Conflict Continued | Operation Snowstorm

First let me say this: Because of The World’s Most Useless Computer it may be, get this, yet another week until my return. So I need you soldiers to be especially active to compensate for my absence. Plus I am a non-member and will be a non-member until my return. Not that it matters, because I can’t get on Club Penguin anyway.



I have decided to initiate Operation Snowstorm in-order to keep an eye on any Nacho forces in USA North. here is how it will work.

  1. Every day, as much as possible, go on Mammoth and check for any Nachos.
  2. After searching Mammoth, move out to Blizzard, and patrol there.
  3. If you see a Nacho anywhere so much as lob a snowball at you, get reinforcements from the ACP Chat and take out the chip.
  4. Don’t fire at any Nachos unless they fire at you first.

This will ensure that our citizens are well defended from our zesty, “neutral” enemies.



The Nachos remain to be stubborn. The co-leader has gone so far as to make some little, childish imitations of me (if that’s not sad, I don’t know what is).

I do pity the Nachos, to a certain extent. Akabob doesn’t really know how to fight a war; he doesn’t even think battles matter. I think that this proves a point: If that is the Nachos’ view of this conflict, the ACP will win.

Bob also fails to grasp the fact that the word “neutral” means “neutral”. If you fire at us, that no longer makes you “neutral”.

Akabob22 intentionally fired at the ACP (in the nude, I might add). That is as good of a declaration of war as I’ve ever seen.



PS. Be respectable enemies. Don’t spam on the Nacho site, don’t be rude, be fair, and don’t sink down to the Nachos’ level of decency.


PPS. The UMA vs. SSACP situation is something different entirely. We aren’t helping the SSACP out against the UMA, and the SSACP isn’t helping us out against the Nachos. We don’t want to cause a bigger conflict than necessary.



Until alter,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-

128 Responses

  1. 2nd comment yay

  2. I hate Nachos the acp rules every1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lets go acp lets go
    lets go acp lets go
    lets go acp lets go

    I quit CP and play Planet Cazmo. Join the 1st efer Planet Cazmo army at my site

    Njrfcatlas14 aka 14atlas

  3. WOOT!!

  4. 5th

  5. well looks like war is going to happen. Of course UMA will get in. This seems like a good thing cause it will prove how small UMA really is.

  6. Also I would like to report that nachos attacked us this morning. We were able to get things under control. Also after that we ran into a new group who call themselvs “the ninjas” These ninjas are a real treat. SSACP will get details to you soon and you can decide what to do.

  7. Somthing good happend oagal.uma helped us in a HUGE battle against the nachos,ghosts,and other armies.our relations with uma are getting better.

  8. BOO ACP!!!!!!

  9. This morning i was on cp and the nachos were attacking ACP i helped out and the ACP won!!!! go ACP go ACP ACP rox!!!

  10. But sir, with all due respect (I can tell you actually have respect for your enemies and respect for God’s name unlike our disrespectful enemies) aren’t the SSACP allies of ours?
    Oagalthorp: The SSACP are our allies, and so are the UMA. Neither of them has done anything terribly wrong, so I will let them settle the matter themselves.

  11. Oagalthorp! That aint true! SSACP ARE gonna help you out!

  12. you morons think you won that battle. haha that’s rich.

  13. yay fifteenth and ogles drunker then a donkeys uncle!

  14. head told me that him and tomy are working on an ACP form. is this true?

  15. Ogalthorp isnt tommorow Saturday?

    I live in central time zone. so what tome should i get on?

  16. ogal mammoth is under attak from tons of armys

  17. Well Thanks. Get your membership!
    Do you have enough money for it? Make sure you get it, The Nachos are watching from EVERYWHERE.
    And, sadly, I won’t fire at any Nachos if they don’t fire at me. You need to ban Terrking24 from ACP Chat. They are so inapropriate. Ugh, it was gross clicking on their name to ignore them. I was like, “Aw, I got, Na-Nacho on my ha-and.” Lol.
    Sheila Gally, Foxtrot Captain
    (I just watched “A Haunting” On discovery channel O_o)

  18. Lol, Aka running around leading an army in the nude, thats a keeper, lol. Anyway Oagal, I perfectly understand why you won’t help us fight the UMA (if a war ever occurs), but SSACP is likely to help you fight the Nachos.

  19. ur drunk morons!

  20. 😮 Oagal isn’t a member, so without much clothes, he’ll be in the nude as well!!! Stay at home and don’t come out Oagal!
    Oagalthorp: Lol, don’t worry, I have enough non-member clothes to keep be perfectly decent.

  21. It’s a good thing that Nacho sombrero hat is in the way so we don’t see Akabob’s butt. Lol.

  22. you like a hunting to! That show is awsome

  23. hey wats up peeps

  24. a haunting that show is awsome

  25. oagal take away the blizzard land grant. Plus, when r the new rank comin out?

    March On!
    -The Jungle N

  26. Hi Ogal….. I myself am a former nacho soldier…… But i forgot the nacho empire and found you… as much as it hurts me i never thought about fighting with the nachos… But I will fight for my current army!

  27. shame on u penguin person

  28. freakyfreakyfreakyfreaky fresh!

  29. 🙂

  30. :p

  31. 🙂

  32. there is a hippie meeting tomorrow (Saturday) at 5:00 on club penguin time in the lighthouse in frozen, should we crash it?

  33. not right now the last thing we need is to have more enemies (more problems anyway) unless they talk about ACP so we will just have to send a spy to get info ok no attacking.

  34. current status…no nachos present.

  35. Oagal, the last post was me. And, if I have to prove it to you I’ll go on cp for a meeting if u want…(no crowded servers, I’m a nonmem now) just time and place…

  36. battle at the dojo! battle at the dojo! this is useless of course… but bob is there!

  37. The Black Kings is not an army, it is a clubpenguin street gang and we do not fight armies we fight if anyone wants to join you may. we could use tons of new members, we will NEVER fight an army so acp do not worry about me advertising my army because we are of no harm to you. but if you would like to join please visit my website:

  38. hey i got a gang if ya wanna fight then just say so

  39. Nachos just one the biggest battle in the Dojo. ACP is eliminated.

  40. funny mazchster lol.ogal when u comin wit new ranks and also theres a new army that act like wolfs litterally like they saw wolf power activate and they bite u.ive beaten them wit masta black like a million times but they keep comin back

  41. UMA and Nachos won

  42. Oagal!!!! People are coming out of nowhere saying they are the leaders of the ACP!!! I keep saying that Oagalthorp is but they dont listen. They just keep saying they are the leaders and they give orders to us when they havent even been to this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. today we held the nachos off for about 4 hours, until finally every soldier left, and the nachos called it a victory.

  44. why do people think that that battle eliminated us??? oagalthorp wasn’t even there!!!!

  45. Yeah coolguy, i know what you mean. Oh Oagal, btw, RPF is expanding in to other game sites, should we?

  46. I hate nachos. We need quick backup to get a couple of nachos straightened up. We waited. They fired.

  47. if we were to expand, I think we should go into Pirates of the Carribean Online!!! But I don’t think we should expand.

  48. Yeah thats just what the RPF are doing
    Outside Club penguin, they are now the RGF, the Rebel Gamer Foundation

  49. i dont like the nachos there r tons on mammoth now

  50. ahhh nachos tons in the dojo in mammoth.Im a one girl army

  51. help acp help tons of nachos im the only acp there

  52. hi this is capuzzi help nachoes on mammoth

  53. the nachos didn’t attack, it was just me and 2-3 of my old nacho friends (all retired) and we just sat in a group, the ACP attacked though.
    I’m on rite now…so I can get my rank soon, and discuss, etc.

  54. we need to defeat the nachos!!!

  55. ths earent nachos! they havn’t been recruited, just like the ACP soldiers that say their the leader..



  58. THEY SAID WE R STUPID AND ATTACKED US so we should do it again here is the info there is a hippie meeting tomorrow (Saturday) at 5:00 on club penguin time in the lighthouse in frozen

  59. Hey there! Nice post! Also can i be on ur blogroll?

  60. hee hee im a leader of the hippies ur all funneier then pigs in a bar….

  61. Shut up gtracer.
    The Nachos are declaring war on us @ 7:00 PM Est. On Sun. Does anyone know how to convert that into central?

  62. Yeah guys, read the post, wait until they hit you. Tom Twelve and a couple of other people were just sitting there. And as for people claiming to be a leader, hes right there too. EVERYONE claims to be leader

  63. Oh yah Sheila, that would be five.

  64. its six oclock central time then

  65. No its five

  66. Oh wait, thats eastern time, not PST. Sorry, its six. Duh!

  67. thats fine i was about to say u dont know time zones

  68. help acp needs help at ammoth in the dojo were losing!!!!fort is there

  69. Im tring to get in, but it’s full. I really should know my own time zone

  70. Ogal, is it possible that a non mem can be a general emmbassador or vice president? Because mt membership ran out and I really dont have enough mobey to be a member… So can you?

  71. P.s I would like to make a trading post at ice age in america.. For non members it will be very hard for us to get into servers like blizzard and mammoth so I would like to make a trading post there so we could train nom members and spread the Acp nation. please take this into evaluation.

  72. Yes, ive been sitting at my computer for an hour trying to get in to mammoth. How about somewhere down lower? Shiver is the server i live in, and Mammoth where i defend. I pretty sure Nachos own Shiver, so im kinda mad

  73. Oh and btw, no nacho problems, we got UMA though

  74. the nachos disgust me. just look at their most recent post.

  75. we’re going to have to beat them tomorrow at 4 PST.

  76. yeah

  77. Finaly got a wordpress acount

  78. lol yoits

  79. now I neeed a blog.Anybody want to help?

  80. nacho at dojo on ammoth

  81. Anybody?Im not so good at doing the pictures thing im learning how.Oh and if you see grammar mistakes I have a reason:French School.

  82. im trying to get on mamoth

  83. orgalthorp,
    I have good news. The SSACP is working on a peace treaty with UMA. In the mean time all attacks are on hold. We hope the final details to be done on monday.

  84. heres my site so if you want to help out please post a comment on my first post

  85. Anybody?

  86. someone just comment!

  87. well actually we are a branch of ACP which meens we qwill help with the nachos but on the other hand you should not help with UMA all SSACP will always help in all the wars including the UMA one SSACP is dedicated to ACP and are spies that work for ACP

  88. i like operation snowstorm it is smart we always need to patrol mammoth though that should be an all year long thing

  89. the nued thing is really funny

  90. oagal just a suggestion: you should have some contests like you used to that would probably draw more peole to join

  91. akabob has some problems if he thinks battles dont matter. How can you be co leader of an army and not think battles matter? The whole point of armies is to have battles.
    PS i am not saying this to insult bob I am just stating a point with some of my opinion

  92. Oh, okay thats good Oagal. Good thing, cuz if you came to a war without any clothes I’d be scarred for life.

  93. Non-members don’t have to go to war naked if they picked up the free life vest from Rockhopper. 🙂

  94. Ever since I lost my membership, I used the life vest, the water wings, a belt, and a hat so I’d have as much armor as possible. I mean, after all, I am in ACP.


  96. Sweet! I’m goin to CP soon just in case we got any enemies on.

  97. You won’t believe this! GWM says they aren’t our enemies anymore!

  98. I cant even get on

  99. Yeah, i don’t have the lifevest on this account. Created this one new. Pablo24485 and Pablo2448 both do

  100. hey oagalthorp can pacos 315 join?

  101. AH, HA!
    “In the nude I might add”– how funny. you are pretty good, lol!

  102. Hey, just a suggestion sir. Why don’t we help SSACP. Send a squad. Allies stick together, right. Decides, UMA and Nachos together would be a weak team. After all u said the Nachos have the wrong point of view for the conflict. I say the heck with the Nachos. We need to help SSACP. Please respond fellow soliders. To remind u guys, this is my opinion.

  103. Lol reallyred, yeah its a good thing that big huge sombrero is in the way so we don’t see Bob’s butt, lol. 😆

  104. Uh, Reinforcements please. We made the Nachos retreat, and then of course, when the retreat we leave, and they come back then. WE also have the blue cobras led by Cadet cobra fighting us too. The Generals are allies. March on

  105. Its Kinda Sad. The Blue Cobras have almost won.

  106. I hate the Nachos Now. Like i said in an earlyer post, the Nachos like to retreat, let us leave, and then come back and say they won. On there sight it talks about this mornings battle, and it said it ended after WE retreated. If thats the way they do this, we won all of the battles they said they did

  107. Cobras down from like twenty to two. We have Victory. Nachos have dissapeared. Some nachos decided to make the “Dark Nachos”, a two man army.


  109. wat will`happen if acp and nachoes go to war? Only entusiasts can guess. Read my opinion about if the acp and nacho go into war and its future and consquences at

  110. Oagal you need to fight IPA head to head.


  112. we won! the nchos left. Unless you count all the nacho n00bs.

  113. We all left because the battle was over and we won.

  114. No, you were retreating.

  115. Heyy guess who lol i would love to help u do ur blog:D

  116. cadet cobra rox join the blue cobras! or u will get banned! lol

  117. The Assassins, a new army in Club Penguin asking the ACP if they will like to be accepted to be allies with.

  118. Billybob u cant bann me can u?????

  119. Lol thats me. You better be looking out for me and my team. You won’t believe how much the Blue Cobras grew. Oh lets say, 20.

  120. Ok NOW I have a blog. I’m not sure if its a gang or a war team.

  121. I was JUST wondering. Can we plan a war? Also, I’m gonna start WWIIII! Don’t mess with us!

  122. All ACP members, I need to talk with you.

    Server: Parka
    When: March 16, 2008
    Time: 3:00 p.m CP Standard Time

  123. nachos invaded my armys homeland I will help you

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