Yes, I’m back. My computer got fixed, and I should be back for good. Anyway, I have some news (it will be brief, because I can only be online for a short time today).

Table of Contents

  1. UMA War
  2. New Ranks


1. UMA War

Yes, the UMA is secretly declaring war on us. They will attack sometime this weekend. Their excuse is “Oagalthorp lies about Pink Mafias”. But in reality, everything I say is true. All I really say is he hacked, and that is bad. So I don’t really know what the UMA’s problem is. 😕 Please don’t argue about this today, I will get it all cleared up tomorrow.

Anyway, we will have to defend Mammoth. More information will be posted tomorrow. For now I can say that the Watex Warriors will be assisting us. I ask that Watex makes a post on his site tomorrow, after I make mine.


2. New Ranks

Yes, we are bringing back all of our old ranks. So be ready. More information will be given tomorrow.



Until later,

March on!

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