Underwater Party and Gary’s Poll!

Underwater Party! 

There is a new party in Club Penguin: The Underwater Party!. There is really cool decorations and there is new cool items!

Here is a picture of the town (Click to enlarge):

In my opinion, this is the best room in the party. You can walk on walls and it changed completely. Here is a picture of the night club (Click to enlarge):

The Pizza Parlor is now “Cap’n Patch’s Pizza Shack”. Maybe, Cap’n Patch is Rockhopper’s rival and now, he is becoming popular. 😆

Here is a picture of each one of the animations in the party.

There is 2 new free items and a new pin. They are the yellow snorkel, the seashell belt and the anchor pin.

Here is pictures of the new items:

NOTE: The anchor pin moves from one rock to another rock. 😮


Gary’s Poll

There is a poll in the iceberg. Here, you can choose the new name for the Gary’s submarine to save the Migrator.

P.S: Today, there is a new game. It is not coming yet. When I know when the new game will come, I will tell you in the new post. 🙂

Here is a picture of the “angry mob” of the new game:


13 Responses

  1. First!

  2. alright im first, so they havent put the game out yet, to bad.

  3. i cant wait for the game and third!

  4. Hey Tom Y can you come to my 1000 hit party? More info on my web. I hope that all acp and ssacp ppl can come

  5. FIFTH

  6. Sweet! The party’s extended!

  7. although the iceberg in mamth is full no new game

  8. http://www.cpcheatz.com for info and cheatz babi

  9. ninth

  10. yeah it sucks with no games.

  11. Anyway the Iceburg is full, so maybe it will come in the next few hours.

  12. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha cozycozyni ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha tanja da ye ye

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