World War Four

 You must read the entire post, because every sentence is important.

Table of Contents

  1. WWIV
  2. New Ranks
  3. Legions



So far it doesn’t look good. We are on the brink of WWIV. I am not really sure why the UMA wants to start a war, other than a few insignificant arguments. So I am leaving this up to the UMA. Are we going to war or not?Before the UMA leaders answer, they (and every other ACP enemy) must ask themselves a few questions:

  • Do you even know why you want to go to war?
  • Do you have a specific reason or reasons for wanting war, or is it just blind prejudice and hatred?
  • Are these reasons just opinions and rumors, or are they factual and nothing but the truth?
  • And finally; Are any of these reasons worth starting a World War over, or is it possible to just talk things through, like the civilized people we should all be?

I hope the UMA makes the right decision, because if you choose to go to war the ACP will defend itself.

If for some reason the UMA decides to attack us, we the ACP will accept a cease-fire agreement, treaty, or alliance at any time. All we ask is that you fight fairly (no hacking, spamming on our site, etc.)

Also, if the UMA declares war on the ACP, I, Oagalthorp, will choose the time and place.

P.S.On the topic of war, the ACP is adding new ranks, similar to those we had when we first began. If you want to get a good rank, read on.


2. New Ranks

Our current ranks aren’t working very well, and are kind of boring. So I am bringing back our old ranks, with a few new ones. Here are the new ranks from highest to lowest.

  1. Head General:Supreme commander of the ACP. Only one.
  2. Legion General:Commander of a Legion. Three: Alpha Legion, Delta Legion, and Omega Legion (learn more about Legions later on in the post).
    Texas Vs A (Alpha), Fort57 (Delta), Lucario98765 (Omega)
  3. General Three Star (elected):The winners of the election.
  4. General Two Star (elected): Those who get second in the elections.
  5. General
  6. Colonel
  7. Major
  8. Captain
  9. Lieutenant First Class
  10. Lieutenant Second Class
  11. Sergeant
  12. Private: Any ACP soldier not listed is this rank.

NOTE: No one (except the Legion Generals and Head General) has a rank yet. We will be giving out ranks later on.

Every month or so we will hold the elections for Three Star and Two Star Generals, and we will also decide who gets a new rank. Sometimes, if a person isn’t a very good soldier, they get de-ranked.

We will open up then new ranks after January 1. If you want a good rank, here is what to do:

  • Come to every battle.
  • Follow the rules, and follow orders.
  • Get more people to join the ACP.
  • Stay dedicated to  the ACP. That also means if you are in more than one army, the ACP should be your main army, and your first priority.


3. Legions



P.S. The new site should be finished soon. Sorry for the delays!



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

59 Responses

  1. acp will own you guys

  2. I’m in UMA and i do wnt the wars but not because of hate and problems it’s becuase of the fun of the old UMA-ACP wars we had. That might be another reason Orgel

    no offense-

    Oagalthorp: Please don’t be mean, that would make us no better than the UMA soldiers who spam on this site.

    Oagalthorp: *Most spamming edited* Don’t spam like that. 🙄

  5. Orgel your a terable leader we will stop you and UMA&GTA are supior.

  6. wingyman stop spaming.

  7. Oagalthorp sir, you never answer my comments! I reeeealy want a promotion, I’m only private! I have a successful ACP website, you know me, I have come to every enet and war, I have gotten all of my friends who play CP (about 10) to join the ACP and I’ve gotten about 10 other people to join. I have completely dedicated my Club Penguin life to the ACP, so plesae promote me to sergant!

    March On!
    -The Jungle N
    PS: I e-mailed you about it, too, but you never answered that, either.
    Oagalthorp: Everyone will have a rank January 1.

  8. Orgal, Can the SSACP be an other legoin, everyone there is compley deticated to ACP, if you want to see the site click on my name.

  9. Oagalthorp can we have a practice war if we can, comment on my blog plz. Thnx bye

    VP, texas vs a

  10. By the way orgal, how come this post is late?

  11. Cool, I will do my best Oagal,

    Fort57 ACP Delta Legion General

  12. Fort, I’m so glad you’re a Legion General! Now I want to be in Delta Legion! By the way, if anyone wants to visit my site, it’s:

  13. oagal u need 2 stop being stupid u take these cp wars way to serious i mean ur constley saying that we need to make peace i mean why? no 1s gonna get hurt and it makes cp boreing i mean the whole reason people started making cp armys was beacuse regular cp was boreing i mean shure there should be some allies but not all armies AND DONT SAY THERE IS SOME ARMYS NOT ALLIED WITH ACP i no this but the armys that arnt are little uma should not need a reason to go to war shure peace is something we probley all want in real life but on a video game u just want to have fun and u oagal are runing this fun by thinking that everyone wants peace in cp also about controling servers i mean its everyones server u cant just say these are are servers and ill give you a land grant to live here NO! any army can go to any server at any time with out any land grant and i mean come on governers and seneters i mean come on ITS CLUB PENGUIN FOR CHRIST SAKES i mean no one wants politics in a video game they just want to have fun my oppion is that there should only be a leader and then someone to take his place when he is gone u talk about being like spartens well good luck finding abunch of penguins that are willing to listen to all your orders and i mean whats up with thesee tactics and training i mean what is there to train for all you do is throw a snow ball and u talk about wiping out armys i mean how can u wipe out a cp army its not like there just gonna randomly dissapeare the only time this really happens if its a small army and there up aginest a large army beacuse than people on the small team start leaving and most likley join the larger team oagal you have good logic and are very smart when it comes to battle plans and leading a army but people in a online game dont want that kind of stuff they just want to play and have fun they dont want peace between armys they dont want to be gverners and seneters i mean the people that are governers and seneters are most likley doing it to get famous people on a online game do not want poitics they dont want to have to understand battle plans they just want to have fun on cp

    1. In debates it is better to get everything said with minimum words. 😉

    2. Actually most people in Club Penguin do want peace. War usually gets out of hand, and it can ruin our online friendships. Just ask Zippy500.

    3. On CP there are politics, most of which are over wars.

  14. can my brother join acp?
    Oagalthorp: Anyone can join.

  15. Oagal, SSACP wants to help. And also I would very much like to be promoted. Why should I be promoted? For the following reasons:

    1. Since I joined, I fought in every battle for the ACP, plus a whole bunch of other small dojo battles in Mammoth.

    2. I followed your orders in the battles, and I usually follow the rules. Sorry sir, I advertised a bit on your site, but I’ll stop right now.

    3. I will advertise the ACP on as many sites possible. I have done it before, and I will keep doing it.

    4. I have always been in the ACP. Yet I started another army totally dedicated to helping and being part of the ACP. It is called the SSACP. (Click my name to go to the site if you want to check it out) I will continue to be the leader of that, but as a leader of a sub-unit of the ACP, I think I need a bit higher of a rank.

    Thanks, oh, and by the way, my email is:

    Thank you!
    Oagalthorp: We would appreciate allied assistance. Thanks.

    P.S. Not that allies aren’t great, but I would rather have people fighting in the main ACP than making armies meant to be ACP’s allies. Sorry.

  16. go to

    if you want to be part of the Delta Legion of ACP.
    Oagalthorp: No, no, that’s not how Legion work. No one belongs to one specific Legion, because we want the Legion sizes even. I will explain more of that later.

  17. click my name and join an SSACP division

  18. which one should i join???

  19. hmm i will choose delta legion

  20. Oagul sir, when is the next election going to be?


  21. To join the ACP Alpha

    thnx bye

    texas vs a Alpha Leader

  22. which one should i join? which one would most likeyly get me a promotion?

  23. texas, why should i join yours? why is it better than any other one? i just wanna know, cuz im not sure which one to jion

  24. 1. The Jungle N deserves a promotion.

    2. Also, my website needs help!! It’s doing okay, but I’m not totally satisfied. Please help!

    3. Fort, why did you remove me?

    4. I actually think I want the UMA to win, I’m not a big fan of yours Oagal. Sorry. I guess.
    Oagalthorp: *Link removed*

    1. We will have an ACP-wide prmotion January 1.

    2. Don’t expect website help from us when you don’t even like the ACP.

  25. oagal, is this really that bad? why dont u just give UMA mammoth? or is it something deeper than just server posession? if so, please tell me, cause id like to know 😉
    Oagalthorp: What does Mammoth have to do with this? We let the UMA in Mammoth anyway. 😕

  26. what?? oagal didn’t start the war you silly fere!

  27. Oagalthorp I am Lectriclew, one of the UMA all time top leaders. At the moment we are NOT declaring war and this is most likely that this will stay the same. I dont think ay of the UMA wants to go to war but if they do we MIGHT MIGHT declar it but as I said that is most unlickley only becuase we JUST recame and we are not as big. Also if our UMA staff wants to declar war… YOU DO NOT GET TO PICK NEITHER THE DATE NOR THE TIME! THAT IS MY CHOICE… if i recall

    “So I am leaving this up to the UMA” this means you are giving me the permisionto set the date and time. If i want to declar war it shal be posted on my website and my entire UMA will be there on that date and time and if you dont show I will take a pic and show it to the people that you did not come.

    1. “I said that is most unlickley only becuase we JUST recame and we are not as big.” So you are saying you want to go to war but you don’t think you are big enough? That’s pitiful.

    2. “‘So I am leaving this up to the UMA’ this means you are giving me the permisionto set the date and time.” Not true. I am leaving the decision on whether or not to declare war up to you. Consider yourself lucky. Since I am very busy with non-ACP stuff, it is likely you will pick a war time that I will not be able to attend. It would work the best if I chose the time and place.

  28. tomtwelve, if it sounds like I said oagal started the war that isnt what i meant, I heard that UMA wanted mammoth and oagal didnt want to give it to them, again, not oagals fault, I just wanted to know if that was the reason or there was something else involved…

  29. I’m helping explain info about the SSACP, the SSACP is a part of the ACP. It was ment to be a squadren but it looks like legoins will replace that. So is the SSACP a legion of squad or none?
    Oagalthorp: Unless I approve it, you are niether. Besides, Legions don’t work that way. No one joins a Legion officially, because it is more of a battle tactic than a level of organization. I will explain it fully soon.

  30. OK now I get, so will it be approved or disiporved with rankings?
    Oagalthorp: What? Could you please rephrase that, I couldn’t understand you.

  31. I mean will it be approved (if it is approved) on January 1st with the rankings.
    Oagalthorp: Will what be approved?

  32. Are you online oagalthorp?

  33. Oagal-dork I pick date and time if there even is a war!
    Oagalthorp: “Oagaldork”, wow, that’s origional. 🙄 No, I will pick when and where. But it doesn’t matter, because the UMA is “NOT declaring war and this is most likely that this will stay the same.”

  34. lectric ur ana idiot ur a horrbiel leader go acp!
    Oagalthorp: Hey, I will not allow an ACP soldier to sink to Lect’s level. Be nice.

  35. Hey Oagal i know the uma pass to the events and rankings page the password is
    And get me promoted

  36. ogal do the ranks givein to people on miniclip fourms still sand cause im confused

  37. Hey Oagal i know the uma pass to the events and rankings page the password is expert
    And get me promoted im private

  38. When will we know if you approve the SSACP as a squad?

  39. Guys, if you go to the UMA website wanted list there just asking for war, I think they want war and are trying to make us start so they can blame us.

  40. Podie99 is back! woo hoo! I am off computer restrection! I gat banned from all alectroncs for 9 weeks! I wasn’t evan alowd to play those dumb little games that you hook up to your key chain! and i missed a war!!oh well at least i am back! 🙂

  41. I’ve been gone all day, I’m so glad that we are getting promotions!

  42. Oagalthorp, sir, I can’t wait until the ranks are assigned!

    Visit my site, it’s getting hits!

  43. im sora390 im an uma general i like peace as much as you oagal but i mean your kinda KINDA power hungry

  44. CPJWFA
    We are back, but not as huge (darn that PRA). anyways, UMA declaring war on ACP is at a 30%, but it will rise. It will rise soon…

    P.S. Oagal, Pink Mafia’s DID talk about hacking (a penguin got me banned for 3 days AND deleted all my buddies because I know him and he was talking about it). I can’t find the link to the comment, but i’ve been to it @ the Internet Archive


  45. Er on the ranks thing, to keep it un-confusing, you should have the original WW2-Present army ranks, and you skipped alot from private-sergeant and from sergeant-liuetenant
    it should be:
    Private First Class (Pfc)
    Corporal (Cpl)
    Sergeant (Sgt)
    Sergeant FC (Sfc)
    First Sergeant (1stSgt)
    Master Sergeant (MSgt)
    Sergeant Major (SM)
    Second Liuetenant(2ndLt)
    First Liuetenant(1stLt)
    Captain (Cpt)
    Major (Mjr)
    Liuetenant Colonel(LtCol)
    Liuetenant General(LtGl)
    Commander (Cmr)
    General Chief of Staff

    like that….and all the generals have 1-5 stars, etc.

  46. tnx sir

  47. also tom there should be a supply sgt on there a medics

  48. supply sgt and medics weren’t ranks, if you were a medic, your a Pvt, but a medic etc. theres also one sgt i did miss, Platoon Sgt but that one hasn’t been used for a while since ww2….(real life)

  49. o and i need to fix the part on general it goes:
    Liuetenant General
    Brigadeer General

  50. Well world war I II III IV Has passed so you can stop now, ok?

  51. Pink Mafias would never do a war for fun !! War is a reall serious thing !! And its time you guys learned something from UMA !!

    ~! Diaa Lotfi !~ DAK Leader , UMA General 😎

    DAK , UMA 4 EVA !!

  52. Hey guys I meet the UMA general and there was some UMA attacking some penguins and I think its ACP. I joined the ACP and attacked UMA

    (not going to say who the general was because not sure and ACP Rules.:) )
    OHhh way this started at Jan 2 2008

  53. Let me be in your army or I go to the UMA

  54. Ok an army wants to start a mass invasion of The ENTIRE US Servers,Austrailian and Canadian Servers. This might be World War 5


  56. ARMies on club penguin?! BWAHAHAHHA! HOW OLD ARE YOU? 5? HOW SAD!
    look at me! WE WANT PEACE IN A VIDEO GAME!!!
    lol, what noobs you all are.


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