New Play and New Costumes, New Postcards and Save the Migrator project!

In first place, I’m sorry if I have posted this very late. I was busy in the entire day and now I will post.


New Play and New Costumes

There is a new play in the stage. Everyone thought that it was an “American Idol” spoof but they were “Mascot Tryouts”. It could have more effects and some more cool stuff than that.
Here is a picture of the theater:

Here is the effects of the play with their buttons:


The costumes in the costume catalog are a bit weird. The “Peppy” costume is a bit strange and “Tate” costume looks really like Rockhopper’s ship (this makes me remember memories). They have a new wig in the costume catalog!

New Items
→ Zeus the Moose Mascot Costume: 450 coins
→ Peppy the parrot Mascot Costume: 450 coins
→ Tate the pirate ship Mascot Hat: 350 coins
→ Tate the pirate ship Mascot Costume: 600 coins
→ Penguin Band Hoodie: 500 coins
→ Track Jacket: 550 coins
→ Pom-Poms: 120 coins
→ The Sidetied (Wig): 500 coins
→ Director Hat (old item): 250 coins


New Postcards

There is new postcards in the postcard catalog. And they are not “Valentine’s Day” postcards like last year. These are the new postcards.

Strange fact: There is a new Jetpack Adventure postcard, but Jetpack Adventure is singleplayer!. Same thing for the Catchin’ Waves postcard.


Save the Migrator project

If you haven’t noticed (which I doubt), G’s machine is in the iceberg to save the Migrator.

1. Here is a picture of the machine (click to enlarge):

2. There is a free item: The Mining Helmet. It’s the third time it came back.


This is everything!