New Website Disign|New Soldiers

New Website Design

I am thinking about choosing a new website design/style/background/etc. I was thinging about choosing “Freshy”, the same one the RPF has. NOTE: I am not copying them (as usual). In-fact, I was the one who gave Commando717 the using the “Freshy” theme for the RPF.

Here is why this is a good idea:

  • More room for posts and pictures.
  • One sidebar (giving us more room).
  • Capable of fitting more pages.
  • Easier to put in a good header image.

Vote HERE.


New Soldiers

Here is the complete list of soldiers in the ACP:


Supreme Commander: Oagalthorp

*Heavy Division*

Field Marshal: Fort57

Alpha Brigade

General: The Jungle N

  • Corvette 360 (Colonel)
  • Flame Boy125 (Major)
  • Shortpingu (Captain)
  • Wesley1995 (Sergeant)
  • Nov12 (Corporal)
  • Arroso12 (Corporal)
  • Nate950000 (Corporal)

Bravo Brigade

General: Manjenson

  • Dr Nono Jr (Colonel)
  • Ajf77 (Major)
  • Striker214 (Major)
  • K Wadler (Captain)
  • Zehroy (Lieutenant)
  • Bellahdewmah (Sergeant)
  • Orion Player (Corporal)

*Stryker Division*

Field Marshal: Texas Vs A

Delta Brigade

General: Lucario98765

  • Tomtwelve (Colonel)
  • Cooltiger413 (Captain)
  • Secreat Guy (Captain)
  • Minerpenguin (Lieutenant)
  • Snowland202 (Sergeant)
  • Ernie5816 (Corporal)
  • Drakebell46 (Corporal)

Echo Brigade

General: Rapidy

  • Touchie (Major)
  • Borja (Captain)
  • Spikey Emo (Lieutenant)
  • Darknight67 (Sergeant)
  • Waddey564 (Corporal)
  • Shades2you (Corporal)
  • Corraco (Corporal)

*Sabre Division*

Field Marshal: Tom Yellow

Foxtrot Brigade

General: Mazachster

  • Imperial47 (Colonel)
  • Acacoroth (Major)
  • Brbocko (Major)
  • Sheila Gally (Captain)
  • Smartiun (Sergeant)
  • Lieutenate (Corporal)
  • Shaboomboom (Corporal)

Gamma Brigade

General: Hattrick

  • Kubiydoo (Major)
  • Bc435 (Major)
  • Sgt Jor (Lieutenant)
  • Filppers7 (Sergeant)
  • Podie99 (Corporal)
  • Jcapp64 (Corporal)
  • Venom Man 25 (Corporal)

*Airborne Division*

Field Commander: Nakib

Kappa Brigade

General: Blackburnt

  • Midnightmoon (Colonel)
  • Eggyeggs76 (Major)
  • Nc735 (Major)
  • Chesspiece1 (Sergeant)
  • Trunkes789 (Corporal)
  • Niktastic (Corporal)

Sigma Brigade

General: Db Penguin

  • Headofpolice (Major)
  • Boomer 20 (Captain)
  • Jedimaster17 (Captain)
  • Starwars5467 (Lieutenant)
  • Ricopetbob (Sergeant)
  • Gold Raider (Sergeant)

If you have not signed up but would like to, e-mail me at and copy and fill out this form in the e-mail: (Title the e-mail **RANK FORM**)


**CP Name/Name I use of CP websites:

**Paid membership status:

**Past CP military experience:

**How long I have been in the ACP:

**Why I should get a good rank:


Don’t forget about the practice battle this Saturday:

  • Server: Avalanche
  • Room: Ice Burg
  • Date: Saturday, Jan. 19
  • Time: 11:00pm PST
  • Reason: Practice battle

For more information on this battle go here: Practice Battle Information.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

31 Responses

  1. first and that theme is getting old in my opinion

  2. and by the way, regretfully I will not be home when the practice battle takes place. We could move it to MLK jr day you know.

  3. Ha Oagalthorp PATHETIC and a JERK

  4. getrice

  5. that was random zorbeaon. or did you just hear that from some nacho or uma, stumble upon this website and then repeat it? that’s pretty pathetic if that’s what happened. some people will believe anything.

  6. Its perfectly fine with me if you guys use the Freshy theme, and yes it is true. Oagal did give me the idea. Im just here to confirm it with you guys.

    – Commando717

  7. […] Website Disign|New Soldiers EggyEggs76 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptGeneral: Db Penguin. Headofpolice […]

  8. Hey oagalthorp, just wanted to say that I apreciate it that you put us on your site and that I look forward for htis anta. Im pretty bussy with a ton of homework as of now so Ill check in later. I dont know about you but end of the semester is comming up so I am filled with homework.

  9. I use the Freshy Theme for my Website Rapidy Central! (Click my name to go there.)

  10. Orgalthrop, the SSACP has gained many members and has over 8000 hits, the SSACP is a big part of ACP helping it in every way. We at the SSACP ask if we can help you with eastern defence and help out in that area, here are our terms if you agree.
    1. The SSACP are put in charge of defending and ACP develpment in the eastern servers, (you will still have all contral in the eastern servers, we will be head of defnce and ACP develpment there thats all.)
    2. If you agree you just must annouce this to the ACP by making a post and adding us to your blog roll.
    3. (optional) Send some troops over to the SSACP to help with eastern counstruction (rember there still a part of the ACP because the SSACP is a branch of the ACP).
    Please respond whether or not you agree and what you agree with.
    To visit the SSACP website, go to
    Please respond.
    I will keep saying this until you respond (but not twice in one post)


  12. P.S. I’m sargeant rank my friend said i was

  13. Thanks for posting the new ranks Im on the blue team woot woot finaly I know my rank

  14. if the army doesnt get on by 8:30 CST im gonna be so bored!!!!!

  15. i cant get on at 11:00 pm thats like 2:00 am for me!!!!!!1 i will be snoring my heart out then

  16. thanks for rankin me up oagal

  17. There is a HUGE nachos invasion and you know acp hates nachos right?! So this has happened before and everybody dies in the end… Any questions? Oh and oagalthorp you need to get on Club Penguin more!

  18. I like the idea of moving practice battle to MLK Jr. day oh and enough comments for me today!! This has been, Officer Fireguy TIME!!

    – Fireguy1234

  19. I used to use “Freshy” theme for my blog, but I changed for “Blix”. It only looks much better and Freshy doesn’t let look some pages.

    Anyways, the ACP site will look very good in Freshy. 😀


  20. i want to meet u tom yellow please!!

  21. yea, i like bliz alot too. practice battle I wont make it for, yea thats 2 in the moring for me. o well. maybe wen I wake up it will still be going on, lol 🙂

  22. No offense Oagal, but right about now, RPF is the better army. Everything Commando does, u do it. It’s like when ACP became a huge army, people copied us. I’m just sayin’.

  23. yay! ogal put me in ranks like i askd


  25. YO YO YO YO and hey the ACP’s gonna look fresh from dah hood dogs. Lol

  26. Ogal Can The CPNG (Club Penguin National Guard) Be allies?

  27. ogal doesn’t like me 😦 he thinks I’m a waste of space and time. all he had to do was reply “No” to my application form.

  28. oh and greenday If you are not a “major army” he doesnt bother replying. trust me, he only cares about the bigshots. ………………




  29. ahh…. what old memories surround me. Goodbye back then. It’s all changed….

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