New ACP forum!

The new ACP forums are ready!. They have lots of cool stuff!. Here is the link to go to the forums:


Here is the features of the forum:

-There is 4 groups: Administrators, Moderators, Trainee Moderators and Beta Testers.

-There is 17 emotes made by me.

-Forums like “Posting Games” or “Homework” are seen only if you are registered.

-It has private messaging. Do not abuse of this feature or the private messages will be disabled.

-There is a place who redirects to the ACP website.


Read the rules of the forums before posting!


Oagalthorp: Just so you know, until TomY makes me an Admin, my Forums name is “Oagalthorp *ORIGIONAL*“. Someone thought they would be funny by making their name “Oagalthorp”. Just wanted to keep you informed, bye!

P.S. Great job TomY and his crew, the forums are awsome!

Oagalthorp: Thanks TomY!