New Party Sneak Peek!


Billybob posted in his blog a new sneak peek of the St. Patrick Day, which looks that will be not a great party. Some people remembers the St. Patrick Day of last year, which had the same decorations for pet shop as in the sneak peek. This looks that will be not the big deal this month.

Here is a picture of the Pet Shop in St. Patrick Day (the picture is from my old website):


Anyways, there will be COOL updates in March 2008:

→ Two Awesome Parties (St. Patrick Day Party and April Fools Party)

→ A brand New Game! (two games in two months!)

→ A Sport Shop catalog update with a new Game Upgrade! (the new tackle thing for Ice Fishing)

→ A Scavenger Hunt! (Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt)

→ And as always: New Pins, New Clothes, New Furniture and More!

P.S: The new forums are going very well!. There is already 90 members in less a week. The ACP forums will soon be used to send secret messages to ACP soldiers (if Oagalthorp agrees with that). Soon, I will add a cool feature to the forums, which I will don’t tell anything yet!


 Battle Information >>>

  • WHAT DAY: Friday, February 29
  • WHAT TIME: 7:00pm PST (convert that to your own time at the Snow Forts clock)
  • WHAT SERVER: Mammoth
  • WHAT ROOM: Dojo
  • WHY: To punish the Nachos for their insolence.


This is everything!


31 Responses

  1. the chat at the bottom!

  2. 2ND BABY

    P.S. THEIR HAS been a fight on ACP chat and its due to the Nachos they didnt start the fight it all happened at once
    Oagalthorp: *Link removed* Please stop advertising.


  4. its on leap year

  5. im 6th ive never mbeen that before

  6. HI OAGALTHORP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A NICKNAME FOR YOUR BATTLE TOMORROW!


  7. it should be called the leap day fight

  8. Yeah oh oagal have u heard zippys sister died of brain cancer 5 monthes ago? 😦

  9. sry bout this but how do the ACP forums work? I just dont understand! Please explain!

    ~ACP forever! Woton

  10. woot 11 and acp sucks!

  11. stop spamming u jack ass get off the site if u think we suck!

  12. we alredy did start a training army me and several other ACP are training them u can help if u like.

  13. Ok I will be there

  14. haha i come to this site so i can see when aoh can beat acp again

  15. Lol! TomY is it the thing you told me on the acp chat?

    Probably is lol! I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHA

  16. I cant come to the battle

  17. Here is the nachos plan posted off there site:
    1. Start out on the East side of the dojo.

    2. Move in and take the center.

    3. Try to get yourself around ACP so they appear surronded.

    4. ACP will most likely move to get out of the ball formation, so wait for them to get out of it.

    5. Once they get out, press them into a nearby corner so they appear smaller than they look.

    6. Keep Step 5 going for as long as possible.

    7. After a couple repeats of Step 5, fall back into the East Side of the dojo, and repeat the steps again.


    -Don’t get surronded.

    -Don’t let them put you in a corner.

    -Don’t let them charge into you.

    -If they do charge into you, move out of the way and surronded them.

  18. This is what I say to you Oagalthorp.

  19. I have an important statement to make. CPM is planning on invading sub-zero and taking away from IW, to just destroy them for good. I just want Ogal’s approval and I’m waiting for it. If any of you guys see him please tell HIM!

  20. By CPM do u mean Club Penguin Marines. And if u need a solider I’m here. I’m willing to fight for any army as long as it’s protecting CP. I’ll go scout Sub-Zero right now.


  22. Checkout War photos today at:

    Plz oagal some acp soliders might want to see it

  23. Hi oagalthorp, its me Pcworld23, i was wondering if you could change pcworld23 to blue spinny because when my sister sent in my rank she did it as pcworld which is my friends penguin he wanted me to get items incase of a party cause he was somewhere…

  24. Mazachester or whatever your name is spelled like I wanna meet u! Peeple on Cp are telling me” Your Maz’s friend, right?” and I have to tell them no…. and I feel bad Doing That

  25. Uh, Zippy has already said that they won. He left at the peak of the battle. We had it pretty much won, he left, and then both armies started to decline.

  26. I can’t get on Mammoth cause it’s full, I’m going to Winter Land to see if that’s being invaded.

  27. The battle hasent even started yet…..

  28. wow thats cool!!!!!

  29. we know it didnt start yet

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