Lol! (You’ve Got to Love the Effort)

As you know, it is a possibility that we will soon be at war with the Nachos. Not that I have anything against (most of) them, but they aren’t really the strongest army out there. Yet their Second-in-Command (their leader has been absent for weeks, by the way) is ranting on and on about how “great” the Nachos are. Check out their oh-s0-threatening letter:

To all ACP soldiers,

You might still be angry that we decided to aid our ally UMA in the Battle Monday. I don’t care. Be angry. You literally make us look better. Anyway, I suggest you guys listen to the song “Bulls On Parade” by Rage Against the Machine alot more, because we are Bulls on Parade, while you might be more of Metallica’s “One”.

As you can see, Bob22 actually thinks the Nachos have a chance. This is sad. Luckily the next day he got a little bit wiser. He is trying to pull the UMA into the conflict he started. Would a real friend do that? Anyway, here is what he said:

To the UMA,

Hi, it’s AkaBob22 here to tell you what you need to do to win this upcoming war that is bound to happen.

I know waiting isn’t generally your thing, but you need to wait. If you want us to help you, then wait. A very simple formula actually. Anyway, on to the plan.

 You need to wait for SSACP/ACP to declare war on you. When that happens, make sure you let them make all the battles and you attend them so you can defend your servers, while we go out and attack them. It will be the easiest war you’ve ever been to, since all you do is defend.

Unfortunately, for Bob’s sake, we have never been having better relations with the UMA. I will convince the SSACP not to make the foolish decision of bringing the UMA into the war.

If and when this war happens, the ACP will win, whether the Nachos have enough sense to see it or not.



That’s probably what you are asking. Why might we be going to war with the Nachos?

Here is why:


As you can see, the only present leader of the Nachos is ordering his soldiers to fire at the ACP. Bob22 will claim that he was defending the UMA from the ACP, but in reality it was the SSACP vs. the UMA. The Nachos came late and decided to choose the UMA, rather than stay neutral.

They attacked the ACP for no good reason.


I would like everyone to visit the PRA site, and say good bye to a leader, and ally, and a friend. Good bye CollinZFresh, and we salute you. *Plays Taps*


I could not say good bye, because my computer won’t let me comment on any WordPress sites except this one. I have decided to center this section of my post on honor of CollinZFresh (He always centered it)



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

106 Responses

  1. i presume you know know oagal,about the PRA?

  2. Darn!!!!! 2nd and 3rd. 😦

  3. 4th comment! yes!

  4. is anyone on?

  5. please respond

  6. and i told u it was a bad idea to fight against UMA. Also alot of people declared WW4 COLOR WARS.

  7. If SSACP does go to war with UMA, it SHOULD just be us vs. them.

  8. The Fire on ACP picture: Note the fine, rich quality of the protrait. Also note the face that Akabob22 is NAKED!!!!

  9. Here’s my opinion on the UMA:

    Frankly, I’ve had enough of their “insolence”. They declare war on ACP for next to no reason, they hack, lie, ban for no reason on chat, swear, and they are not child appropriate. And that’s just a start.

    Even if SSACP does go to war with them, it would be for a good cause.

  10. The guy that said the thing about bulls on parade and one must be a gutar hero addict.

  11. Ok, Oaglethorp this isn’t easy. But I’m tipping you off. UMA is declaring war on SSACP. Don’y believe me? Well then check out this post on the Rain Makers of cp’s site:
    I don’t hate you anymore I quit UACP and made my ow cp blog.

  12. lol true dat

  13. Oh, and therinator I’m sorry to betray you on that. Oh, and just because he like rage against the machine (I love them and Tom Morello) doesn’t mean he’s a guitar hero attict. I rule GH and I dont do that.

  14. guitar hero rox

  15. And how do we know that letter isnt fake?

    Just asking.

  16. By letter i mean AkaBobs letter.

  17. I’ll miss CollinZFresh. Hopefully we can defeat the Nachos. Btw, I found something cool that I only want to share with ACP ppl.

  18. OK orgalthorp heres the facts about why the nachos are unhappy and SSACP.
    SSACP is a part of ACP just keep that in mind when I tell you the next few things.
    First the UMA randomly attacked ACP for no aparent reson (thats were that pic came from).
    The nachos saw this and decided to help UMA.
    The nachos dont think ACP and nachos are allies.
    When UMA/nachos attacked ACP mainly SSACP were there thats why it is thought that it was SSACP attack only.
    UMA do think SSACP were spying on them but the nachos have no reson to do anything.
    Rember UMA only think SSACP are spying on them. I can’t say whether or not SSACP is here.

  19. oagalthorp you are so cocky. someday when youre sitting in your golden throne and having people do your dirty work so you can have more and more power you BIG FAT HOG. Havent you ever hered the saying “what goes around comes around”? Jeez, you’re probably so power hungry you try to eat up other small armies and to “protect” cp. Oooohh you’re potecting very good by saying that you OWN mammoth and other severs! Man you big hog. REPLY TO THIS OAGALFAG! DON’T IGNORE IT OR DEALETE IT EATHER! and when you do reply, don’t make some stupid snappy anwnser because yur scared.

  20. Oagalthorp: Comment removed.

    ~Yours truely, Oagalthorp. 😉

  21. i am not gunna go back on this website so dont bother replying

  22. ha acp will win lol.THE NACHOS WILL WIN
    u may have more soldiers but we will win


  24. i think we should destroy the nachos once and for all.There gonna just keep threatening us so why bother being allys

  25. OMG, Go to war with the nachos already!!! Im all fired up!
    Didn’t The nachos side with uma during WWW4 when they were clearly our allies? They are now without a leader and is a perfect time to attack them!!!
    i say attack them. I’m part of SSACP, But im more involved in ACP.
    And since Rapidy is quitting because “I’m on the computer too much” 🙄
    My parents are getting suspicous cuz they found out I got a youtube account. 🙄
    I say declare war on them. They are the bad guys. They do not even respect CP. Please reccomend my decision. –
    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::……….Sheila Gally Foxtrot Captain::::::::::::::::::……………………………………..

  26. :ROLL: :laugh: 😦
    trying to guess the emotes xD

  27. Well, Oagalthorp as you may know I guess I will be helping the Nachos. I hate the ACP. And if the ACP gets in the way of my secret operation in Canada, there will be consiquinces. You better fall down to my mercy Oagalthorp or else you will be taken down by the GWM. When ever I see your so called “ACP” ,which is one of the weakest armys I have ever seen, I will destroy them. Bye worst enemy! Mwhahahahahahahahahaha!

    – Zorbeaon
    Oagalthorp: It’s funny how I’m your worste enemy, yet your not my worst enemy. One would think that the feeling wold be mutual.

  28. lol wat a bunch of dumb comparing us to songs from guitar hero 3 if they actually think they would have a chance at winning they must be retarted but do not worry about them theyve lost several small batlle alredy recently so no need to worry

  29. I will help Nachos!

  30. zorbeaon shut the f**k up or else

  31. ive got zorbeaon on my buddy list so i can keep a i on him


  33. dude youre acting high and mightey and your all like we will when if this happen dude we kicked your butt on monday rapidy came for a peace treaty and i bet you forged the letter

  34. i bet he did

  35. can anyone come to my party tomorrow? Its at deep snow server in the cave at 3:00 PST or Pacific time

  36. Okay,
    Please consider the CP Embassy, this took a long time to think up and every spot is open. check out my site, it is not an army, it is something really different. Powerful positions are open and i think there is a task for everybody. It is for the better of CP

  37. just the reason i hate the nachos: they’re very very full of themselves, overconfident, and delusional.

  38. and not to mention “a lot” is two words! Doesn’t anyone know that???

  39. ACP you make me sick. You have no point in existence.
    You guys are all about talk aren’t you. And who cares about Guitar HEro 3????

  40. that was hilarious penguinperson.

  41. oh, and puffinguy, that was also hilarious. You people are sooooo funny!

  42. Oagal i messed up my wordpress profile so im not a mod anymore; if you seen a fort57 with the 57 logo i usually have, its probably me

  43. Oagal im a member (on the chat) right now as well

  44. i think nachoes should be defeated

  45. Oagal, i’m unable to email you…(email stopped working o.o) I want to get a rank…for the joining fill out, check in the join page for mine.
    ((A rank between corporal-lieutenant would be fine! mostly preferred))
    Oagalthorp: I don’t really think you are the real former Nacho leader. Sorry. 😦

  46. lol oagle what u been smokin nachos beat u anyday


  47. i am a spartan co leader roman ulimate leader and a rogue nacho im not afraid to beat some nachos and also the acp sould realize that at every battle there are random people saying that they are leader if that happens u guys should expel them or attack them

  48. and governor of down under i have complete control of them they actually do what i say cause i sation patrols there at every corner there are people in my militias uniform watching when im there i wear a suit with armor

  49. uhhh, uma thinks the battle was against us. just look at their website!

  50. I already know mastha black is super secret agent. I just let him join my buddy list so I can attack him later. HOW DUMB DO YOU THINK I AM?

  51. hey oagalthorp my gang is growing slowly but were getting there and we fight in the acp uniform for now were working on our own uniform like i said were a GANG so were small

  52. Zorbeaon i dont care what you do to me but if you attack red rocker,beaker bill26 or pacos 315 ill destroy you and your army oh and i think your pretty STUPID for letting me on your buddy list!!! better sleep with one eye open

  53. 😉 😦

  54. GWM member K-12F Barryboy1069, member J-LP17 Bandit Rober, and member A-L05 Yobeboxy go and speed up operation N.R.A.T. quick! Before ACP finds out! And keep on regular person clothes. I’ll be at North Pole checking on the progress. HURRY UP!

  55. Zorbeaon you cant attack me no matter what cuz ill always come back to haunt you!!!!

  56. I’m a genious!

  57. Mwahahahahahahahahahahahaahaha!

  58. 😀 i found out how to do the icons!
    :mrgreen: 😯

  59. Zorbeaon’s kinda, no scratch that, very cukoo in the head. Say I if you agree. 😕

  60. Zorbeaon you COWARD you said you would attack me but you ran away and took me off your buddy list!!!

  61. yoitspaplo how you do icons?

  62. i agree me

  63. acp find out about operation N.R.A.T. BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!


  64. I HATE THE NEW SITE ITS GAY AND CLUB PENGUIN FORT COME ON ps Thx for the promtin to general

  65. :mrgreen:

  66. 🙂 hi.

  67. 🙄

  68. 😉

  69. :mrgreen:

  70. 😕

  71. 😯

  72. :laugh:

  73. 😀

  74. my website is oagalthorp im the leader of cpga.i put you in my partners list.theres uma too!



  77. Good effort by nachos though
    Its weird
    Caus when i was in uma i fought in 10 wars and 3 with nachos that we won
    2 times we beat nachos in ice warriors
    3 ninjas
    And 5 more times and its all caus Nachos think they are top with UMa,Rpf and you but they are not.
    Poor stupid idiotic mexicans who cant fight

  78. i am in fgr and we at mini war with nachos now in mammoth dojo

  79. OK here’s my opinion. I see basicly no reason to go to war with UMA. I will admit SSACP is much smaller than UMA and probably doesn’t stand a chance. Patience is the greatest vertue. If UMA doesn’t see a reason to go to war with us we shoulld just not go to war. It is that simple. I don’t see any reason to go to war with UMA. In my opinion they have been pretty inactive lately. The activity is picking up a little bit but they haven’t done anything worth going to war for.

  80. hey whaleoilcppirates im gonna beat your ass blind and yoo be sorry for calling MY people stupid

  81. Ugh! Sirs, the vikings have invaded the Mammoth DOJO and started taking over. I fought with about two other ACP soljers, but they both left immideately. Finnaly, after two hours of fighting BY MYSELF against the “vikings or ninjas” renforcements arrived! I am still fighting… another battle soon to be won by ACP.

    ACP forever!!!

  82. ACP rocks and there’s something about the leader of ACP and allies that makes them different…they don’t swear, aren’t megalomaniacs, and don’t call new people names…why?

  83. OK I found it! The one thing/person/army ( I cant tell) that will help destroy ACP!




  85. All forces are gathering for battle-ooh! Club Penguin should open up in Israel so that we can have a Club Penguin ARMAGEDDON! Wouldn’t that be AWESOME????

  86. That would be so cool. Club Penguin should open up in Israel and have a server called Armageddon, Zion, and Ararat. And Club Penguin should put more servers in Europe and call them Stonehenge, The Hague, and Buckingham Palace!

  87. And they should have servers in Australia called Outback, Great Barrier Reef, Tasmania, Lake Eyre, Great Victorian, Antarctica, Uluru, and Dreamtime!

  88. They should also have servers in Europe called Paris and Versailles!

  89. Where they can said Ambassadors to negotiate the peace when they’re tired of fighting!

  90. *I mean send. Well, anyway, we should negotiate with Nachos. They have more servers than us. However, since our armies and the way we run our servers are better, more people want to be in our nation and it’s so crowded. I think we should negotiate for more servers. Plus, we protect these servers, and not rule them, so I think it would be better for all civilians involved.

  91. i missed it anyway detail me

  92. mmm good poptart

  93. good idea acp embassador 1

  94. hmmmm ACP embassador 1

  95. now this war is going to be the biggest one yet so get ready. and also a special victory party is in order and btw im quiting so the penguin blue boog is taking over im sorry if youll miss me im really sorry so ill give you my account so give me your email adress and ill send it back to you then it will have my account. use it wisley because i can bann you from my computer. but ill will be joining back to cp in about 10 years so see you then and also im closing down this website im terribly sorry but the war is about the nachos and the mad penguins join teams to be ready when it starts i wnat you to go to the training base then blue boog will give you the commands from there. well bye

  96. hey guys fort says im in charge yay
    so forts quiting huh


  97. its starting the wars starting

  98. heres blue boogs account
    user;blue boog
    he will not change it

  99. ****in’ NACHOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SCREW YOU,NACHOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. LOL you fail, Nachos just beat you and, im commenting on Oagle post

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