New Newspaper – Issue 118

Here is the lastest news in this week in Club Penguin!

A2 and A3 – Rockhopper Crashes!
A4 and A5 – Winter Fiesta-Val
B1 and B2 – Featured Game: Ice Hockey
B3, B4 and B5 – Ask Aunt Arctic
B7 – Tips and Secrets: Special Dances
C1 – Jokes and Riddles
C2 and C3 – Poetry
C4 – Upcoming Events
C6 and C7 – Fan Comics


A2 and A3: Rockhopper Crashes!

All of Club Penguin was stunned this week when penguins watched The Migrator, legendary ship of Captain Rockhopper, crash into a rogue iceberg and begin to sink on Wednesday.

Concern has been growing steadily since the chunk of ice appeared in the telescope several weeks ago. There are some penguins who call it a bad omen from the outset.

Details are still unclear, but penguins witnessed Rockhopper and Yarr safely abandoning ship and rowing toward shore in a rowboat.

A4 and A5: Winter Fiesta-Val!

Make sure to andale to the party and boogie to the beat. The party begins at January 18 and ends at January 20.

B1 and B2: Featured Game – Ice Hockey

Hit the ice and pass the puck at the Super Rink when you join in a game of Ice Hockey, Club Penguin style. Strap on your skates or slide along with ice with your flippers, as you head for the end zone and look for the winning goal. Join in a game or create your own team.

B3, B4 and B5: Ask Aunt Arctic


Q: The catalog in the Gift Shop is smaller. Are they running out of items?
-Gift Shop Swap

A: Recently, I noticed a few changes in the Penguin Style catalog as well. Along with being a little smaller,there’s a new page called “On the job”.”We’ve made a few changes to our catalog and item availability”, the manager commented. “Rather than selling lots of the same items for a longtime, we’re going to change things up more often with fewer pages. Items won’t stay around as long, which will allow us to feature new items and bring old items back more often”.
-Aunt Arctic



Q: If someone is breaking the rules, but I report the wrong penguin, will I get in trouble?
-Report Support

A: I can certainly understand your concern reporting other penguins; it can be a little intimidating. Allow me to clear a few things about reporting. Every penguin has a right to be and feel safe and secure in Club Penguin. If someone does something to make you feel otherwise, you can report them by clicking on the shield button on their player card. No matter what the reason, you will never get in trouble for reporting someone. If you accidentally report someone, you won’t get in trouble.
-Aunt Arctic

B6: Tips and Secrets

Some penguins know a few special dances. Try on different clothing combinations and click D in your keyboard. You may be surprised what you see.

C1: Jokes and Riddles

1. How did he human cannon ball lose his job? He was fired!
2. What did the beaver say to the log? Nice gnawing you!

1. What question can you never say Yes to? Are you asleep?
2. What has a tongue but can’t talk? A shoe.

C2 and C3: Poetry

There once was a penguin named Farley,
who sprinkled his cupcakes with barley.
He put wheat on his roast,
and gave pie to his puffle named Charlie.

C4: Upcoming Events

*January 18*
> Fiesta Party Begins
> New Furniture Catalog
> New Pin Hidden

*February 1*
> New Clothing Catalog
> New Pin Hidden

*February 8*
> Postcard Update

C5 and C6: Fan Comics


Also, if you haven’t seen, Oagalthorp changed the name of the site. Now, it is “ACP: Army of Club Penguin”, not “The Club Penguin Fort”!

For information of the practice war, click HERE.

P.S: I am making a new army: the DPC. To go the site, click HERE. I have a question, can the DPC be allies with ACP if the DPC becomes a big army?

Oagalthorp’s Edit: Sure, we can be allies. On one condition: You you can have the DPC, but you must remain in the ACP (afterall, you are the highest rank possible).

P.S. No more advertising please.


This is everything!


20 Responses

  1. FIRST!!
    and TomY
    theres a secret agent message on the Ask Aunt Arctic Page!!


  2. check my site for important news

  3. yeah! tomy! you know theres a secret message in the newspaper on the Aunt arctic page about the “New mission” right?I CANT BELEIVE YOU DIDNT NOTICE THAT!

    Tom Yellow: I forgot to put that. It says “Attention Agent. The PSA is almost ready to question the crab. Further instructions coming soon”.

  4. Strategic Resource Corportion is a Private Millitary Company where we design and develop weapons to sell to any army! We do not actually fight for armys as most mercenries do, we make weapons for them that give them the crucial edge! Say the ACP needs a base made in Australia. Ask the SRC! We have three different bases to choose from that will be constructed within a day. Say you need more weapons, we do that too! Visit our site


  5. Um the site still says club penguin fort on the header

  6. oagal added the PRA to the blogroll

  7. Orgalthrop, the SSACP has gained many members and has over 8000 hits, the SSACP is a big part of ACP helping it in every way. We at the SSACP ask if we can help you with eastern defence and help out in that area, here are our terms if you agree.
    1. The SSACP are put in charge of defending and ACP develpment in the eastern servers, (you will still have all contral in the eastern servers, we will be head of defnce and ACP develpment there thats all.)
    2. If you agree you just must annouce this to the ACP by making a post and adding us to your blog roll.
    3. (optional) Send some troops over to the SSACP to help with eastern counstruction (rember there still a part of the ACP because the SSACP is a branch of the ACP).
    Please respond whether or not you agree and what you agree with.
    To visit the SSACP website, go to
    Please respond.
    I will keep saying this until you respond (but not twice in one post)

  8. Liar it still says Club Penguin Fort!

  9. y duz it still say club penguin fort

  10. The Screen still says Club Penguin Fort, but if you Google “Club Penguin Army” the Title says “ACP: Army of Club Penguin

  11. oh thats still me, i my user got screwed up, so i ust this new one.

  12. AY AY AY wASUP COOL thanks tom

  13. Oagal you should make a ranks page

  14. i found out that in the newspaper there was a seceret code
    but im not telling
    well the psa is Almost ready to question the crab from mission 5

  15. Oagalthorp, you need to do a list of soldiers and their ranks on this site!! Like some soldiers feel well, ” Left Out ” cause there not known. So we should put it to a vote!

    Admiral Fireguy1234

  16. is there a ranking in admiral in the ACP????

  17. The Vikings are back! We have transformed from a Clothing gang to an army! The Vikings are here and ready to fight any evil! Only at so check it out and join! Join!


  18. oagal we need what fire guy siad becuase i seen a acp soldier who siad i feel really left out cuase he didnt get a rank im just asking for u to let more penguins
    in u no

    scinserley..lutanat sgt jor

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