The Nachos . . . | Battle Time

Akabob, and all other Nachos, here is a message to you.

We both know that the ACP has been behaving a bit more respectable than the Nachos. One, maybe two ACP soldiers have acted immaturely on the Nacho site, and just about every Nacho on record has acted inappropriately here. Nachos, I think it is high time to step it up and stop acting like a bunch of 8-year-olds who just learned a few new cuss words.

You’d think this would be the worst or their atrocities, but lo, it continues. Akabob even went low enough to display an extremely crude and vulgar slide-show on his website, a slide-show that includes, (if you have a weak stomach stop reading) a baby in a microwave. It really, really makes me sad to think that Akabob would find this funny.



I’ve decided to humor the Nachos by accepting their little battle offer.

  • WHAT DAY: Friday, February 29
  • WHAT TIME: 7:00pm PST (convert that to your own time at the Snow Forts clock)
  • WHAT SERVER: Mammoth
  • WHAT ROOM: Dojo
  • WHY: To punish the Nachos for their insolence.

I might not be able to come, but hey, do you really even need a leader present to beat the Nachos? Just in-case you do (which I doubt) Fort57 will lead the battle, unless I can by some miracle come.



Until later,

March on!

-Comments and Suggestiosn Welcome-

48 Responses

  1. The rainmakerz has recieved massive recruits and will be aiding u on friday u can count on that!

  2. Iam back oagal! ill be there hopfully!

  3. Times are:

    Eastern: 10:00PM

    Central: 9:00PM

    Mountain: 8:00PM

    Pacific: 7:00PM

    Oagalthorp, even for a Friday that is a bit late. perhaps rolling it back 1 or 2 hours.
    Oagalthorp: Well many Catholic parishes have this thing called a “Fish Fry” that usually ends a little before 7:00pm PST. So, despite it being late, I think that it is fine.

  4. 😆 Welcome Back Penguin Jim!!! We’re glad to have you Back!!! 😆

  5. rapidys right not many people will come if they are eastern time.I might make it for the CPDV but probely no one else i know.P.S:im eastern time


  7. wow a baby in an oven…….he must think hes a nazi… the constration camp…….wow what a weirdo

  8. aka is an idiot

  9. ew. the snap preview it took is of a gross part of that slideshow. for the sake of it, no one roll your mouse over the link to the site.

  10. The Nachos are so dumb!!! I saw the slideshow ITS TERRIBLE

  11. you know, that you are mighty thing is great pep talk. everyone type in your penguin name followed by dot like this:

  12. wow i went to the acho site to see that and that slideshow made me sick! no wonder we are going to war with them! They are so immature and sick,they think things like that are funny! Plus they always say they won when we obviously won

  13. too late for me
    plus mammoth is always full
    sorry ogalthorp


  15. Oagal, I won’t be able to make it until 8 p.m pst. sorry guys prior commitment.

  16. Welcome back Jim! 🙂

  17. DONT!!!!!!!!!!!11 PLEASE DONT FIGHT!

  18. oh man, my comment seems to have been deleted

  19. don’t forget about the battle that the nachos declared. 4 pst! then after that there’s the one we declared at 7.

  20. w00t penquinjim!

  21. Sorry I cant make it to the 7 one its way too late for me. I can make it to the 4 one though

  22. PLEASE DONT FIGHT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Oagal am I still ACP VP?

  24. Akabob posted a slideshow of a baby being microwaved? Is he pro-abortion (anti-life)? Man Nachos really are Nazis.

  25. oagle i blocked the comments that were to dirty for the site! it was midless cursing! the nachos comments atleast made sense.

  26. Oagalthorp, I can’t believe i am saying this, but I with my army (maybe will aid you.

    Nachos have gone too far. I will send some one.

  27. i wish the site still worked.

  28. Thats kinda late for me, but I should be able to make it for an hour or so.

  29. Where did Akabob post that slideshow? This I have to see to believe, although I really don’t like Akabob.

  30. if u say we r innapropiate ur just stooping down to our level

  31. NACHOS DEPRESS ME! I AM SUPRISED THAT WE WERE ALLIES WITH THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!! okay i have coold down a little bit. but that baby and microwave thing. well we can kick there behind for doing that. the nac- chos are crude jerks! one time i was at a base of theres, and they said we smelled like fish, dirty diapers and poop. i then threw as many snowballs as i could. anyway, i have my own acp blog at:
    please visit and send comments. i have not done acp stuff on that blog, but i will if you visit.

  32. Tomtwelve, the willbedefeated link still works: It was nothing but a bunch of ads inappropriate for little children.


    HE SURRENDERED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. i am very sorry sir but i live in england so the war will be at 3 o’clock in the morning. Sorry!

  35. -Thats a Web-Show blog me and my friend run. Go here if you need a laugh or just wanna have fun!

  36. Wow, welcome back Penguin Jim. It’s definitely an honour to finally be able to meet you.


  37. WTF? A vid with a baby in a microwave???? That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard!!! Who the stinkin hell *sry* would post something like that? Down with zippy!


  38. Oagal that is kinda late. Well I guess it is Friday. Still I probably won’t be able to make it. Srry

  39. test (this comment means nothing)

  40. ogalthorp
    i wont be attending and wars for a while
    I am so sad. my family is so sad.
    one of my family members died
    😦 😦 😦

    Oagalthorp: I’m sorry to hear that. 😦 May God be with you.

  41. IDIOT! no offence

  42. Oagl-
    I’d like u to see this: . It’s okay if u fire me for it. I just want to tell u the story. I was talking on UMA and terryking was talking about taking down Zippy. I was in on taking him down, cuz he swears like a 50- year old man who stubbed his toe on a brick wall. He made the site and then Zippy found out, Zippy fired terryking and yelled at us. I decided to quit, until I decided to make the site kinder. But, Terry turned it into an “Up With Nachos” site. I’ve been waiting for some secrets, but haven’t found any. Unlike alot of bad penguins, I admitted to it. Look at the site and you’ll see that I haven’t said onee Anti-ACP thing. So PLZ don’t fire me!

  43. rapidys is right im in eastern time zone and i am in a catholic parish and have a “Fish Fry”

  44. and luc ur right to it is 7:00 eastern

  45. 10:00 P.M. Eastern? (My time) Idk, man. I might be able to make it, I guess I’ll see, but I really don’t know.
    I didn’t get the Catholic parishes thing? What was that about??


  46. I think the Catholic parishes thing has something to do with Lent.

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