New Igloo Storage and Rockhopper Crashed!

Oagalthorp’s Edit: Don’t forget about the practice battle information HERE. We want as many ACP soldiers to attend as possible.


There is a new igloo storage. It is a bit harder than the original one. I prefer the old one from it had not a box falling and the item.

Here is what it appears in the screen when you are in edit mode!

When you choose a furniture item, it will appear on a box:

NOTE: When you are editing, your penguin name dissappears.

ANOTHER NOTE: The glitch where you can get 101 buddies was fixed. 😦


Rockhopper Crashed!!!!!!

I just looked by the telescope and Rockhopper crashed with the iceberg!



What will happen with the Migrator?. Maybe, this has something to do with the new mission! 😮


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Soon, I will be adding videos of some wars. I will record the practice war of this saturday.


This is everything…by now!


Practice Battle

The people have voted, and we will be having practice battles. Here is all of the information you may need.


Blue vs. Red


Blue Army: Heavy Division, Saber Division

Red Army: Stryker Division, Airborne Division




Blue Army: Fort57

Red Army: Texas Vs A




Blue Army Orders: Capture the Ice Burg and defeat the Red Army. Capturing the hill is the key to winning.

Red Army Orders: Defeat the wave of invading Blues, and don’t let them capture the Ice Burg. Holding the hill is key to success.


Blue Army Strategies:

  • Attack from below. Use this to your advantage: try to look as big as possible, so you can surround and capture the hill.
  • Watch out for the Red Army lines.
  • Try charging the enemy in-order to take the hill.
  • Capture the hill: it is a key strategic location.

Red Army Strategies:

  • Defend the hill and hold off the advancing Blues.
  • Form lines to halt their attack.
  • Try to out maneuver them, and don’t let them charge into your forces.
  • Try to protect any civilians (remember: those are your people).
  • Keep the hill under control: try to set up a defensive perimeter around it.


This is where each army will start out at:





  • Server: Avalanche
  • Room: Ice Burg
  • Date: Saturday, Jan. 19
  • Time: 11:00pm PST
  • Reason: Practice battle

I will attend the battle,but I will not be fighting. I am there to judge the winner and keep everything in-line.

I would also like no other armies to attend (in uniform), especially if your uniform is the same general color is red or blue. This is so that both sides are the same size, and nothing gets messed up.


P.S.: I will post more non-practice battle stuff tomorrow.

P.S.S.: We did not copy the RPF by performing practice battles. In-fact, the ACP started practice battles in late 2006, but since WWIII, we had to stop practice because of real battles. Now, because there is (somewhat) peace, there is a new craze for practice battles, spear-headed by the RPF. We are not saying the RPF copied us, we are just stating that we aren’t copying them.



Until later,

March on!

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