New X-Mas Newspaper!

The Newspaper Issue 115 is out and here it is the main news:

-In the featured section, they are the Coins for Change results (there was over 2 billion coins donated by 2.5 million penguins):
1. Help Kids who are sick:————-: ______________  39,4%
2. Help keep the Environment Clean: __________  33,0%
3. Help Kids Around the World——–: _________ 27,6%

-They also talk of the new year and there will be fireworks from this friday.

-The featured game is Pizzatron 3000.

-There is a X-Mas card from Aunt Arctic that says “Merry Christmas from The Penguin Times”.

-Aunt Arctic answers questions about items coming back and the strange objects falling from the truck in Bean Counters.

-In the tips and secrets, here it is every location of Fluffy, the yellow fish.

-Some jokes:
Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Justin Who?
Justin the time to dinner!

-Some riddles:
1. What dissappears when you stand up? Your lap.
2. What table can be eaten? A vegetable.

-There is a puzzle in the fan puzzle section.

-There is 2 poems in the poetry section.

-There is a new comic in the comics section.


Upcoming Events:

December 28
-Celebrate the new Year

January 4
-New Wig Catalog
-New Clothing Catalog
-New Pin Hidden

January 11
-New Play in the Stage


Yesterday, I found a new feature for the blogs where you can put snow falling in your blog:
-Go to “Presentation”
-Go to “Extras”
-Put “Show Falling Snow in my Blog”


The “First” Party or New Year Party

Don’t forget to go to the “First Party” or New Year Party. I changed the server for the party.

  • When?

-Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

-3 PM (Penguin Standard Time)

  • Where?

Wind Chill, UK

-The Coffee Shop (The first Club Penguin room)

  • Why?

-The coming of the 2008!

-In this party, use the party hat and the first item you had in Club Penguin.


Happy Holidays!