Winter Fiesta, New Pin and New Furniture Catalog!

Winter Fiesta!!!!!

One of my favorite parties is back: The Winter Fiesta!. It looks different to the first party but it’s cool!

Here is pictures of each room in the party (click to enlarge):

 The Town 

 The Plaza

 The Forest

 The Cove

 Snow Forts

 The Dock

 The Beach

 Ski Village

 Coffee Shop

 Pizza Parlor

There is 2 free items and the maracas came back, but in a different color.

→ The Maracas are in the dance club.

→ The New Pin is in the forest. It’s the sombrero (you have to click in the pinata to get the pin).

 ← Click on the pinata twice.

 ← The Pin: The Sombrero.

WARNING: Do not use the sombrero if you are a nonmember!. You will be banned!

UPDATE: The pin is safe now!. The CP staff fixed the glitch and the penguins were unbanned!

New Glitch: Walk on Walls of the Night Club!

1. Go to the new stairs of the night club.

2. Click on the door.

3. You will be walking on the walls!



New Furniture Catalog

There is a new furniture catalog!. There is mexican items (such like the pinata) and there is a poster of the superheroes play!

New Items
→ Snowman: 405 coins
→ Sled: 350 coins
→ Superheroes Stage Poster: 75 coins
→ Fan: 200 coins
→ Lamp: 125 coins
→ Pinata: 300 coins
→ Mexican Vase: 320 coins
→ Mexican Rug: 550 coins

Secret Items
→ Moose Head: Click the Cash Register.
→ Concert Lights: Click the home stereo.
→ Mullet: Click the Ficus plant.


P.S: Before someone says “OMG! TomY is now from nachos!”, I am using the sombrero for the party.

P.S.S: For information of the practice battle, click HERE!.


This is everything…by now!


31 Responses

  1. First comment

  2. Wow, whenever I randomly visit the website I get the first comment but im not even in ACP.

  3. 3rd comment woo-hoo. Thanks 4 tellin me how to get the pin

  4. What do you mean non-members willl be banned? that makes no sense whatsoever. Im gonna try it with my back up penguin.

    Tom Yellow: The pin appears transparent, which means that is members-only. I heard that there was some penguins banned for 3 days for using the pin.

  5. thats probaly not a glitch, you can see there are stairs there.

  6. uh.. istill dont get it. about that nonmems will be banned? but i guess since im a mem, it doesnt matter, lol

  7. yeah and the change the practice battle. If my mom heres me up when I need sleep shes gonna get mad especially my dad!!!!!!

  8. That’s weird the pin thing. It didn’t ban my non-member.

    Anyway, Check out my website!!

    Tom Yellow: Yes, I have heard that you would be banned if you use it.

  9. Pin for non-members????????? WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?????

  10. i meant members sorry lol

  11. whats that yellow paint thing u got in your furniture inventory

  12. Sorry Guys, I just found out I can’t make it to the practice war. So you can let Nakib or TomY to lead. But were going out of town this weekend so, sorry.

    Tom Yellow: I can’t make it neither. In my city, it is 2 AM!. Unless Oagalthorp would change the time (because I highly doubt that someone will get up and go to the computer), I can’t go to the practice battle.

  13. OMG oagal are you sure that you didn’t mean to say 11:00 AM not PM that’s three oclock for me!

  14. Orgalthrop, the SSACP has gained many members and has over 8000 hits, the SSACP is a big part of ACP helping it in every way. We at the SSACP ask if we can help you with eastern defence and help out in that area, here are our terms if you agree.
    1. The SSACP are put in charge of defending and ACP develpment in the eastern servers, (you will still have all contral in the eastern servers, we will be head of defnce and ACP develpment there thats all.)
    2. If you agree you just must annouce this to the ACP by making a post and adding us to your blog roll.
    3. (optional) Send some troops over to the SSACP to help with eastern counstruction (rember there still a part of the ACP because the SSACP is a branch of the ACP).
    Please respond whether or not you agree and what you agree with.
    To visit the SSACP website, go to
    Please respond.
    I will keep saying this until you respond (but not twice in one post)

  15. Non members can now use the pin, It is now safe.
    It was a glitch! CP fixed it now!

  16. wo hoo!!!


  17. thats 2 in the morning for me im not coming

  18. i put the pin on my non member penguin and it didnt get banned

  19. I can’t come to the practice war because my dads making me leave town.
    ps.Oagal means 11:00 AM not PM

  20. 11 PM PST?
    Thats 1 in the morning for me

  21. are u sure????? someone tell oagal the first thing u see him that he has to change the time

  22. post another post would you ogalthrop im waiting for more info

  23. OMG! TomY is now from nachos!
    Lol, I win.

  24. I just wanted to tell you that there is another secret in the furniture catalog. Click on the piano for the pipe organ.

  25. TomY Sucks oagalthrop Sucks

  26. i have my own army called the BLKY

  27. no

  28. hi join the CRV and you could be a private!

  29. hi

  30. CRV meeting

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