Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt Secrets


  • WHAT DAY: Saturday, March 22
  • WHAT TIME: 12:00pm PST
    –3:00pm Eastern Time
    –2:00pm Central Time
    –1:00pm Mountain Time
    –12:00pm Pacific Time
  • WHAT SERVER: Breeze, UK
  • WHAT ROOMS: Underground
    2.–Boiler Room
  • WHY: One, last battle before Oagalthorp departs. 
  • <> 

    Today is the great day of the easter egg hunt. It was pretty easy but a bit hard. It has more evidence about ninjas coming soon. o

    > Egg 1 is at the mine shack.


    > Egg 2 is at the dock.


    > Egg 3 is at the pet shop.


    > Egg 4 is at the book room.


    > Egg 5 is at the gift shop.


    > Egg 6 is at the plaza.


    > Egg 7 is at the lodge attic.


    > Egg 8 is at the dojo. Be quick in getting it because it moves very fast.


    When you get the 8 eggs, you will get the prize. They are the green bunny ears. )



    I need some credits to get a CSS editor for my blog. Donate some wordpress coins to me. 🙂


    This is everything!


    24 Responses

    1. second

    2. 3rd and I should be able to donate if my parents have paypal! 🙂

    3. Awesome!

    4. 5th

    5. Darn it. I might not be able to make the battle. My mom is doing taxes! 😥

    6. too bad you don’t have two computers…

    7. I know. My sister has a Labtop, but she would die before she would let me use it. The other computer we have is useless. No internet. Just Word and thats it.

    8. woot woot! today my site was the number one fastest growing blog on wordpress!! woot woot! and it’s all because lots of people didn’t know where the dojo and some easter eggs were!

    9. i wish u werent leaving 😦

    10. im goin to be there and make a tribute video for oagal, oagal we salute you

    11. TomY,
      i would like to join the ACP. I have an experiance of 8 months of a captain for an army. If you accept, I would like to ask if you can make my army, a branch of the ACP.


    12. oagalthorp is leaving.
      go to my site!

    13. oaglethorp plz read! ww is planning to ruin the battle! so be on the lookout for ww! i am not lying i swear be prepared!

    14. Well who didnt know he was leaving/??

    15. Justinbronze,this calls of a spying emergency let me go see .

      U mean the watex warriors?

    16. I dont see anything on Watex warriors website and there is a war at Mammoth dojo about 5 and a half hours b4 scedule time its ACP VS NACHOS VS NINJAS i cant go there bcos i need to go ok b

    17. TomY, You work so hard, Oagal’s lucky to have a good editor like you!
      BTW, It’s national Kiss-Up-To-Someone-Powerful-Day!

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    19. Great post!
      I like the Easter Egg hunt.
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    20. It’s the end of CP as we know it
      It’s the end of CP as we know it
      It’s the end of CP as we know it
      But I feel fine/

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