Last night, there was a war of ACP vs UMA. I know that I only post information about CP updates but this is important.

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The UMA lunched a surprize attack on mamoth. Heres the whole story. We were on UMA chat when Pink Mafias and lectriclew saw group Of ACP in the dojo. Thats when It happened. They attacked the group and it begain the whole war. We were in the dojo and it was huge! There were at least 30 UMA including pink mafias himself. There were about 17 ACP, Golds, and nachos. We were out numbered. Then RPF forces moved in saving the day and the dojo. After 45 minitues of fighting in the dojo, the UMA retreated to the snow forts. By then some ACP thought it was over when UMA left so they left. The ACP, RPF, and Ice warriors were the only groups left. by then there were about 15 ACP and allies and 25 UMA. They were out numbered and we slowly lost. But it wasn’t a horribal loss. It just shows that ACP and allies can stand together during surprize attacks. The also show that about 1/4 of ACP were there and half of UMA there and we still stood strong. Althogh this is a loss, it dose show the strength of ACP and its allies. Here are some pics form the battle.

-Some pics of the war (Click to enlarge)






This is everything…by now!