Ally Defense

Sorry, but this post will be short. I’m too busy with school work and other stuff to make one of my usual monster-of-a-posts.


Defend the SSACP

Because the SSACP is our ally, we need to defend them from one of the Roman armies in Mittens, UK. You see, the SSACP have permission to enter any UK server because the UMA controls that region. That Roman army leader thinks he controls the server. We must get our ally a safe passage into their destination.

Battle Information:

  • Server: Mittens, UK
  • Room: All rooms, but we will be moving from only a few (in order):
    • Cove
    • Forest
    • Plaza
    • Snowforts
  • Date: Saturday, January 26
  • Time: 4:00pm PST
  • Reason: Defending our ally
  • I would like as many ACP soldiers to arrive as possible, in uniform.

    I will command the battle from the ACP Chat, so be there. If I cannot attend, Fort57 will lead you.

    NOTE: Don’t misunderstand this post. We are not even trying to attack the Romans, but if they attack us or our ally, we will fight. Our goal is to secure Mittens so that the SSACP can get there with minimal trouble. They are NOT going to take over Mittens, and neither are the Romans; it is a UMA server. The SSACP is just setting up a base there.

    Also, we are not going into a full-fledged war. This is just a simple mission.

    I hope this will clear everything up.


    P.S. In response to the RPF calling the DRACP “not functional”. When in reality, it is quite functional, only it operates under the name “ACP”. True, are nation needs some work, but that will be after the site is reconstructed. but for now (and as always) we believe military strength is better than political, because military strength leads to political strength. After-all, even without are nation we are the most influential group in CP (in my opinion, and the opinions of many others).



    Until later,

    March on!

    -Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

    Newspaper Issue 119

    There is a new newspaper in Club Penguin. 


    A2, A3, A4 and A5 – Rockhopper is Okay!
    Last week, penguins were shocked by the news that the Migrator had crashed on its way to Club Penguin. As soon as Rockhopper landed, The Club Penguin Times caught up with him with the whole story.

    A6 and A7 – Best Deals in Town
    For the avid shopper looking for the best deals, there are a number of places in Club Penguin you can visit and browse. From sportswear, costumes and wigs, to furniture and even pet puffles, the shops of Club Penguin have it all.

    B1 and B2 – Featured Game: Ice Fishing
    Go fishing and catch a bucket full to cook up with some friends. Grab a pole and some bait, and head over to the Ice Fishing pond. The fish is always biting and the bait is always in ready supply.

    B3, B4 and B5 – Ask Aunt Arctic

    Q: Why are there hidden items in the catalogs?

    A: Some of the secrets can be a little tricky to find, but you won’t regret giving it your best shot. There are actually lots of surprises and secrets hidden throughout the island. There are secret rooms, items, dances, even a Secret Agent organization!. Keep your eyes and ears open; you never know when you’ll pleasantly surprised!

    B6 – Tips and secrets: Jetpack Adventure
    An expert doesn’t need a big coin count to prove his/her skill in Jetpack Adventure. In fact, when you finish the course without a coin to your name, you’ll complete the most skilled flight path in the game.

    C1 – Jokes and Riddles

    Knock, Knock!
    Who is there?
    Ifor who?
    I forgot!

    How do you make oil boil? Add a “b”. ← Highlight here to see the answer.
    What can you throw but not catch? A party!← Highlight here to see the answer.

    C2 – Puzzle Shuffle

    C3 – Poetry

    Ode to Snow

    Come snow, don’t be shy,
    We are sick of all this dry.
    Come snow, touch the ground,
    All our dreams can be found.

    C4 – Upcoming Events

    January 25
    → New Igloo Music

    February 1
    → New Clothing Catalog
    → New Pin Hidden

    February 8
    → Post Card Update
    → New Play in the Stage

    February 15
    → New Pin Hidden

    C5 and C6 – Fan Comics

    This is everything…by now!