The ACP is NOT the Bad Guy Here . . .



EMERGENCY REPORT: What did I tell you? One simple task from each ACP soldier can make a world of a difference. And that was proved on the battle field today. Take a look for yourselves:


The acts of a few soldiers won us a huge battle. Well, technically it was a tie. Here is want happened:

A few soldiers any myself rallied soldiers and met in the Mammoth Dojo. From there the UMA attempted to ambush us, but they didn’t realize our size, at first. We pounded their front lines from below, and disorganized the UMA shortly disbanded. They then regroup, this time they were below if. At first it appeared that they were surrounding us. Victory seemed futile. But with the help of the new reinforcement Ice Warriors, and after nearly 45 minutes of fighting we broke through and performed a counter attack. Eventually both sides decreased in size, and we agreed to end the battle in a tie. After that the ACP grew and most of the UMA left. SO technically the battle was a tie, but our mission to clear the UMA out of Mammoth was accomplished.

The armies that participated in the conflict were:


  • ACP
  • Ice Warriors


  • UMA
  • Silver Surfers


  • Golds


  • RPF

Great job soldiers! I believe that this is a sign that this war will be won.


Many of you wondered why there is a war going on, and I don’t blame you. The only reason the ACP is at war is to defend itself from the new UMA. Here is what the UMA has done to cause this war:

  • Creating multiple anti-ACP videos on YouTube.
  • The UMA has constantly insulted the ACP for no apparent reason.
  • The new leaders (who know nothing about the ACP, I might add) have convinced everyone in the UMA that we are evil (even though anyone with common sense can see that we are no worse than any other major army).
  • The UMA has tried numerous times to start a war with us.
  • The UMA has attacked us numerous times.
  • But the main reason the UMA wants to go to war is rumors. How many of you have heard the lines “You always say you win”, “You are an evil dictator”, or “You boss everyone around” from any UMA soldiers? And how many of you have witnessed me actually doing these things? Because of there mere rumors, the UMA has started a World War.

And yet what do we, the ACP, do? We sit here while they attack us. We try to get a peace settlement reached, but get this; The UMA doesn’t even have any peace terms! This proves that they are at war for no reason! Here is my quote on this conflict: “When a man kills in an assault, he is seen as evil. When a man kills in defense, he is just protecting himself”. In this war, we are the man who kills in defense. This is the reason we are at war. So prepare for a long, hard war against stubborn zealots.


New Ranks

Yes, the new ranks are nearly ready. I will post all of them later today or tomorrow. I will include your:

  • Rank
  • Division
  • Brigade
  • Battalion

So get ready!



Tomorrow I am cleaning out my busy list. If  you would like to be my buddy, I will be in the Mammoth Dojo a lot. I only accept buddy invitations from ACP soldiers, so be in uniform.



Until later,

March on!

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Yes, the ACP has a secret website. It contains information that can destroy the UMA, with no hacking. If you read this, tell no one.

This Means War . . . **MUST READ**

It’s official. We are at war.


For fartoo long the UMA has insulted, attacked, and even waged war against our army for no apparent reason. The UMA has back-handedly attacked us multiple times. Yet they haven’t even witnessed halfof our full potential, even though most of the skirmishes so far have been pretty even. But that will not last long. Prepare to experience the full might of the Army of Club Penguin! We’re fight’n back, baby!

Table of Contents

  1. War Effort
  2. New Ranks
  3. Weapons Company


1. War Effort

This is likely to become WWIV (World War Four). We are going to put up a new effort to build military strength and win this war. Almost every day I will make a post, and at the top of that pot I will ask you loyal soldiers to perform one, simple task. Of those tasks I will include:

  • Inform ONE other Club Penguin website about this war, and convince them to help the ACP.
  • Get ONE friend to join the ACP. (It doesn’t matter if it is a real-life friend or just a Club Penguin friend),
  • Go on club Penguin for 15 MINUTES, and recruit new ACP soldiers.

As you can see, the tasks will not be difficult, but will make a world of a difference in the war. If you do this, on average our army will look like this any time we go on Club Penguin as a group:


Also, to get everyone pumped for this war, watch this. It’s the turning-point battle of WWIII:

P.S.During this war I would also like more ACP soldiers to go on Club Penguin and rally ACP soldiers, then clear any UMA out of Mammoth or any other important servers of ours. If you see any other ACP soldiers STAY NEAR THEM!This will help groups of ACP soldiers form.

P.S.S.Until the new website and ranks are finished we will not plan any major battles against the UMA. So for now we are staying on the defensive.

P.S.S.S. Just so people know, here are the requirements for a World War in Club Penguin:

  • More than two major armies must participate, with at least one major army on each side.
  • The war must be fought over more than one month.
  • The war must be fought in large numbers.
  • The war must we fought in two or more regions.


2. New Ranks

To get a good rank click HERE. Fill out the form exactly as it tells you too.


3. Weapons Company

It looks like we will be adding a weapon company. I have everything ready to go, but I will not release it until after we get the website and ranks ready. But I can give you a preview. Here is the first line of weaponry we will sell:

  • AR-01 Assault Rifle
  • MG-01 Machinegun
  • SR-01 Sniper Rifle
  • RL-01 Rocket Launcher
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • T-01 Tank
  • H-01 Humvee
  • TC-o1 Troop Carrier
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • LH-01 Light Helicopter
  • DS-01 Drop-Ship
  • FJ-01 Fighter Jet
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • ACC-01 Aircraft Carrier
  • BTS-01 Battleship
  • ~~~~~~~~~~
  • AACG-01 Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • M-o1 Missiles

And trust me, there is A LOT more in stock. 😉



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-    

Yes, the ACP has a secret website. It contains information that can destroy the UMA, with no hacking. If you read this, tell no one.