Next Practice Battle

The Blue Army arrived at the battle, only to meet fierce Red resistance. Caught off-guard, it appeared that the Blues would be defeated where they stood. The battle was nearing an end, but the Blue Army put their all into one final charge: a charge the captured the hill and made way for reinforcements! The Blue Army won, and has successfully set up a base on the Ice Burg!

Here are some pictures of the battle:



After some rest, the Blues have devised a plan to storm the Cove and move into the Forest. But they will have to face an entire division of the Red Army to get there.



  • Server: Avalanche
  • Room: Cove –then- Forest
  • Date: Monday, January 21
  • Time: 2:00pm PST
  • Reason: Practice battle


Blue Army: Heavy Division, Saber Division

Red Army: Stryker Division, Airborne Division




Blue Army: Fort57

Red Army: Texas Vs A


Blue Army Orders: Defeat the Reds at the Cove then take over the Forest to set up a land-based position.

Red Army Orders: Hold back Blue forces at the gate at the Cove, and don’t let them win at the Forest.


Blue Army Strategies:

  • Charge at the Reds and get through the gate at the Cove.
  • Avoid any Red lines, because you can’t pass through them.
  • Capture the Forest in 30 minutes, or your forces will be beaten back.

Red Army Strategies:

  • Defend the gate at the Cove.
  • Set up lines in-front of the gate, and brace yourselves for a Blue charge.
  • Defend the Forest, and hold it for 30 minutes.


The battle will be held at the Cove, and if the Blue can get through in time the battle will move to the Forest.



P.S. If you aren’t in the ACP please don’t attend the battle wearing either the color blue or red. That will distort the battle results.

P.S.S. All ACP soldiers must be in either Blue or Red. If you are not in a Division yet, choose one.

P.S.S.S. We have about 10 new recruits, and they will all be given a rank and Division/Battalion tomorrow.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

44 Responses

  1. 1st woot woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. sorry i was just realy borded

  3. i want to join

  4. The blues will dominate! GO BLUES! Oagal you made the time perfect for me because I have to do something at school tomorrow until 12 PST and I have to go out to dinner for my birthday around 3 PST and I should be able to stay for the whole thing if it is less than an hour long. I’m so lucky!

  5. well ill probably be able to make it to this one, since it will be absolutely FREEZING tomorrow where I live. I’m not leaving home! and by the way k wadler, why do you have school tomorrow anyway? Respect Martin Luther King Jr!

  6. and just so you know how freezing, the high will be 14 degrees. And it’s not like I’m in Alaska, I’m just in Colorado! It’s not a cold state! This weather makes me unhappy!

  7. one more thing. the gate won’t be there tomorrow, since the party is from the 18th to the 20th. so red won’t be defending a gate.

  8. ill definitely make this one, i fell stupid fer missing the last one, lol :s

  9. i wanna let u no that im not a new recruit and that ive been in the acp for a long time

  10. ogalthorp i think that the fieasta party decorations are gonna be gone tommorow

  11. oagalthorp sir I am sorry I missed the practice war because I was at my friends house and one of my friends brother was hogging the computer all night. Again im really sorry

  12. Oagalthorp can i join and can i be in the division ummm…I forget the color but its the one tom yellow leads……….

  13. I’m In every Picture! 😀

  14. look at the new post here whos going to represent us?
    Oagalthorp: I will, if I can make it.

  15. I’m in almost every picture and tomtwevle I don’t have school tomorrow I just have choir. DON’T LAUGH OR I’LL KILL YOU MY MOM MAKES ME DO IT!!!!!!!!!

  16. ok that is 5 pm for me ill be there

    every body wana __________ know y i dress so fly sit so high


  18. sir, could you plz plz make it tomorrow because today i wont make it and this would be the 2nd time

  19. so whos going to represent the ACP at the meeting at the pra website

  20. just tlelling you your copying Rpf’s red vs blue practice battles.

  21. hey comander olgalthrop

    im coming to this battle practis as i did to the one i mamoth in the dojo

  22. i will try to make the next one

  23. sorry to distube u sir

    but the particular sever is full so whats the replacement sever?

    Join The Godfather Family

  25. Join The Godfather family on

  26. we r gonna fight to da death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. yo the server is full where do we go?

  28. The Vikings are here! Go to for info on joining and becoming our allies.

    Oagalthorp: Just stick with an army already! If you give up that easily you and your group will never do well.

  29. choir is awesome!!!!!!!

  30. hey oagal which side are you on oh and my general blackburnt doesnt ever wear his uniform and doesnt guide our troops i think he should not be a general and i think you promoted me to general a while back i dont know either way i think blackburnt shouldnt be a general
    ACP Colonel

  31. Oh and this is his post from his website
    “I am not in RPA anymore and SRC is not an army. This is my only army and we are allies with ACP so dont think we are’nt. We are growing pretty fast so keep up the good work and i am kind of busy so I have’nt been on the computer much. sorry if I have’nt answered all of your comments.”-Blackburnt
    He said that this is his only only army and yet he is a general he does not deserve to be a general and does not lead his troops
    ACP Colonel

  32. I’m so sad i couldn’t make it 😦 It was good time but i have to go to my friends Birthday.I couldn’t come either today because i go tommorow to school very early and here tha battle is too late.I would come really i love ACP .Please forgive me Oagalthorp .

    Major Brbocko

  33. I may be able to go. And can we be Oagalthorp’s buddy if we get there early and his list isn’t full?
    ~Sergeant Snowland202 of the Delta Brigade~

  34. Orgalthrop are you still going to do squads?

  35. anway the meeting starts in like ten mins so if orgal cant make it some other high ranking troops should go.

  36. The British Server Council would like you Oagalthorp to join. Here is the site

  37. Your invited!!! Everyone in the ACP is invited to the SSACP’s:

    10,000 hits party TOMORROW!!!! Where: Belly Slide, U.K. in the coffee shop When: Tuesday, January 22nd Time: 4:00 P.S.T

  38. acaroth! u cant do that, my army, the SSACP (totally focused on helping the ACP) has already invaded and secured the Britain servers.

  39. well first the SSACP is still working on offical permission to enter and second there are more armys working to get territory

  40. Oagalthorp i couldn’t make the last practice battle. But i am attneding this one. See Ya

  41. Theres a new secret agent mission

  42. hi oagalthorp,
    can i please be in the blue team for the next practice battle?

  43. i am try n to join but the ogathorp is hard to reach! so can some one give me his email?

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