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A wise man once said

“I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark would burn out in a brilliant blaze than it shall be stifled by a dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in a magnificent glow, than a sleepy planet. The proper function of a man is to live, not exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.”

-Jack London

I find this to be true with the ACP.

Vote here.


March on.

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  1. No Oagal please dont quit!

  2. We should let Fort and Texas and TomY lead ACP then if you leave.

  3. YEAH

  4. It’s his choice. But please, if you do leave, please don’t give a Collinzfresh speech. I didn’t even know the P.R.A exsisted, and when i saw his speech, I got super sad.
    Oagalthorp: I already had a speech written, but its outdated. Sorry, but it will be sad. I want history to remember me kindly.

  5. Hey Oagal i am just congratulating you on all of the great work you have done with the ACP if you quit then Fort57 and Texas vs A should lead

  6. Yes sir. *salutes*

  7. Oagalthorp. Ur a great person/leader and quitting is not right. Something that u have accomplished needs to go on. The ACP is one of the best armies and you created it and once you leave everything will change. If u want to quit its ur choice.

  8. y u quiting?

  9. it should be led by fort57 and tom yellow.

  10. I knew this day would not be far off. Every great leader is struck down eventually.

    Well… you can’t let ACP die. You must get a new leader! Normally, Fort or Texas or TomY would get it by inheritance. You could do that.

    Or you could have an election. Something like Generals+ can run or something. That’s what I would do.

    Anyway, the new leader of ACP must become an administrator on this site though, you know. He also must become an owner on ACP Chat, and must be announced to other armies.

    I’d say go for an election. But you’ll have to have qualifications for the contestants so that not everyone can be in it.

    Well, good luck sir. Hope you had a great time leading ACP!



  11. Oagal?TO GO?What will acp be without him?We won a war especially for the ACP,we won a war especially for Oagalthorp.

    bye…hope ive been a good soldier.

  12. Oagalthorp,why are you leaving.You were a legend.I wish me and my army were as famous as you and ACP.

  13. But,who said he quit?It just said ”when i quit”,also how could 11 people say die with a boom???
    Its craziness.
    Its like the best army destroyed.
    Just like the UMA,we must continue and forget the past,unfortunately,the past may be you,Oagal,but we will remember you for your skills and probably make some sort of tribute for u

  14. Does this mean you’re leaving very soon? Or is it just so that when the time comes you know what to do?

  15. Oh, and by the way, when you do quit (which hopefully is a long time from now), I think Fort should be the new leader.

  16. Actually,Oagal did quit….
    Go to
    And see the proof…

  17. dont quit

  18. Oagal please don’t quit! You’re the only hope for CP armies! Without you, the world of armies will come crashing down!

  19. Oagal, Congradulations on all of the accoplishments you have made throughout cp. We solute you. Keep in touch. I will E-mail you every once in a while.


  20. I say we disband. There’s too much history for ACP to have another leader. If we goin out, let’s do it wit a bang.

  21. Hmmm. Well Oagal for as long as ive known about you and ACP, ive got to admit that you and your soliders have caused a lot of grief, but in the time of good you guys have done well. All I can say is good luck Oagal.

  22. Don’t Quit! If it’s something personal about your family or something, you can, but your a great leader!
    Why would you quit?

  23. […] other news, the ACP is quitting? I look at their post (you can view it here) and it has a poll about Oagalthorp quitting… If you do take the poll, vote for going out […]

  24. wow……. Oagalthorp…… is finally done……….. this will surely be a sad and happy day to remmember….. i give you my best wishes oagalthorp…… may you take the good path and not the bad path in life.

  25. Are you quiting Club Penguin?

  26. oagal dont leave the acp let fort in charge if u do but please dont leave i beg of u!!!!

  27. secret was me sgt jor sorry


  29. HMM… Y AM I TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? ITS A MISTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. …m,.

  31. Oagal, you know i quit ACP, but dont quit. Th same things gonna happen with UMA!!!!! They will get a new leader, and FALL. I say ACP should have one last war, and go out with a bang, then slowly rot away like the UMA did. The ACP will be remembered in Club Penguin History. Maybe it’s time for all armys to become peace abd disband. Commandos gonna do it soon. Whatever choice you pick Oagal, whatever leader replaces you, you will be remembered as the official ACP leader. I just hope that we the ACP doesnt rot away like UMA, but dont leave ACP in the middle of a war. Leave in a peace treaty. ACP needs a strong leader to follow, I hope the ACP soldeirs will follow in Oagals Footsteps brilliantly and lead ACP to victory. A new age in CP has come, and maybe that new age is when ALL ARMIES disband, quit, and presume they’re regular lives. All I know is best wishes to you Oagal

    You were a great leader


    A proud retired ACP corporal

  32. The smartest thing I said in a looooooong time,

  33. i think even if you quit, the acp should go on! and about you, you were an insparation to us all, you stood up to all enemys and won almost all the wars. i salute you, you were a good leader.*salutes* please, if you must go, let a confident leader take over, like fort or texas, or me!LOL just kidding but dont let the acp rot away like the UMA. i am deeply dedicated to this army and hope it never wastes away. i will be sure to tell everyone about this, and get them to help the acp live on. btw, you have a speech ready? (hope its not cheesy LOL)
    i have best wishes for you in the future. until then march on!!!!!

  34. i made a speech in your honor too Oagal!

    you were a great leader, the best perhaps, and i have followed you since i first found out about this. you started on the miniclip forums, and then started a wordpress account, and then became one of the biggest army leaders on CP. the ACP held strong because of you, and you would do anything for all the soldiers. i couldnt admit seeing a better leader than you, you were the best. i will not back down and not let the acp fall, i will do anything to keep it here. please, in all your honor, if you hear this is falling apart, please come back. until then march on!

    a speech in Oagalthorp’s (leader of the army of club penguin) by Jatar

  35. […] Vote Please Posted on March 16, 2008 by oagalthorp A wise man once said […]

  36. Club Penguin Armies are coming to an end. You knew this day would come. The ACP, UMA, and RPF coming to an end. Its true don’t try to change. Its true I hate you ACP but whats the difference between any army? Nothing; theres not a point…..don’t hide it. The UMA and ACP are the best ever armies in the whole of Club Penguin, both are rotting. Ernie5816pc what you said about UMA is all wrong. The ACP is rotting too. Who cares later in life when we all quit Club Penguin know one will remember of “ACP.” Does anyone remeber Paintboy100? No one cares what he does because he is finished. Thats the fate of the ACP. Now about your successor you really can’t chose; TomY and Fort are both good. And its a bad idea to make them both leaders. There will be fighting about what to do, who is better, etc. When you leave the ACP will slowly disappear it doesn’t matter if their is anther successor, like UMA when Pink left then they slowly died off. A group always needs a good leader. And by the looks of it TomY and Fort wont work. I voted no because theres no point. Think about that. Now thats enough of the sad stuff you and Pink are the best ever leaders! You should make a farewell party with all armies! And a last “friendly war!”

    – The Jay Dude

  37. people admit it, oagalthorp is a dictator, fort should lead the ACP, he is a good guy and not a dictator, its my opinion, no offence


  38. Oagalthorpe! If you ever leave….Can I be leader……….I have 7 months experiance of commanding an army……Maybe then we could stay alive….If you know what im sayin. Visit my site:

  39. You don’t have to worry about deciding how to break apart… you’re already on your way.

  40. if acp fall(or disband0.a time will come again.

  41. I seriously started crying when I sas this post .;(
    Oagal, please do not quit. If you have to I understand, but I have been working really hard to get promoted. And I cannot be promated if their is no acp. ACP is my life. If you do have to leave PLEASE let some one else who has been dedicated to the acp for a long time to take over. If the voters decide to “go out with a bang” for the respect for the truly dedicated soliders, do not delete this blog. Let us look back at our presous memories, our battles, our parties, and our victories. Do not let the armies decline. You’re our only hope.
    Corporal Shades2you

  42. guys im having an Oagalthorp goodbye party NOW at mammoth in my igloo. we will be saying bye to Oagal on cp, and celebrating his time in the ACP. this will also be same time tommorow!

  43. ok im moving it to fjord for nonmembers

  44. its as sweet as honey to their enemy
    but bitter to the people of the army(whats rymhes with enemy?)
    its like everyone they grow old and leave pink left for wow which i personally hate the graphics suck an all…but i am sad there wont be anyone to fight but me and fort agreed…
    AOH is allied with the ACP our hate days are over

  45. Oh my I just just cant believe it. I knew a day like this would come. I think that ACP has been living for about 2 years. From Miniclip forums to wordpress and now as we all get older life gets harder and so does school. We should all move on. If Oagal quits I think that Fort or Texas should lead because they are like mini oagals (lol) I think that all armies may fall by this summer or fall. Im heading towards 8th grade this fall and I hope its easy. Well cya Oagal you were the best leader I knew

  46. need more ppl for the goodbye party now in fjord!!!!

  47. ok forget the party for tonight but tommorow at 6:00 PST it will be back. sadly noone came to tonights 😦

  48. oh ya its an agal goodbye party

  49. oagal sorry! XD man i am bad at spelling

  50. Can’t wait to make that Oagal’s last day pic.

  51. Don’t leave me crying!!!! T-T

  52. this is a one of robert frost’s poems(i think it is frost) an i think it is appropriate for this event. the poem “nothing gold can stay” enjoy!

    Nature’ first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold,
    Her early leafs a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    so dawn goes down to day.
    nothing gold can stay

    that is my favorite poem. i think in this situiation, Oagal is the one that is dissapearing. we will all miss you Oagal; but none so much as me. whenever i think of this i ill think of another frost poem “stopping by the woods on a snowy evening”(this is just a section)

    the woods are lovely, dark and deep.
    but i have promises to keep,
    and miles to go before i sleep.

    i think that the promises i have to keep would be to keep the acp alive. and miles to go before i sleep would relate to me not stopping until i save the acp.
    and miles to go before i sleep

  53. he heh pretty heartfelt huh lol!

  54. oagal i truly hate you and i hope u break a leg but u were a great leader u will be remembered as the one who revelutionized cp armys oagal good luck i respect u *salutes*

  55. u will miss you oagal(cries)NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO!!!!!!!!!!! CP ARMYS R GOING EXTINCT!


  57. hey who here even knows who jack london is????

  58. *salutes* Oagal, it’s been a pleasure serving you. But that doesn’t have to stop! I’m starting a petition to get you to stay. I beg that you reconsider. This is too much for me to handle. So many people are devastated by that. You are the hope of CP! Don’t be selfish! And even if you’re too busy, just have Fort lead while you’re gone and occasionally check back on us. Here is the petition:
    So now I’m telling you, Oagal, hopefully not for the last time, march on. *salutes again and tries best to hold back tears*

  59. WEll,there may be a possibility of All Cp Armies going extinct.Look at UMA and RPF for instance:they have worn out and become unpopular now.The Final Two remaining are the Nachos and ACP.I hope that the expansion plan thing works.Also,one reason to go out good with a big bang is that,everything would be over with and done.But,choosing to still go on,your leader would have to be Fort57 TomY or Texas vs A.

  60. And look,Dr.Nono Jr. and most of you guys need Oagalthorp.Zippy500 is going to retire from nachos too.Our leader would then be Akabob22 or shadow2446.And you guys need oagal.

  61. Zippy Said that he would Quit this summer.
    Oagalthorp is quitting soon.

    Let’s face it, Club Penguin is getting too old for us.

    That Poll is the largest ever.

    All Club Penguin Armies Should Disband. It would bring peace, and boredom to the entire Club Penguin, and save money for my parents. lol.

  62. It saddens me to hear of ur resignation or possible one coming soon.But much respect and admiration to you and all ur accomplishments that you have done for the biggest army on CP.Dont cry because it over=( Smile because it happend=)Hope you conquer new skies!!All the best to you!!

  63. I dont like ACP but I say dont quit as you are a very good leader and many leaders and soliders know your name and everyone needs your help in wars and other things like help in club penguin as when I was in ACP that was my first ever army you helped me.
    Like plumshake said, you have aclompished alot

  64. I don’t undestand it. Why is he quitiing? Oagal I hate you and I hate ACP, but you will be remembered. FOREVER…

  65. I have a headache.

  66. You should have some tylenol, zorbeaon!


  68. (…i hate cptn planet…)

  69. Nature, Nature, Nature! Don’t you love my 80s show?!
    I am no penguin ………………………

    I’m CAPTAIN PLANET dee dow da dee dee du!


  71. Fool, you are a disgrace to my reputation! I shall unleash de ultimate POWER!


  73. When is the poll finishing?
    ACP must continue,and like I always say


    That was by a wise man named Miroos xD lol(it was just me)

  74. Oagalthorp has been an awsome leader for a very long time.

    It is his choice, and his choice only if he quits.

    But think about it, if we keep going when Oagalthorp resigns, we could ruin the great history. And after Oagalthorp resigns, a bunch of Soldiers will go and leave too. I’m one of them by the way, after this stuff gets settled i’m going back to meh retirement.

    Don’t say I broke my promise. 😉

  75. Oagalthorp has been an awsome leader for a very long time.

    It is his choice, and his choice only if he quits.

    But think about it, if we keep going when Oagalthorp resigns, we could ruin the great history. And after Oagalthorp resigns, a bunch of Soldiers will go and leave too. I’m one of them by the way, after this stuff gets settled i’m going back to meh retirement.

    Don’t say I broke my promise. 😉

  76. I will stay at ACP,even if I am the last person to survive
    When we have WWIIII,the ACP will always be thinking of Oagal and will fight for him.

    Rapidy,what u said isnt wrong,but some ppl wanna stay,and whoever leaves isnt a traitor,because its like the boss leaves,and u leave,its ordinary

    Also,somebody go on CP I am so bored go to mammoth in the dojo,Im zamros.

    There is one problem,whenever I say ACP,ppl say what is ACP,and today somebody said that and they said there isnt an army on cp,and I said there is,and then that idiot said ”Where are they?” and I couldnt waste my time with that loser (he probly joined cp from Disney TV(i mean the commercial))

    Also,where it says CP is 100% ad free , its a lie,because they are on an ad)and on Disney TV

  77. I….Saw….A…..FIVE YEAR OLD ON CP!
    Sign the petetiton to keep ACP ALIVE!
    Just say, I sign the petetion on the comments.
    Either that, or I MIGHT (I doubt it)
    make a clan of the ACP soliders that wish to continue ACP, When OAGAL doesn’t maybe a fresh new ACP?
    -Sheila Gally
    We have alot left to do with ACP….

    “Finding a ninja,
    Painting a server green,
    Or driving our leader insane.” ^.^

  78. By ad free they mean there is no ads on their site. Like on runescape they have ads above the game screen.

    See Ya Oagal *salutes*

  79. Omg sheila…..DO U HAVE ANY IDEA WAT A PETITION IS -.-

  80. I sign the petition

    Also i say you say that u were gonna do one on the ACP chat box

    Signed miroos

    (I meant u said it on the ACP chat)

  81. O i get it lucario

    Pokemon rulz

  82. I would rejoice at your resignation, but I don’t have hope of starting up a WordPress blog (unless you have a bunch of reasons that would persuade my parents) and taking your place as ACP president. I will miss you.

  83. I knew you were into power and everything, Psycho. Ogal, don’t quit yet. Wait until the Nachos are completely defeated. I mean, until they wouldn’t take ACP North defeated. In addition, I don’t want ACP to end. We should write up a constitution to design our political system (but not too complicated or people who are just joining won’t read it unless they’re into that stuff) and begin primaries and caucuses now for electing a new President. Unfortunately, no one has been nominated. Should all nominees be at least a certain rank, or can we nominate even the lowest privates for President? Here is a question I have to all: who would like to run for President? It’s going to be a hard job. Ogal raised the bar high when it came to being leader of a Club Penguin army. But to those who feel that adventure beckons (and our army may collapse to a Lord of the Rings Fellowship level from the superpower it is now, like UMA has) and feel themselves to have the courage and intelligence it takes to be a leader (as well as time), would like to announce their candidacy to replace Ogalthorp as Supreme Commander?

  84. Come on when’s the poll for supreme commander coming?



  86. ur quitting?

    and u should take cp gang off ur blogroll.
    they will never add u

  87. I know. What do we want? Elections! When do we want them? Now! The question is, who do we elect for President? I suggest anyone who wants to run fills out this candidacy form:

    Time spent in ACP:
    Goals for ACP:
    Blogs edited before:
    Website (if applicable):
    Patriotic towards real country:Yes/No/Somewhat (pick one)
    Able to devote time: Yes/No/Somewhat (pick one)

    I’m not running, but here’s how I’d do it if I was
    I know. What do we want? Elections! When do we want them? Now! The question is, who do we elect for President? I suggest anyone who wants to run fills out this candidacy form:

    Name: The Truth (this isn’t my real CP name, but you get the idea, hopefully)
    Rank: Not listed, but I’d like to be added before Ogalthorp leaves
    Time spent in ACP: Since last war with Nachos
    Goals for ACP: Get a Constitution, be a real Club Penguin Democracy
    Blogs edited before: None, although I comment a lot.
    Website (if applicable): N/A (Not Applicable)
    Patriotic towards real country:Somewhat
    Able to devote time:Somewhat

  88. Oh, more things to fill out:
    Experience in other armies:
    Patriotism for ACP on 1-10 scale:
    Patriotism for CP:

    I’d put:
    Experience in other armies: PSA
    Patriotism for ACP: 8.9
    Patriotism for CP: 6.7

  89. Yeah, so here’s the form again:
    Time spent in ACP:
    Goals for ACP:
    Blogs edited before:
    Website (if applicable):
    Patriotic towards real country:Yes/No/Somewhat (pick one)
    Able to devote time: Yes/No/Somewhat (pick one)
    Experience in other armies (if any):
    Patriotism for ACP on 1-10 scale:
    Patriotism for CP:

    My example
    Name: The Truth (this isn’t my real CP name, but you get the idea, hopefully)
    Rank: Not listed, but I’d like to be added before Ogalthorp leaves
    Time spent in ACP: Since last war with Nachos
    Goals for ACP: Get a Constitution, be a real Club Penguin Democracy
    Blogs edited before: None, although I comment a lot.
    Website (if applicable): N/A (Not Applicable)
    Patriotic towards real country:Somewhat
    Able to devote time:Somewhat
    Experience in other armies: PSA
    Patriotism for ACP: 8.9
    Patriotism for CP: 6.7

  90. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Also have a personality test to see people’s leadership abilities.

  91. We need to know a lot about these people before electing them. If we elect the right penguin, we could probably continue on as an army without rotting away.

  92. Ogal we will miss you, but I know we can’t force you to stay, especially since you’re probably going off to college or looking for a girlfriend or something.
    I think you should still blog though. You seem pretty patriotic, do you think you could blog about politics? So many people are biased either to the left or to the right, and we need neutrality.

  93. Name:Miroos(Zamros)
    Rank:Creator of CACP(Part of ACP empire)
    Time spent in ACP:joined last year,came back this year.
    Goals for ACP:To protect innocent penguins and win wars.
    Blogs edited before:Miroos.wordpress,snowmiroos.piczo,RA website,lpg website,clubpenguinlosers,ranielle,xray4,buzzz jr,
    many more
    Website (if applicable)
    Patriotic towards real country:Yes
    Able to devote time: Yes
    Experience in other army:RA,CFAOCP,CACP(i will still be in 2 armies),Blacks,Reds,Romans,yellows,ACP(b4)
    Patriotism for ACP: 9.0
    Patriotism for CP: 7.2

    Bring on the personality test!

  94. name: Jatar
    Rank:not listed
    Time spent in acp:since the beggining of the nacho war

    Goals for ACP: to get it into shape, make a democracy with it, and make it the strongest army in cp

    Blogs:none, although i plan to make one

    website: N/A

    patriotic towards real country: somewhat

    able to devote some time: a big yes

    experience in other armies: red dragons, vikings

    patriotism for ACP 9.99

    patriotism for cp: 8.7

  95. Don’t use the poll yet,because more ppl wanna join,so I will make one soon.

    Ok,so when I get the list from somebody,then I will make the poll,because its not fair if lets say somebody at a very high rank doesnt enter.

    And its not up to me oK?

  96. Dont use my poll because idk who is in and who is out

  97. Who can tell me who is permitted to enter???
    Ps.Tell me quickly because I need to make the poll(and i wont feel sad if i aint entered(it’s life(xD lol)))

  98. O ya and if u want,u can do the poll if u wanna

  99. And stop cheating,you cant say your patriotism is 99.9,and anyway anybody can cheat!

  100. Wth! People, why let ACP die now? The least we can do is try to extend Oagalthorp’s heritage a little longer!

    I say we should enjoy a new leader fo awhile longer!

  101. *Salutes Oagalthorp*
    You were one of the few that inspired me… thank you
    P.S. Sorry that you’re quitting… yes I know

  102. Do you guys want to ally with the PFA were starting to get way more famous than before, if you want to then plz go to and post your comments on the Allies page.

  103. Ok, cool. Just remember that I think PSA counts. Oh, and Maz, we’re not lettin ACP die, we’re considering elections for a new leader. Jatar and Miroos already want Ogal’s position. As for the personality test, I haven’t come up with one. By the way, I don’t think the elections should be held yet. True, they shouldn’t go on for MONTHS like real ones, but let’s wait until we have enough information on all the candidates. Plus, people need time to make up their minds. Besides, why do you think Jatar is lying about his loyalty? He seems like a pretty loyal and decent guy. Plus Jatar said he’s religious in another comment, that’s a hard thing to admit and most religions are against lying.

  104. Oh, and if my form doesn’t ask for enough information, please tell me.

  105. i didnt lie about anything. i am religous and against lying

  106. OK Everyone Oagal didn’t say he’s quitting yet. He’s probably just asking you what you think so that when he does eventually quit (and everyone will eventually beacause 80 year olds don’t play CP lol and I’m not saying any of you are 80) he’ll know what to do. I think that the ACP should continue with a new leader once Oagal quits but Oagal himself should go out with a “BANG’. Like When Oagal quits he’ll designate (choose) a new leader and then as his last accomplishment he could plan some kind of crazy invasion of all of CP or somthing so that he might be remembered longer or somthing. =D
    UMA and ACP 4 EVA!!!!!

    UMA Comander Ice King 21

  107. He told us on chat he is quiting. He also said that he will make a final post when the poll closes. I would like to put no comments on that post to mermorialize oagalthorp.

  108. Oagal dont quit plzzzzz! The ACP will fall apart if u quit.

  109. Hey Oagalthorp,Clubpenguin Press here =) I have heard some rumors of you being…gay?I mean you are gay are you not?Faggot…You may be asking what i wrote you homo,i wrote *Picks up an artificial Microphone and shouts´FAGGOT

  110. Hey guys, I was just reading the forums, and Twin Chicken (Tom Y) annouced that the ACP is staying, with him and fort leading. 🙂

  111. No! That wouldn’t be democratic, we need to have elections! grr.

  112. Ugh.

  113. what??????

  114. Oh you mean Jack Kennedy. I think that Ogal is str8, if he wasn’t I wouldn’t have joined ACP.

  115. Agreed. Pro-gay ppl r racist, just like Akabob.

  116. dont forget my party is in forty five minutes on fjord in my igloo. please leave a comment saying who is coming.

    PS it is a bye oagalthorp party

  117. r u quitting.Fort or texas should be in charge.Or tom y

  118. Oagalthorpe,
    When I say this listen to me. Please reply. I am retiring from my army of CPD, and converting to the ACP. I have a 7 months experiance and suggest you give me somewhat of a good rank, but I really dont care anyway. I am having a retirement party. For the retirement party we will be playing a game of hockey. Not a war…a game of hockey. Then I will join the CPD. We will have this hockey game on Test Server 3, on the new and improved CPIP. Check my site for more details………


  119. I might come Jatar
    Im in Fjord right now

  120. i guess this is it, i never thought this day would come, yet here it is. i will remember you as an icon oagal. an icon of freedom and someone who fignts for what was right.

  121. its his choice

  122. That’s true, but we’re still sad about him retiring.

  123. I have nothing against gay people.Just…Oagal being Gaaaay

    I have pictures


  125. um ww is planning to ruin the last battle check their site

  126. #
    Jack Kennedy, on March 19th, 2008 at Said:

    I have nothing against gay people.Just…Oagal being Gaaaay

    I have pictures

    What is wrong with u? The Nazis were gay and the Nazis r evil!

  127. Ok, I don’t h8 them but still I think the Nazis were gay and what the Nazis did is wrong.

  128. In other words, u should hav a low opinion of gay ppl cuz they tried to kill the Jews.

  129. Ok I don’t think that all Nazis were gay but they were ok with gay marriage and there was a trafficking of children among homosxuals in Nazi Germany. Hav u read the accounts of Holocaust survivors? The Nazis were disgusting pervs.

  130. I did read those it’s all true but I don’t think we should h8 gay ppl just gay marriage. They can’t help BN that way but they can live w/out u know what and that’s the only way they should live.

  131. I guess u r right. I guess every1 does bad things.

  132. Ya.

  133. Idk what to choose.
    If we go out with a big bang, then almost every army will be gone.
    I guess fort and texas should lead!

  134. i dont hate gay people i just let them live like they want to and not bother them with stupid lawsuits and stuff

  135. im at the cave waiting for the soldiers to come

  136. while it’s true you shouldn’t hate them, I don’t think think that they should be allowed to marry sorry.

  137. Commenting on an old post. Woo.

  138. Is it too late to vote *wary*

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