New Newspaper!

The Newspaper Issue 116 is out and here they are the main news:

-In the featured section, they talk about the new year party and some comments of penguins about the party.

-They also talk about the new play coming soon to the theater. They will have new capes!

-They talk about the 2 new wigs in the wig catalog coming tomorrow.

-The featured game is Puffle Round-Up.

-Aunt Arctic answers questions about if Rockhopper is a mean penguin because pirates are mean and about some rooms without games in them.

-In the tips and secrets, they talk of the secret levels in Astro Barrier.

-There is another new section where they talk about the jobs in the Pizza Parlor.

-Some jokes (highlight the text to see):
1. What do you call a male hurricane? A him-acane!
2. Where do penguins keep their money? In the snow bank!

-Some riddles (highlight the text to see):
1. What has rivers but no water, forests but no trees and cities but no buildings? A map.
2. The more you have of it, the less you see it. What is it? The darkness.

-There is a poem about the pink puffle in the poetry section.

-There is a comic in the comics section.


Upcoming Events:

January 4
→ New Clothing Catalog
→ New Wig Catalog
→New Pin Hidden

January 11
→ New Play in the Stage

January 18
→ New Furniture Catalog
→ New Pin Hidden


I became a member!. Now, I have a yellow puffle!


This is everything…by now!


29 Responses

  1. Oh yeah, Compwiz is up to somethin.

  2. 3rd

  3. Sorry for late posts, it has ben real trouble with the PRA on our backs.


    Edit From EF…
    Sorry for the all CAPS, I accidentaly put it on caps lock.

  4. If I don’t get a high rank, I am quitting ACP and making my own army.

  5. Sorry if i sound stupid but i just joined 2 days ago i fought last night does uma pm belong to Pink or Compwiz?

  6. Quick the hippies returned!
    We should break them apart before they become a Real Threat.

  7. Haha, we hippies WILL become a real threat if you dont change that non member uniform and stop harrassing us.

  8. Go away yoshi!

  9. we really should change the uniform u know I mean I saw alot of hippies at a meeting and i was discuised at one so oagal u should take this seriously because if u dont then they could try to threaten u

  10. the hippies are just a small group of people, we can beat them easily, im just worried that they will allie with uma and become a real threat.

  11. look guys i have seen the hippies close up u should watch out

  12. i have an idea for one of the weapons. We should like have a red guitar as a way better version of our current guitars we have. We should also make the scuba helmet a gas mask even though i dont have it and its not available anymore.

  13. i know…..

  14. shivertoe2 and would like to join acp.I do not have the roman helmet.Is there anything I can replace the roman helmet with?Im just a nacho general and am wondering if i cn help you.

  15. TomY, ur a member now? I thought u already were, cuz u hav the green letterman shirt, and thats not in the magazine right now.

    Tom Yellow: The last time I became a member, it was on June 2007/July 2007.

  16. omg my moms been keepign me off the compuet cough because of mrs.duran my social studies teacher cough shes so mean (d)

  17. Ugh! Im going undercover as a uma to find out what there up to.
    Dont worry ;D

  18. The Nachos are helping uma and i read on pinks site the nachos are going to drive us back.
    (no longer a spy)

  19. o, i kinda firgured that TomY. thx for clearing it up tho.
    oya, wens oagal listing the ranks, if u know.

  20. Hey Everybody!! Vote Ace16161 for RPF Governor of Snow Storm!!

  21. The ranks should be out by the end of the day according to orgal.

  22. From the UMA website:
    Below is a personal overview written by CompWiz5000. I believe and KNOW because I have factual proof that everything below is true and has been done. This is how I feel about Oagal, and how the ACP is not so bad.
    Also… for all you spies out there with a secret website with like 1,000 views thinking you have the top news, FEEL ABSOLUTELY FREE TO COPY AND PASTE WHAT YOU SEE INTO YOUR BLOGS!
    Personal overview over Oagal:
    Oagal, what to say about him. Wow, where to start?! You want the truth, the truth is here. When I first started, I thought Oagal was just a liar, a scammer, and an idiot. Although these are still true, I have figured out a lot of more things. One is that the ACP is not bad, as a matter of fact, they are pretty good. They are mostly nice (except from the cold blooded) and they have a strong army with a good sustainable troop amount. The only bad thing about the ACP is their leader… and this is the general opinion. For the people who hate the ACP, they either just hate the ACP, or they just want a new ACP leader. This is why, when we take out Oagal, we will assist the ACP in electing a new leader and not bring them to their knees. Also, I used to think that Oagal was just a liar, and an idiot. Although he still is both, I feel bad for him. When he sais the ACP won, or that the UMA never showed up, or when he makes the posts that are completely false, I do not think he is lying anymore, I think he has a mental problem and he ACTUALLY BELIEVES WHAT HE SAYS! I know most liars make themselves sound like they believe what they make up, and even though liars know in their hearts that they lied, I TRULY BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART… that Oagal actually believes the lies he says. Maybe this comes from his troops lying to him, not like he would know. He never logs on anyways, he is never there for his troops.
    Speaking about Oagal never logging on, he pulled a little stunt. If you needed proof that I was at the war, scroll up. I was at the war! The UMA knows it, the ACP knows it, Oagal knows it. And since I was there I can tell you, and so will any other UMA, that OAGAL WAS NOT AT THE WAR! Yet on his website he posts pictures of himself saying the UMA won! So here is what he did. When the ACP surrendered, we had a little party, then signed off, and celebrated in the UMA chat. While in the chat, Oagal called to all the ACP, while the UMA was offline, and went to an underpopulated world. Here it took pictures of the ACP saying they won. He chose the time we were offline making him sound like he wiped out the UMA, and an Underpopulated world to make it look like the ACP has control of the servers.
    Oagal is a liar! Do not believe anything on his site! As a matter of fact, he says he has never lost a war…

  23. Wow that is supid, but here is one thing I have to say, orgal, I do think some help leading the ACP, I came up with this idea about a leader counicl, there would be maybe 5 people and whenever a leader needed to make a decision the councile would vote on it. what do you think.
    PS. Your trying to do stuff like the romans, I’m pretty sure that they did that at one point.

  24. someone delete orvarbs comment quick

  25. Oagal I am a bounty hunter now tell me if there are any assasination jobs you need taken care of.




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