I’m Back in Black! (actually green)

Yes, I am finally back. So I better get some stuff cleared up.



This is the first thing I’m doing. I’ll try to get everything rank-related organized by the end of the weekend, but I can’t promise anything quite yet.



Yes, I will be buying my Club Penguin membership as soon as possible. I may even be able to make the battle tomorrow!



I will get working on this immediately, but my best guess is it will be done in a couple of weeks.



Nothing really needs to be done, we are pulverizing them. I will be organizing one, decisive hit to the Nachos soon. I’ll keep you posted.



Wow. It seems like the RPF is very inactive CP-wise. Unfortunately, with their “inter-game expansion” it doesn’t seem like the problem will be resolved any time soon, unfortunately. 😦


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Here is the long-awaited battle info.

When you arrive at the: Head to the left side of the Dojo. If the Nachos start to charge you, get low. Once beneath the Nachos, keep talking and attacking. The talk bubbles will make them look smaller and will get the ACP more soldiers.


Click ^    

Here are a few things to remember during the battle:

  • Stay together, yet be spread evenly. I don’t want any ACP soldier to be covering up any other ACP soldier, otherwise we will look smaller. Just stay shoulder-to-shoulder.
  • Don’t let any Nachos cover up ACP forces.
  • Attack low, and keep chanting “ACP!”, that way we will be able to overwhelm them.
  • Remember: The fastest snowball-throwing method is don’t fire until your first snowball has hit the ground.
  • Follow the ACP leader, which is either Oagalthorp or Fort57.
  • Do whatever the ACP leader tells you to do.
  • Never surrender!

This battle will be at an unpopulated server so that less civilians get hurt and so we will see the real size of the ACP and Nachos. The unpopulated server will not allow us to recruit soldiers from any other room. That is why it is particularly important that you ACP soldiers come.

  • WHAT DAY: Saturday, March 8
  • WHAT TIME: 1:00pm PST
    —–4:00pm Eastern Time
    —–3:00pm Central Time
    —–2:00pm Mountain Time
    —–1:00pm Pacific Time
  • WHAT SERVER: Brumby, Australia
  • WHAT ROOM: Dojo
  • WHY: To munch on some chips.

I would like every soldier to attend, in full ACP uniform. I might be able to come, but if I can’t Fort57 will lead the battle.


P.S.There is some Oagalthorp impostor running around the Club Penguin blogs. Remember: The real Oagalthorp has that picture of a military penguin to the side of the comment.


Until later,
March on!

-Comments and Suggestions Welcome-