New Igloo Music!

Sorry for not posting for a while. 😉 

New Music have been released for members igloo’s today. Some songs include:

  • Water Party Music (Coffee Shop)
  • Fall Fair Music
  • Superhero Theme Song from the Stage

Here are the swf links if you would like to listen to them:

Water Party

Fall Fair

Superhero Theme Song


Two questions to Oagal:

Practice battles are supposed to be every week. Then, when will be the next practice war?

Oagalthorp: It was supposed to be last weekend, but as many of you know I have been too busy with homework to go through with the idea, at least for last week.

Another question (from Mazachster), are you going to make the weapons company?. Are you working on it?

Oagalthorp: Same scenario as the weekly practice battles: Too much work, too little time. 🙄


This is everything…by now!


27 Responses

  1. 2 comment and visit the Royal Rebels site to join the Royal Rebels at High Ranks now Avaliable!

  2. 3rd comment! thatsrite!

  3. oagal, hav u ever thought about putting one of those music widgets on this site?

    P.S. I was going to, but the thing has like no good songs.

  4. o, btw, oagal u said we were going to do a weapons company. are we still doing that, or wat? just asking

  5. 7th comment!
    w00t! Im listening to the water music while doing my homework. ^0^

  6. lol, thats cool tomY, lol

  7. NINE BAbey!!

  8. yo how does the weapons cmpany work anyways???

  9. 🙂

  10. Hey Tom when is the next ACP chronichle coming out?

    texas vs a

  11. oagal said sumthing big might be coming up soon….

  12. cool can’t wait! 🙂

  13. oagal this is what you do with home work.

    *grabs m16*

    *shoots home work*

    TEACHER I SHOT MY HOME WORK .-. hey they want a good excuse lol

  14. No wars soon most army dying down. ILL CHANGE THAT!

    … ( I knew I would eventually say that)

  15. ACP stinks got that!?

    (no offence)

  16. uh orgel i saw on ur im orgelthorp thing it said you won wwIII but wwIII never realy exsited it was about 3 days long it was more of a short rebelion im not being aggresive but it doesnt make since

  17. hello


  19. lol :c

  20. Oagalthorp you may not remember me but i am an old Veteran i was one of the original members there was probley only 15 of us my name was and still is stratman 13. it was about 2 years ago. Although i dont remember all of the other members i do remeber you, me, norp, and goozgooz thats all i can rember. but ive noticed talk about the romans. i remeber long back we had a huge conflict with them. anyways heres the point your gonna need more help if the romans are comming back, some how some one must have found and old roman forum and decided to remake it. Im willing to come back but on my terms.
    1. I get to remake the nonmember uniforms considering i am one.
    2. I want to be a marine
    3. I want to be higer ranking or commander of a squad

    contact me

    Ps. change those roman helmets back to the old mining helmets

  21. I know your busy oagalthorp but, i really wanna be your buddy on cp also is a captain more powerful than a sergeant?

  22. I know your busy oagalthorp but, i really wanna be your buddy on cp also is a captain more powerful than a sergeant? Please Respond oagalthorp!

  23. So you will be making the weapons company! Great idea! We just had promotion day on SSACP check it out by clicking my name. Join now and you might get a good rank. I can’t wait until ACP promotion day. I hope I get a better rank. I am a top spy in SSACP, I hope I can be that succesful in ACP.

  24. Oagal this is important!
    TWA is planning on a mitten clearance to wipe out ACP and SSACP! Here is a link:
    Make a post !

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