World War Four

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Table of Contents

  1. WWIV
  2. New Ranks
  3. Legions



So far it doesn’t look good. We are on the brink of WWIV. I am not really sure why the UMA wants to start a war, other than a few insignificant arguments. So I am leaving this up to the UMA. Are we going to war or not?Before the UMA leaders answer, they (and every other ACP enemy) must ask themselves a few questions:

  • Do you even know why you want to go to war?
  • Do you have a specific reason or reasons for wanting war, or is it just blind prejudice and hatred?
  • Are these reasons just opinions and rumors, or are they factual and nothing but the truth?
  • And finally; Are any of these reasons worth starting a World War over, or is it possible to just talk things through, like the civilized people we should all be?

I hope the UMA makes the right decision, because if you choose to go to war the ACP will defend itself.

If for some reason the UMA decides to attack us, we the ACP will accept a cease-fire agreement, treaty, or alliance at any time. All we ask is that you fight fairly (no hacking, spamming on our site, etc.)

Also, if the UMA declares war on the ACP, I, Oagalthorp, will choose the time and place.

P.S.On the topic of war, the ACP is adding new ranks, similar to those we had when we first began. If you want to get a good rank, read on.


2. New Ranks

Our current ranks aren’t working very well, and are kind of boring. So I am bringing back our old ranks, with a few new ones. Here are the new ranks from highest to lowest.

  1. Head General:Supreme commander of the ACP. Only one.
  2. Legion General:Commander of a Legion. Three: Alpha Legion, Delta Legion, and Omega Legion (learn more about Legions later on in the post).
    Texas Vs A (Alpha), Fort57 (Delta), Lucario98765 (Omega)
  3. General Three Star (elected):The winners of the election.
  4. General Two Star (elected): Those who get second in the elections.
  5. General
  6. Colonel
  7. Major
  8. Captain
  9. Lieutenant First Class
  10. Lieutenant Second Class
  11. Sergeant
  12. Private: Any ACP soldier not listed is this rank.

NOTE: No one (except the Legion Generals and Head General) has a rank yet. We will be giving out ranks later on.

Every month or so we will hold the elections for Three Star and Two Star Generals, and we will also decide who gets a new rank. Sometimes, if a person isn’t a very good soldier, they get de-ranked.

We will open up then new ranks after January 1. If you want a good rank, here is what to do:

  • Come to every battle.
  • Follow the rules, and follow orders.
  • Get more people to join the ACP.
  • Stay dedicated to  the ACP. That also means if you are in more than one army, the ACP should be your main army, and your first priority.


3. Legions



P.S. The new site should be finished soon. Sorry for the delays!



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March on!

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