ACP stuff. But for now I ask that you be patient.


P.S. Disney Channel has a new commercial for Club Penguin. It’s rather awkward, and really stupid. I give it two thumbs down.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-