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Table of Contents:

  1. Ranks
  2. Uniform
  3. Higher Security


1. Ranks

Yes, the long-awaited new ranks are hear. Here are the ranks from highest to lowest:

  1. Supreme Commander
  2. Field Marshal
  3. General
  4. Colonel
  5. Major
  6. Captain
  7. Lieutenant
  8. Sergeant
  9. Corporal
  10. Private

Here is how the army will be organized in sections, from largest to smallest:

  1. ACP
  2. Division (2, so far)
  3. Brigade (4, so far)

Each brigade contains about 5 -7 people. Once there are enough soldiers to make another Brigade, a few soldiers will be take from an existing Brigade and put into a brand new one. Same goes for Divisions.

And now, without further waiting, I present everyone’s rank! (NOTE: Not every soldier is listed, only those who signed up for the new army organization)


Supreme Commander: Oagalthorp

*Heavy Division*

Field Marshal: Fort57

Alpha Brigade

General: The Jungle N

  • Mazachster (Colonel)
  • Corvette 360 (Major)
  • Shortpingu (Captain)
  • Wesley1995 (Sergeant)
  • Nov12 (Corporal)
  • Arroso12 (Corporal)

Bravo Brigade

General: Manjenson

  • Dr Nono Jr (Colonel)
  • Ajf77 (Major)
  • Striker214 (Major)
  • Zehroy (Lieutenant)
  • Bellahdewmah (Sergeant)
  • Orion Player (Corporal)

*Stryker Division*

Field Marshal: Texas Vs A

Delta Brigade

General: Lucario98765

  • Tomtwelve (Colonel)
  • Cooltiger413 (Captain)
  • Minerpenguin (Lieutenant)
  • Snowland202 (Sergeant)
  • Ernie5816 (Corporal)

Echo Brigade

General: Rapidy

  • Touchie (Major)
  • Borja (Captain)
  • Spikey Emo (Lieutenant)
  • Darknight67 (Sergeant)
  • Waddey564 (Corporal)

NOTE: As I said, this is not every ACP soldier. These are just the Commissioned Soldiers. Non-Commission soldiers are those who don’t sign up for the ACP but still fight for us. There are plenty more Non-Com soldiers than Com Soldiers, but Non-Com Soldiers don’t have a rank , Divison, or Brigade. If you have not signed up but would like to, e-mail me at and copy and fill out this form in the e-mail: (Title the e-mail **RANK FORM**)


**CP Name/Name I use of CP websites:

**Paid Membership Status:

**Past CP Military Experience:

**Why I should get a good rank:


2. Uniforms

If has come to my attention that many of you either don’t know or don’t have the official ACP uniform. Here is what it will be:


Members Uniform:

  • Skin: Green Skin (Dark Green / Regular Green / Lime Green) 
  • Head: Roman Soldier Helmet / Red Viking Helmet
  • Face: Your choice
  • Neck/Back: Scuba Tanks / Backpack / Green Cape
  • Body: Green Shirt (Green Letterman / Green Hoodie / green Sweater / etc.)
  • Feet: Boots (Hiking Boots / Sneakers / Cowboy Boots / etc.)
  • Hand/Gear: Black Electric Guitar / Red Electric Guitar

Non-Members Uniform:

  • Skin: Green (Dark Green / Regular Green / Lime Green)
  • Other: Anything green


3. Higher Security

It has come to my attention that we need higher security in Mammoth and the rest of the DRACP. So far we have been fighting this as a limited war, meaning we are not at our full strength, yet our enemies are fighting it all-out. Here is what we need to do about each enemy:

  • UMA: Constantly attack them. They have been growing, and if we keep fighting the way we do, they will soon almost be as big as us. So keep pounding at them, and they will shrink. We are more maneuverable, and we have better strategies, so hit them with every plan you’ve got.
  • Nachos: Not as big of a threat as the UMA. There is nothing much we can do other than fight hard. The only reason they are decently -sized at the moment is because the sombrero just came out. They will die down in a few weeks.
  • AOH (minor enemy): Not really a threat at all, but we can use them to our advantage. Their uniform is similar to ours, so just get ACP forces to fight near them and it will make us look bigger, which will attract more ACP soldiers.

As I have said, we haven’t been fighting at full strength. I have everything for the new site changes ready, I just need to apply them to this website. It should be finished withing the next week. Once we are done with that, we can step-up our defenses.

I also have a plan to counter-attack the UMA, by invading Canada, the UMA’s country. More information on this matter will be posted later on in the war.


P.S. I have my buddy list cleaned out, so if you would like to be my new buddy, I will be in the Mammoth Dojo tonight and a lot more tomorrow. I only accept buddy requests from ACP soldiers, so be in uniform. I add everyone who asks, but if I look at your player-card and you are not in ACP uniform, I will remove your from my buddy list.


P.S.S. Earlier today there was another battle, and we yet agian owned the ACP. Like the last few battles, the simple actions of a few soldiers won us a huge fight. Gaze upon the carnage~ (lol)


At first we had almost no resistance, until a group of UMA soldiers decided to show up. We dealt with them quickly and efficiently. We out-maneuvered, out-manned, and out-fight another group of enemy soldiers. After we won the battle, a rogue group of Navy SEALs arrived, and our sizes were about even. I had to leave in the middle of that battle, but I am going to assume it was a tie, because I can’t trust the UMA soldiers to tell the truth about the battle. Great job soldiers!



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-