New Clothing Catalog, Save the Migrator petition, Rockhopper leaves and New Pin!

  • New Clothing Catalog 

There is a brand new clothing catalog this month!. There is new clothing and the comeback of the snorkel. Here is the new items and the secret items.

New Items
White Admiral Jacket: 620 coins
Divers Helmet (old item): 650 coins
Coral Crown: 300 coins
Pearl Necklace (old item): 550 coins
Mermaid Outfit: 800 coins
Scuba Tank (old item): 480 coins
Wetsuit (old item): 600 coins
Green Flippers (old item): 200 coins


Secret Items
Green Snorkel: Click the colorful thing in the admiral jacket.
Red Viking Helmet: Click the russian hat.
Blue Viking Helmet: Click the russian hat 4 times.


  • Save the Migrator!

Now, there is a place where the parts of the Migrator are here and you can fix the Migrator!. Here is the picture:


  • Rockhopper leaves the island

Later of being for a week in the island, Rockhopper leaves Club Penguin in his row boat with Yarr. It will be a long trip, so he can come back in one month or two months.


  • New Pin

The new pin is in the lighthouse. It’s a raw boat like Rockhopper’s boat.


P.S: My membership ends tomorrow, so you will see me less time in Mammoth. Anyways, I will go to every war in ACP (or practice battle). 🙂


This is everything…by now!