Christmas Party!

The Christmas Party began in Club Penguin!. But the decorations are not as good as the last year’s party. ūüė¶

Here they are pictures of the Christmas Party (Click to enlarge):

 The Town
 The Dock
 The Plaza
 The Forest
 The Cove
 The Iceberg
 The Beach
 Ski Village
 Snow Forts
 Dance Club


There are 3 free items: The Santa Hat, The Reindeer Antlers and The Christmas Scarf.

‚Üí The santa hat is in the snow forts

‚Üí The Reindeer Antlers are on the Dock

‚Üí The Christmas Scarf was in the ski village for a few hours. The CP staff uploaded it by mistake. Now, the scarf is coming this monday!

‚Üí The Christmas Scarf is here again!. It is in the ski village!

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I will be making a Christmas and New Year Party today!. Here it is the information:


-Christmas Party

  • When?:

-Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

-3 PM (Penguin Standard Time)

  • Where?:

UPDATE!: Wind Chill, UK

-The Mountain (and moving to other rooms)

  • Why?

-A Christmas Party!

-Every ACP or another army soldier must go with the santa hat.


-The “First” Party

  • When?

-Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

-3 PM (Penguin Standard Time)

  • Where?

Wind Chill, UK (UPDATE!)

-The Coffee Shop (The first Club Penguin room)

  • Why?

-The coming of the 2008!

-In this party, use the party hat and the first item you had in Club Penguin.


Happy Holidays!