New Newspaper!

The Newspaper Issue 116 is out and here they are the main news:

-In the featured section, they talk about the new year party and some comments of penguins about the party.

-They also talk about the new play coming soon to the theater. They will have new capes!

-They talk about the 2 new wigs in the wig catalog coming tomorrow.

-The featured game is Puffle Round-Up.

-Aunt Arctic answers questions about if Rockhopper is a mean penguin because pirates are mean and about some rooms without games in them.

-In the tips and secrets, they talk of the secret levels in Astro Barrier.

-There is another new section where they talk about the jobs in the Pizza Parlor.

-Some jokes (highlight the text to see):
1. What do you call a male hurricane? A him-acane!
2. Where do penguins keep their money? In the snow bank!

-Some riddles (highlight the text to see):
1. What has rivers but no water, forests but no trees and cities but no buildings? A map.
2. The more you have of it, the less you see it. What is it? The darkness.

-There is a poem about the pink puffle in the poetry section.

-There is a comic in the comics section.


Upcoming Events:

January 4
→ New Clothing Catalog
→ New Wig Catalog
→New Pin Hidden

January 11
→ New Play in the Stage

January 18
→ New Furniture Catalog
→ New Pin Hidden


I became a member!. Now, I have a yellow puffle!


This is everything…by now!