Oagalthorp’s Second to Last Post

Great job soldiers, just look at these pictures!

(Sorry for small size, I’m trying to fix it. In the mean time, how about Fort and TomY show us some of their photos!)


Click ^

Note: This was done quickly, and IS NOT my last post.


Until later,
March on!

Battle/ Oagal I’m sorry


  • WHAT DAY: Saturday, March 22
  • WHAT TIME: 12:00pm PST
    –3:00pm Eastern Time
    –2:00pm Central Time
    –1:00pm Mountain Time
    –12:00pm Pacific Time
  • WHAT SERVER: Breeze, UK
  • WHAT ROOMS: Underground
    2.–Boiler Room
  • WHY: One, last battle before Oagalthorp departs.
  • And look guys, i didn’t make any RPF’s owners, the only owners are me and TomY. Kg 007 is my bro and we share a comp. So if your mad cause my bro is an owner, I don’t know what to say. And Oagal, you know that Kg is my bro, so it wasn’t a very good excuse to use,  just cause i wanted to make a new chat so the ACP troops can deserve what they get and where did it say I wasn’t allowed to? Plus I wouldn’t have to bother Tom to be on all day and make people mods and whatever.


    p.s. We can use the new chat as a back-up chat or something. And the offical chat is the same chat we always used.

    Oagalthorp: Fort, what type of computer do you have? Because it’s not a very good idea to share a Xat file with a member of another army, especially if you are an Owner.

    P.S. ACP Soldiers and Nachos: Don’t enter Breeze until the battle begins! Otherwise it will fill up too quickly, and I might not even be able to come. Fort, if I can’t come, take lots of pictures.


    Fort made a new ACP chat: http://xat.com/chat/room/25682447/ DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU DON’T WANT 1 MILLION DOLLARS! 😆

    P.S: Do not go in this chat.


    Oagalthorp: No, we will keep the old ACP Chat. Fort: I was likely to make you an owner on the old Chat. But as I said: It is not safe to make more than one Owner; you already made some RPF people Owners!

    Real ACP Chat: http://xat.com/chat/room/9160092/

    P.S. Don’t forget about the battle today!