The Nachos . . . | Battle Time

Akabob, and all other Nachos, here is a message to you.

We both know that the ACP has been behaving a bit more respectable than the Nachos. One, maybe two ACP soldiers have acted immaturely on the Nacho site, and just about every Nacho on record has acted inappropriately here. Nachos, I think it is high time to step it up and stop acting like a bunch of 8-year-olds who just learned a few new cuss words.

You’d think this would be the worst or their atrocities, but lo, it continues. Akabob even went low enough to display an extremely crude and vulgar slide-show on his website, a slide-show that includes, (if you have a weak stomach stop reading) a baby in a microwave. It really, really makes me sad to think that Akabob would find this funny.



I’ve decided to humor the Nachos by accepting their little battle offer.

  • WHAT DAY: Friday, February 29
  • WHAT TIME: 7:00pm PST (convert that to your own time at the Snow Forts clock)
  • WHAT SERVER: Mammoth
  • WHAT ROOM: Dojo
  • WHY: To punish the Nachos for their insolence.

I might not be able to come, but hey, do you really even need a leader present to beat the Nachos? Just in-case you do (which I doubt) Fort57 will lead the battle, unless I can by some miracle come.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestiosn Welcome-