Lol! (You’ve Got to Love the Effort)

As you know, it is a possibility that we will soon be at war with the Nachos. Not that I have anything against (most of) them, but they aren’t really the strongest army out there. Yet their Second-in-Command (their leader has been absent for weeks, by the way) is ranting on and on about how “great” the Nachos are. Check out their oh-s0-threatening letter:

To all ACP soldiers,

You might still be angry that we decided to aid our ally UMA in the Battle Monday. I don’t care. Be angry. You literally make us look better. Anyway, I suggest you guys listen to the song “Bulls On Parade” by Rage Against the Machine alot more, because we are Bulls on Parade, while you might be more of Metallica’s “One”.

As you can see, Bob22 actually thinks the Nachos have a chance. This is sad. Luckily the next day he got a little bit wiser. He is trying to pull the UMA into the conflict he started. Would a real friend do that? Anyway, here is what he said:

To the UMA,

Hi, it’s AkaBob22 here to tell you what you need to do to win this upcoming war that is bound to happen.

I know waiting isn’t generally your thing, but you need to wait. If you want us to help you, then wait. A very simple formula actually. Anyway, on to the plan.

 You need to wait for SSACP/ACP to declare war on you. When that happens, make sure you let them make all the battles and you attend them so you can defend your servers, while we go out and attack them. It will be the easiest war you’ve ever been to, since all you do is defend.

Unfortunately, for Bob’s sake, we have never been having better relations with the UMA. I will convince the SSACP not to make the foolish decision of bringing the UMA into the war.

If and when this war happens, the ACP will win, whether the Nachos have enough sense to see it or not.



That’s probably what you are asking. Why might we be going to war with the Nachos?

Here is why:


As you can see, the only present leader of the Nachos is ordering his soldiers to fire at the ACP. Bob22 will claim that he was defending the UMA from the ACP, but in reality it was the SSACP vs. the UMA. The Nachos came late and decided to choose the UMA, rather than stay neutral.

They attacked the ACP for no good reason.


I would like everyone to visit the PRA site, and say good bye to a leader, and ally, and a friend. Good bye CollinZFresh, and we salute you. *Plays Taps*


I could not say good bye, because my computer won’t let me comment on any WordPress sites except this one. I have decided to center this section of my post on honor of CollinZFresh (He always centered it)



Until later,

March on!

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