New Newspaper – Issue 117

There is a new Club Penguin newspaper!. Here it is some information of the new newspaper, including jokes, riddles and questions and answers from Aunt Arctic.

NOTE: Part of the information is from the newspaper.


A2 and A3: New Play

A4 and A5: Winter Fiesta-Val

A6 and A7: Wigs are a Big Gig!

A8 and A9: New Igloo Storage

B1 and B2: Featured Game – Sled Racing

B3, B4 and B5: Ask Aunt Arctic

B6: Tips and Secrets – Become a Secret Agent

C1: Jokes and Riddles

C2: Puzzle!

C3: Poetry

C4: Upcoming Events

C5 and C6: Fan Comics


Page A2 and A3: New Play

There is a new play about superheroes coming tomorrow. Maybe, it will be comeback of the superhero mask!. It starts Friday, January 11, (Tomorrow).

Page A4 and A5: Winter Fiesta-Val

This month, the island celebrates one of its most festive traditions: the Winter Fiesta!. For three days, it will be all pinatas, maracas and matadors as penguins dance away the cold. It will begin on January 18 and will end on January 21!.

Page A6 and A7: Wigs are a Big Gig!

This month, the Gift Shop released two new wigs in their wig catalog: The Flutterby and The Sunstriker (AKA The Yellow Puffle Wig). Here is some “comments” of other penguins:

→ I love The Flutterby! It matches all my outfits perfectly! ←

→ The Sunstriker is awesome!. It goes awesome with my other surfer items! ←

→ The new wigs are sweet!. The Gift Shop definitely needs to make more! ←

Page A8 and A9: Igloo Storage gets Cleaned Up!

There are penguins who have LOTS of furniture. For some, it can be a messy business. But that all changes on January 14, when the new storage organizer is introduced to igloos in the island!

B1 and B2: Featured Game – Sled Racing!

When you’re ready to complete in Sled Racing, go to the top of the Ski Hill and choose a run. The race starts when a player fills each sled seat. There are four different runs, each one with a different difficulty. Ridge Run is the hardest and Bunnyhill is the easiest. Sled Racing is one of Club Penguin’s most popular community game. You can even invite your buddies to play!

B3, B4 and B5: Ask Aunt Arctic


Why can’t some issues of the newspaper be found in the boiler room?
-Issues with Issues

I’m happy to hear you’re familiar with the archives of the Club Penguin Times. Due to space concerns, the Boiler Room only stores up to six weeks of past newspapers. After that, the newspapers are recycled to make new ones. We hope by the time they remove them, everyone has had a chance to read them.
-Aunt Arctic


I’ve gotten all the backgrounds I can find, but I’ve seen some penguins with ones you can’t get in the catalog. Where did they get them?
-Card Bored

Congratulations on your collection so far!. There are quite a few backgrounds around. If you notice somebody with a background you have never seen, ask them where do they got it. They’ll be able to tell you where it’s from. Old backgrounds sometimes become available again in parties or in seasonal catalogs and if you find Rockhopper, he will give you one for your efforts!. Good luck!
-Aunt Arctic

B6: Tips and Secrets – Become a Secret Agent

Click on the M located in the top right of your screen, then click “Become a Secret Agent”. Take the quiz and when you are finished you are rewieved. If you are accepted, you will get a spy phone. Check your inventory and the bottom right side the next time you log in.

C1: Jokes and Riddles


Q: What is an astronaut’s favorite key in the keyboard?
A: The Space Bar! ← Highlight the text to see the answer.


Q: How many seconds are there in a year?
A: 12 (January 2nd, February 2nd, etc) ← Highlight the text to see the answer.

C2: Puzzle

 This is the complete puzzle!

C3: Poetry

Winter is cold,
Winter is freezing,
So wrap up warm,
Or you might start sneezing!

C4: Upcoming Events

January 11
-New Production in the Stage

January 14
-New Igloo Storage

January 18
-Winter Fiesta Begins
-New Furniture Catalog
-New Pin Hidden

C5: Fan Comics


This is everything…by now!


The War is Over

Yes, it appears that the UMA wants to end this war. They have suggested making a big alliance between the Big Three: ACP, RPF, and UMA. We haven’t reached a conclusion on that in particular, but we have agreed to ending the war. We are not sure about the Nachos, but we are assuming they will follow the path of the UMA.

Because the ACP was the defender, and the enemies stopped attacking us, I will view this as a win for the ACP, because our mission was accomplished. I know there will be a thousand different views of this almost-World War, but that is mine.

I have a few demands of the UMA and Nachos because of the war. Well, sort of.

Post-War Terms:

  • Term: The Nachos must limit their nation size to one region.
    Reason: You can view it one of two ways: Either the Nacho army is too small to defend a nation of 49 servers, or the Nacho army is too unorganized to defend a nation of 49 servers. That is larger than the DRACP and USRPF combined. NOTE: Not entering a server is by no means “protecting” it.
  • Term: The UMA and nachos may enter Mammoth, but any complaints about the ACP attacking them will not be tolerated.
    Reason: If you keep two or more big armies in the same server there will be fighting, no matter how close the alliance is. This could strain the alliance.


 Remember: Just because the war is over doesn’t mean the “war” is over. We need to hold a series of invasions in Mammoth to regain our dominance. More information will be given in the future.


Well, that is all for today, I will have way more stuff to say tomorrow.



Until later,

March on!

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