Invasion Tactics

Don’t forget about the invasions today and tomorrow!


Saturday, January 11 – 12

4:00pm PST

Mammoth, the Dojo

For all of you too lazy to check the clock at the Snowforts, that is

  • 7:00pm Eastern
  • 6:00pm Central
  • 5:00pm Mountain
  • 4:00pm Pacific

For all of you who don’t live in the U.S., you will have to use the Clock at the Snowforts to convert the time. 

Mark this on your calendar people, seriously!          



If we meet any enemies, here are the tactics. Here is where everyone will be stationed:


Click ^

Heavy Division and Stryker Division: Stay in back and give supporting fire for the reast of the soldiers.

Saber Division and Airborne Division: Clash with the enemy at the front lines. Hit hard and hit low, and don’t be overwhelmed by the enemy.

Everyone: Don’t cover up any other ACP soldiers, that will just make us look smaller. Stand shoulder to shoulder and if you see an open area within your Division, run over and fill it in. That is how the ACP’s combat works: one solid fighting force, and if we have any gaps it won’t work. ( Similar to how the Spartans fight in “300”. 😉 )


I have more to post, but I will do that later.



Until later,

March on!

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