Practice Battle

The people have voted, and we will be having practice battles. Here is all of the information you may need.


Blue vs. Red


Blue Army: Heavy Division, Saber Division

Red Army: Stryker Division, Airborne Division




Blue Army: Fort57

Red Army: Texas Vs A




Blue Army Orders: Capture the Ice Burg and defeat the Red Army. Capturing the hill is the key to winning.

Red Army Orders: Defeat the wave of invading Blues, and don’t let them capture the Ice Burg. Holding the hill is key to success.


Blue Army Strategies:

  • Attack from below. Use this to your advantage: try to look as big as possible, so you can surround and capture the hill.
  • Watch out for the Red Army lines.
  • Try charging the enemy in-order to take the hill.
  • Capture the hill: it is a key strategic location.

Red Army Strategies:

  • Defend the hill and hold off the advancing Blues.
  • Form lines to halt their attack.
  • Try to out maneuver them, and don’t let them charge into your forces.
  • Try to protect any civilians (remember: those are your people).
  • Keep the hill under control: try to set up a defensive perimeter around it.


This is where each army will start out at:





  • Server: Avalanche
  • Room: Ice Burg
  • Date: Saturday, Jan. 19
  • Time: 11:00pm PST
  • Reason: Practice battle

I will attend the battle,but I will not be fighting. I am there to judge the winner and keep everything in-line.

I would also like no other armies to attend (in uniform), especially if your uniform is the same general color is red or blue. This is so that both sides are the same size, and nothing gets messed up.


P.S.: I will post more non-practice battle stuff tomorrow.

P.S.S.: We did not copy the RPF by performing practice battles. In-fact, the ACP started practice battles in late 2006, but since WWIII, we had to stop practice because of real battles. Now, because there is (somewhat) peace, there is a new craze for practice battles, spear-headed by the RPF. We are not saying the RPF copied us, we are just stating that we aren’t copying them.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

38 Responses

  1. Yay first comment! Will you post the new soldier ranks tommorrow?

  2. oaglthorp why cant we have the practice battle in the ski vllage and the ski mountain

  3. Hey Oagalthorp which side of the Practice army is larger. Like if Forts bigger thahn mine its not a problem but its a concern, to me anyway.

  4. I hope I can make it.

  5. Man I wish CP would bring back the Roman Helmet.

  6. Oagalthorp, I’m from the RPF and commando717 accepts the ANTA treaty

  7. dude, come on WHO CARES WHO STARTED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Orgalthrop, the SSACP has gained many members and has over 8000 hits, the SSACP is a big part of ACP helping it in every way. We at the SSACP ask if we can help you with eastern defence and help out in that area, here are our terms if you agree.
    1. The SSACP are put in charge of defending and ACP develpment in the eastern servers, (you will still have all contral in the eastern servers, we will be head of defnce and ACP develpment there thats all.)
    2. If you agree you just must annouce this to the ACP by making a post and adding us to your blog roll.
    3. (optional) Send some troops over to the SSACP to help with eastern counstruction (rember there still a part of the ACP because the SSACP is a branch of the ACP).
    Please respond whether or not you agree and what you agree with.
    To visit the SSACP website, go to
    Please respond.

  9. bumer i will be gone that day

  10. HEY HEY HEY, Usually i say go acp, bUT GO RED!!!!! And why dont we share the fish? But that would be boring.
    Well whatever ACP RULES!!!!! Also can u post the new soldeir ranks tomorrow. :mrgreen:

  11. thats saturday, rite? i think so…

    and my comment is basically wat Tiger said.

  12. dude thats 4 am in teh morning for me. unless u mean am i cant make it
    Oagalthorp: Just about every battle is 4:00am for someone (we have a lot of soldiers from other countries). Sorry. Bu don’t worry, we will have other practice battles at different times. 😉

  13. I can’t go to the practice battle because, I have to go see my dad and his computer is slow. 😦 Well have a great time! ACP Rules!
    – Meowcat1001

  14. sir i have two things to ask you. One what time is that in the eastern region and second i just joined and what fleet am i in?

  15. k oagal oops i meant 2 am

    i really shoudl pay attention to math

  16. sir, i wont be able to go. 😦 im going on vacation

  17. hey oagalthorp but HOW CAN I MAKE IT WHEN IT IS 2AM IN THE MORNING I WILL BE ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sorry, but the practice war will be at 2 AM in my time.
    Next time, try to make it at 1 PM penguin standard time. 😉


  19. can you train me

  20. i cant go to >_<


    The post on the army says that it starts at 11:00PM PST. Is that right? It’s really at 11:00 PM? My parents won’t let me go on the computer that late. PLZ respond!

  22. If I don’t have the Roman Helmet can I wear the Red Viking Helmet instead?

  23. Yeah, if it’s at 11:00pm PST (2:00am my time) I can’t go


  24. Sir i live in England and thats 8 pm so its great for me and i promise i will try my hardest to be there.

    GO RED!!!


    MARCH ON!!!


  25. Uh, oagalthorp, can u plz change the time? Im still going but everyone else probibly wont. I mean 2:00am?!?! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. I have an idea, we could have this practice battle at 2:00am, and we could have one at 4:00pm on Sunday [the following day], Does that sound like an good idea?

  27. Orgalthrop! none of us can make it becasue its 2:00 am for some people (including me)! Please change the time.

  28. Could I Come?

  29. Rockhopper sinked.1
    New music in lighthouse.2
    Boat coming .3
    New item in beach.4
    Yarr!in the boat .5

  30. ogalthorp I have info on theother armys meet me 1st feb 12:00am on mamoth at the dojo

  31. How to buy stuff with out real money

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